How Do You Use a Night Watch Monocular? – All You Need to Know

People often ask, how do you use a night watch monocular?

Let’s find out!

How Do You Use a Nightwatch Monocular?

To use a Nightwatch monocular, you need to have the Nightwatch app installed on your phone.

The Nightwatch app is available for free in Google Play and Apple’s App Store. You will also need an Android or iOS device with Bluetooth LE enabled.

Pairing to Nightwatch

First things first: Pair your phone with the NightWatch app.

Connecting your phone to the NightWatch app is easy just follow these steps

  1. Open the NightWatch app on your smartphone.
  2. Tap the “Settings” button at the top left corner of the screen.
  3. Tap “Bluetooth.”
  4. Select “NightWatch” from the list of paired devices.
  5. Your phone should now connect automatically to the NightWatch app. If not, try pairing again.
  6. Now that your phone has connected to the NightWatch app, open the app.
  7. On the main page, tap the “Scan” button.
  8. A small LED light will appear next to the “NightWatch” logo.
  9. When the LED turns green, press the “Start Scanning” button.
  10. A blue circle will appear around the LED light.
  11. Wait until the blue circle disappears before continuing.
  12. Next, turn off your phone’s flashlight.
  13. Turn on the flashlight only when you’re ready to take photos or videos.

Now that your device is paired with the NightWatch app, you can begin exploring the world through its lenses.

Bushnell Night Watch with Built-in Infrared Monocular Review

The Bushnell NightWatch is a very interesting and helpful device. It has many functions that make it an excellent option for nighttime use. The night watch comes in two versions, the first with a light source and the second without.


The Night Watch is an LED light bulb that measures approximately two inches long by one-and-a-half inches wide. It weighs about five-and-a-quarter grams. You can use it as a flashlight or a clock.


The Night Watch is battery-operated and comes with an adjustable flashlight. It has a switch on the front to turn the light on/off and buttons on the back to adjust the intensity and distance of the beam.

Infrared Illuminator

The Night Watch has an infrared illuminator that lets you see things up to 100 feet away at night. It’s perfect for taking photos and videos during the day and night. Its range is 30 meters, meaning you can see things up to 300 feet away at night.

How Do You Use a Night Watch Monocular? - All You Need to Know

How Do You Use a Night Watch Monocular?

Built-in Infrared Illuminator

Bushnell NightWatch monocular comes with a built-in infrared illuminator and is ideal for use in low-light conditions. The NightWatch has an adjustable focus lens system that allows you to adjust the field of view from 5° to 40°. It also features a wide-angle eyepiece, which makes it easy to see objects at great distances.

The NightWatch has a large objective lens (50mm) that provides excellent image quality and brightness. 


This is an excellent-looking and easy-to-use design that Bushnell uses with this monocular nighttime vision device.

It is not surprising since Bushnell makes it that it’s built more like a binocular that is missing half of it as opposed to some of the other more tubular night vision products we tested.

It includes a pleather case for transporting it easily and safely and it also includes a comfortable lanyard for securing it around your neck too. This device also comes completely ready to be tripod mounted.


It comes with everything you need to get started right out of the box. All you have to do is plug it into an outlet and put two AAA-type batteries inside. The owner’s manual for this product is very detailed and easy to follow, so you’ll be using it in a no-fuss fashion after installing the necessary batteries.

Why This Model Night Vision?

You don’t usually see much better-enhanced image products than those made by Bushell and this monocular night vision product didn’t do anything to harm that reputation.

It has first-gen infrared optics that rival those of more advanced later-gen IR generations at a small portion of the cost of devices using those.

Bushnell was thinking of almost every aspect of this product from its advanced infrared illuminators to its comfortable and easy-to-operate design. It is a product that exhibits high quality.


Like many other reasonably priced night vision products this Bushnell monocular night vision device uses first-generation infrared. I did immediately notice that it was the highest quality first-generation infrared we have ever seen on a device.

It has an infrared illuminator that helps you see even the darkest of objects during the day. When you push the button to illuminate an item using its increased infrared beam, it returns a very clear picture of that item.

You can see almost anything clearly at night using an IR illuminator. It’s especially useful for hunters and mariners.

Vision Enhancements

With its 24mm lens, it has a very wide field of vision; up to 105 feet when viewing from almost 1,000 yards away. That way, you won’t miss any games that cross your paths because of “tunnels” caused by having one eye closed.

It has two times magnification. That means you can get closer to objects without sacrificing your field of vision or image clarity.

It has a lot of good features for nighttime viewing, including high-quality optics.

Helpful Features


This monocular night-sighting device is made from a very sturdy plastic material that is very durable and resistant to scratches and dents.


It has a very large rubberized grippy surface so you can easily and comfortably grip this device in any kind of weather condition.


It is waterproof which is great because bad weather often means good hunting at nighttime.


It is also an excellent monocular night vision device that is ergonomically designed so that when you’re using it you can easily adjust the controls or focus the lenses that you require for optimal nighttime viewing.


It has an extra strong anchor built into it so that you can easily attach the lanyards that come with it.


If you’re a hunting enthusiast who enjoys taking down a game from a treestand, having the ability to mount it on a tripod is a big plus.


We’d appreciate it if you could let us know if we’ve helped you in some way. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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