How to Align a Kodak Accessory Rangefinder?- Everything You Need to Know with Expert Advise & FAQs

People often ask How to align a Kodak Accessory Rangefinder?

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How to Align a Kodak Accessory Rangefinder?

Follow the steps below to align a Kodak Accessory Rangefinder.

  1. Take the top cover off your rangefinder.
  2. Clean the rangefinder thoroughly.
  3. Lubricate the pivot point before making adjustments.
  4. Refit the rangefinder to the camera body. First apply a little bit of lubricant to the inside face of the tip of the arm. Fix the rangefinder, so it is square with the camera body and tighten the two screws.
  5. Adjust the prism slightly. Any slight changes will effect the image a lot so be careful while doing this step.

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Kodak Rangefinder

The Kodak Accessory Range Finder (ARF) is a handheld device that measures distances between objects. It was originally designed by Kodak engineers to assist them in developing new products. In fact, it was one of the first distance measuring devices ever created.

This camera is a 35 mm rangefinder camera. It focuses using the front element. It exposes 135 film. The Kodaka 35 Rangefinder is an improvement over the original Kodak 35. It has a new superstructure housing a viewfinder and a rangefinder. It does not have any additional markings on the body.

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A central position eyepiece is for viewing. An external mechanism, located at the left-hand edge of the lens/shutters assembly, relays the lens extension to the rangefinder optical system by sensing the height of an internal cam at the periphery of the lens barrel just behind the teeth.

The separate viewfinders, rangefinder eyepieces, and lens coupling are of the same style as the Leica camera. The differences are how the lever operates on the lens barrel.

Looking through the rangefinder window at the right-hand side at the rear reveals a clear view of a horizontally split image.

The bottom image part is shifted sideways when turning the focusing wheel at the front right-hand side of the lens. Aligning the vertical feature of any objects in the motive that cross the split in the rangefinding image may render it sharp in the film.

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The Kodak rangefinder camera was produced by Kodak in the 1940s. It had a fixed focal length lens and used a mechanical shutter. This camera was designed for use with Kodak film. It was discontinued in 1948.

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how to align a kodak accessory rangefinder

How to Align a Kodak Accessory Rangefinder?


The camera has a black rangefinder and a black viewfinder. The knobs are shiny and chrome-plated. The rangefinder has a film reminder dial in its hub.

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