Firefield Nightfall 4×50 Night-Vision Monocular – How to Use in Woods?

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User Manual for Firefield Nightfall x st Generation Night Vision Monocular

A fire field monocular is a device used for night vision, and it is used by firefighters to help them see better in dark areas. This device is also known as a firefighter’s monocular. There are many different models available, but this model is designed specifically for firefighters.

The Nightfall 4×50 is an excellent choice for outdoor observation. It offers a wide field of view and high resolution. It also comes with a built-in IR illuminator. It is suitable for observing wildlife in the dark.

Monoculars are useful tools for observing wildlife. They’re compact and lightweight, and they’re easy to carry around. You can adjust the focus with a dial, and there’s a rubberized cover over the lens to protect it from getting wet. A built-in tripod socket makes it easier to mount the monocular on a tripod.

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This monocular comes with the following:

  1. a carrying case
  2. a hand strap
  3. a cleaning cloth
  4. an objective cap
  5. a protective eyecup

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Intensifier Tube Optical Performance

This lens magnifies images four times and provides an angular field of view of 15 degrees. It also has a resolution of 36 lines per millimeter. The diopter adjustment is +/-4 and the eye relief is 12 millimeters.

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Use and Handling

Objective cups are used for coarse focusing and diopters are used for fine focusing.


This product is lightweight, ergonomically shaped, and has an easy-to-use interface. It has rubberized grips and a twist-up eyecup. It also comes with a protective objective cap. It has a 1/4″-20 thread for attaching a tripod.

Firefield Nightfall 4x50 Night-Vision Monocular - How to Use in Woods?

Firefield Nightfall 4×50 Night-Vision Monocular – How to Use in Woods?

Firefield FF Specs

A first-generation intensifier tube is used in this camera. This camera has a resolution of 36 lp/mm and a magnification of 4x. It has an angular field of view of 15° and an objective diameter of 50mm. It has a diopter adjustment range of ±4 and eye relief of 12mm. It uses an infrared illuminator type: LED. It operates in pulsed mode. It takes two AA batteries and can last up to 72 hours without the use of an infrared illuminator.

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Firefield Nightfall x Night Vision Monocular

Firefield Nightvision Monoculars are great for viewing wildlife or managing land during the dark of the night. Made with a 4 times magnification, 15-degree field of view, and advanced high-resolution infrared technology, these night vision monoculars allow you to see much more than before. You can also use them as an illuminator, making it so easy to see things in the dark.

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Firefield Nightfall Ergonomic Night Vision Goggles

DWYM is trustworthy because it provides unbiased product reviews. It also provides accurate information about the latest trends in technology.

Night vision goggles are used by law enforcement and military personnel to enhance night vision. These devices use infrared light to see objects that are invisible to the naked eye. This allows them to see things such as people hiding behind walls or bushes, or even vehicles moving along roads. Night vision goggles are also useful when searching for missing persons or victims after an accident.

From The Manufacturer

This product is designed for hunters who want to see in the dark. It comes with an infrared light source and a large lens. It also has a rubberized case and is compact in size.

The Night Vision Goggles Buying Guide

Hunting goggles should be comfortable but also offer great vision. A hands-free design is important because you won’t need to hold your rifle when using them. You can adjust the goggles to fit perfectly on your face. If you want to see better at night, some models have features that allow you to turn on lights inside the goggles.


Night vision goggles are used by hunters, fishermen, and campers.

A budget option may be sufficient for occasional use.

However, more expensive models are heavier and have better depth perception.

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