Best Vortex Scopes – In-Depth Guide, FAQs, Tips & More

There are several vortex scopes to pick from. Choosing the best one for your individual needs could be difficult. This is why I would advise you to narrow down your list so you can pick the best vortex scope. 

However, it is crucial you are well-informed before making the purchase as a vortex scope could be costly. 

We have compiled this complete guide after thorough research. It has everything you need to know including FAQs, and tips to help you pick the best vortex scope

What is a vortex scope used for?

Vortex scopes are used for a number of things including:

  • Recreational sports
  • Hunting
  • Bird watching
  • Law enforcement

They help with viewing a distant object clearly regardless of the light conditions.

Buyers Guide – Best Vortex Scopes

It is important you know about vortex scopes before purchasing one. There are several features you should consider; I will list them down in detail for you.


A good vortex scope is one that can function for a long period of time. That means it has been built with high-quality material. 

You could increase the durability of a vortex scope by getting a multi-coated lens. This could help prevent the scope from being scratched. Moreover, it could improve the quality of the image in poor light conditions.


It is important to get a vortex scope with excellent magnification power. Otherwise, you could be wasting your money. 

Magnifications could allow you to zoom in to a far away object more visible. On average, hunting engagements usually take place from a distance ranging between 200 – 500 yards. 

This means your magnifications should be anywhere between 2x to 8x. However, a good vortex scope could provide you with 10x magnification, which is excellent for making shots at 1000 yards. 

Moreover, a high-end vortex scope could increase your zoom level to 20x. This could be more than you need. 

There is no doubt that this type of vortex scope could cost you additional charges. We would advise you not to invest unless you really need 20x magnification. Moreover, you should get a vortex scope with adjustable magnification

Focal Plane

There are two types of focal planes:

  1. First focal plane

FFP allows you to change between the magnification settings. This means your windage and elevation will be accurate regardless of your zoom level.

  1. Second focal plane

This will prevent your reticle from changing in size as you change your zoom settings. It will be easier for you to adjust since you won’t have to worry about adjusting the reticle. 

Reticle illumination

A good quality reticle will facilitate you by making the object clearer in dim lights. You could be able to adjust the illumination through the knobs on the side. 

However, reticle illuminators come with a hefty cost attached to them. If you are someone who up-takes day-time shooting, we would not advise you to get this feature.

Optical alignment

You would want to get a vortex scope with great optics. Optical alignment will allow you to adjust the lens by providing a crisp image. You will be able to perfect the positioning even in poor light conditions. 

This will provide great out-door performance. A multi-coated lens will provide better light transmission and image quality.

Moreover, you will be able to make parallel and simultaneous adjustments. Optical alignments are usually cost-effective. 

Furthermore, they provide fast and reliable positioning.


It is crucial to make a budget list before you purchase a vortex scope. This will help you narrow down your list and make it easier to understand which features you would want in your scope.

Parallax correction

This is a serious concern for most customers. This is a type of an optical illusion that causes the object to look slightly out of focus when you tilt your head.

It is important to check your scope for parallax problems before purchasing it. 


Since there are so many vortex scopes to choose from, I would advise you to pick one that is easy to use. Otherwise, you might have to pay an additional price. 

vortex scopes

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does a vortex scope cost?

A vortex scope could be expensive. The estimated cost of a vortex scope could go up to $1800.

Should I get an HD lens for my vortex scope?

HD lenses are made from an extra-low dispersion glass, which could help you get a near-perfect target shot. I would advise you to get them if you can afford the additional cost that comes with it.

Is vortex worth the money?

Vortex is a good brand, which is normally worth the money. They make scopes that vary with prices. You could be able to get a scope that is budget-friendly. 

How far can I shoot with a 15x vortex scope?

If you have a good magnification lens, approximately 4x – 8x, you could be able to shoot out to 500 yards.

In case you are a big-game hunter, this could be too far for you. 

How will reticles help?

Reticles could be beneficial if you want to shoot at a longer distance. They are the best solution for long-range shooting.

Moreover, they are of great help if your target is relatively smaller. I would suggest you get it with the vortex scope if it fits your budget.

What size of a vortex scope is best for deer hunting?

The best scope for deer hunting usually ranges between 3-9×40. They are ideal for day-time shots. 

A 3-9×40 could also be best for whitetails, mule, and elk hunting as well.

To Conclude

I understand picking the best vortex scope could be difficult since they differ in quality and performance. It is important to understand which fits your criteria and budget before purchasing one. 

I would advise you to read this article carefully before making your decision. I have mentioned everything you need. 

If you feel we have missed out on anything, feel free to contact us. 

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