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How to calculate distance without using a rangefinder.

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How to Calculate Distance Without Rangefinder?

A map GPS allows you to see your exact location on the map. You need to know your exact location on the world map and the location of an immovable object (like a building) which can be used as a reference point.

Then you can calculate how far away you are from the immovable object.

When using waypoints, you need to set a waypoint on the map to show your current location. You also need to open up the GPS on your HUD to see your location.

A sniper scope is a tool that allows you to see your target from far away. You need to place the target’s feet on the horizontal line and the head on the curved line. Then read the distance.

A sniper rifle needs to be adjusted to shoot accurately. The height of the target must be calculated first, then multiplied by 1,000 to get the distance in meters.

(Distance to object in distance-units) × 1000. (Distance to object in units) 600 meters. This holds even if you’re using different units than meters. For example, if you were using feet instead of meters, you’d still be getting the same result.

Similar methods as the ones in the previous paragraph exist for anything scoped. For binoculars, the heights of indicators in scope, or even just its field of view, have also to be tested out, according to magnification.

An example would be DMR in the first zoom level, which uses the upper formula times (zoom in the second level) / (zoom in the first level).

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Dayz How to Calculate Distance Without Rangefinder?

Dayz How to Calculate Distance Without Rangefinder?



The PSO-1 is a telescopic sight for use with sniper rifles. It was originally developed for the Soviet Union’s SVT-40 sniper rifle, but it has been adopted by many other nations.

The PSO-M2 is a more advanced version of the PSO-M1. It does not feature the IR sensor, and it also has a higher magnification range.

Scope body is sealed and filled up with Nitrogen gas. This makes it possible to use this scope even in extremely cold conditions.

The reticle can be adjusted by using the elevation and windage turret. Zeroing the telescope is done by adjusting the elevation and windage.

The scope doesn’t have any focusing mechanism but it does have parallax compensation control which compensates for the movement of the target during firing.

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The PSO-1 features an adjustable reticle with floating elements designed for use in estimating ranges and compensating for bullet drop and drift.

The chevron is used as the main aim point. The horizontal hash marks indicate windage and lead corrections. The chevron can also be used for ranging purposes.

A stadiametric rangefinder is an optical device used to measure distances. It consists of two mirrors mounted on a tube.

The lower mirror reflects light back to the upper mirror. The image formed by the upper mirror is projected onto a screen or paper. The observer then lines up the center of the image on the vertical axis and measures the distance from the bottom of the image to the top of the image on the horizontal axis.

The chevron symbol is used to designate the maximum engagement distance of the weapon system. The chevron is used to engage targets beyond 1,000 meters.

The user has to set up the elevation turret to 1 kilometer and then use the chevrons to engage targets beyond 1 kilometer.

Hash marks are lines drawn on a map to indicate distances. A hashmark is equal to 1000 meters. So, when you see a line that looks like this: 10, then it means that there is a distance of 1000 meters between two points.

A reticle is an instrument used to measure distance or angle.

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Mounting system

The side rail mount is a type of dove-tail rail known as the ‘Warsaw Pact’ rail. The mount has a ‘castle nut’ that screws into the bottom part of the locking lever.

A spring-loaded portion of this clamp has to be pressed downward to tighten or loosen the ‘castle nut’.

The serial number of the scope is engraved into the buttstock of the rifle. This means that the scope was made for this specific rifle.


The PSO-1 is an optical device used by NASA astronauts to view images taken by cameras aboard the International Space Station.

The PSO-1 has a lens hood that reduces or eliminates image quality impairing stray lights and a carrying case to store the device during transport and storage.


A sniper rifle with a unique reticle. The reticle includes a range finder with a stadiametric measurement of 400 meters. There is a single chevron marking as an aiming point.

The PSO-M2-1 has been made in a version with a range drum for the 7.62x39mm intermediate cartridge. The range drum is marked for up to 1 kilometer.

POSPs are commercially available variants of military rifles chambered in 7.62x39mm. The most common version is the VSS-40, which was manufactured by Arsenal Design Bureau (Арсенал Дизайн).

Other versions include the VSS-41, VSS-42, VSS-43, etc.

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We hope that now you know how to estimate range without a rangefinder.

If you have any queries feel free to reach out in the comments section below.

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