Halo 600 Rangefinder What Battery Size? – Here’s What You Need to Know & More

People often ask…

What battery size does the halo 600 use?

Let’s find out!

Halo 600 Rangefinder Battery Size

The battery used in a Halo 600 is a 3-voltage CR-2 lithium battery.

This battery can give you roughly 1000 readings before replacement.

You should buy a new battery for replacement before the old one dies because only one battery comes with the package.

Halo rangefinders are used by many people, especially those who love hunting or golfing. A Halo rangefinder helps them measure distances accurately.

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How to Use a Halo Rangefinder?

To insert the battery in your Halo rangefinder,

Step # 1: Open the battery compartment cover on your halo rangefinder.

Step # 2: Follow the arrows on the cover to remove it. Now you can take out the battery compartment cover.

Step # 3: Insert a CR2 battery and turn the cover to the right.

Remember the tabs of the rangefinder can only go one way. So, if you want to install the lanyard strap or remove it follow these steps.

Step # 1: You need to open the battery compartment first.

Step # 2: Turn the rangefinder over to its bottom side and put the other end of the lanyards through the hole.

Step # 3: Insert the long end of the lanyard through the small loop and then pull the taught.

How to Switch Between Modes in Halo Rangefinder?

There are generally four modes in Halo Laser Rangefinder like Halo Z6X, Halo Xl450, Halo Emblem, and Halo Optics. Identify the “Mode” Key and Press it.

The modes you will see are as follows

  • Yards Measurement In Normal Distance.
  • Yards Measurement In AI Distance.
  • Meters Measurement In Normal Distance etc.

Yards measurement in Normal Distance

In this mode, you will see the Track of View (TOV) space in yards. This will give you precise yardage to your target.

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Yards measurement in AI Distance

In this mode, you will be able to see the Facts in yards & vertical directions.

This mode reimburses for the direction of gradient/drop-in ground to provide a precision space to the objective.

Meters measurement in Normal Distance

In this mode, you will see the Mark of Vision Space in meters. This mode gives you an accurate distance to your target.

Ranging With Halo Rangefinder

A conveying sign will appear when you are ranging the distance from your target. When you complete the ranging, the conveying sign stops and the result appears on the monitor of your rangefinder.

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Halo 600 Rangefinder What Battery Size?

Halo 600 Rangefinder What Battery Size?

How to Use the Scan Mode of the Halo Rangefinder?

Pressing and holding the power button will start scanning. When you release the power button, the measurement will change on the screen.

How to Clean the Halo Rangefinder?

Your rangefinder is designed to turn off automatically after 20 seconds if you don’t press the buttons.

To clean the lenses, use the lens cleaner included in the package. Use a soft cloth to clean the lenses. Don’t use any other type of cloth or you may damage the lenses.

Halo rangefinder is a great tool for targeting and ranging distant things. It makes all of your ranging purposes accomplished with accuracy and precision.

It is ergonomically designed with non-slip grips. It has a maximum reflective range of 600 yards and an accuracy of +/- 1 yard.

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This weapon is great for hunting because it can be used to shoot multiple targets at different distances. It also shows the distance in both feet and yards. It is weather-resistant, and it has an adjustable eyepiece.

If you have any queries feel free to reach out in the comments section below.

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