How to Attach Smartphone to Monocular? – All You Need to Know

People often ask, how to attach smartphone to monocular?

Let’s find out!

How to Attach Smartphone to Monocular?

  1. Place the phone on the holder, then use the horizontal knob to set the width.
  2. Turn the dial on the back of the phone until the screen is centered on the circular opening of the adaptor.
  3. Remove your wrist strap and tighten the tripod threads into place. Make sure that the camera is stable on a flat, level table and that the tripod is securely attached.
  4. Attach the eyepieces of the monocular to your smartphone using circular motions. In this manner, it is no longer necessary to get your eyes closed to the monocular because the images will appear on your smartphone screen.
  5. Open up the camera and zoom the picture to remove the black edges, and adjust the focus dial to get a clear view.

The Best Monoculars For iPhones and Smartphones

It’s hard to enjoy nature if you’re too close to it. But how can we see the wildlife and natural environments that we love without being so close to them?

Yes, iPhones have a built-in camera zooming function, but if you want to use it effectively, you might still need to get closer than usual.

You don’t need a fancy camera to take good photos; just get one that works for you.

If you’ve ever considered using your smartphone as a better quality camera, then you may be interested in this solution. It allows you to easily view your photos and take stunning pictures from anywhere.

Clip-on lenses for smartphones are easy to come across and provide a relatively affordable option, but their crux is in the quality.

Choosing and understanding a new piece of technology can be difficult, so here is a list of the best monoculars for iPhone.

We’ll discuss all of their pros and cons here so you can decide which one fits best for your needs.

Roxant Falcon 10X 42 HD Monocular

If you’re looking for a compact binocular with a small viewfinder, a monocular for use with your smartphone, and a reasonable cost, then the Roxant might be a good choice. It has some minor drawbacks, though.

With its built-in tripod, iPhone adaptor, cleaning cloth, and convenient holster, this monocular makes capturing images easy. It even has a lifetime warranty so you know it will last for years.

Those looking to get started with outdoor photography may greatly enjoy having everything they need in one convenient package, and the warranty is great for those who plan to put their products through rigorous testing in harsh conditions.

Gosky 12×55 High Definition Waterproof Monocular and Smartphone Phone Holder

The Gosky 12X55 is a powerful monocle that falls slightly on the large and more expensive side. Although these factors may be considered drawbacks, they are the price one pays for a number of advantages.

This model has an extremely sturdy build that can withstand rough treatment, making it ideal for hiking, hunting, and other outdoor adventures. The wide multi-layer crystal prism lens provides large clear views of distant objects.

A phone adaptor is provided and it works with almost any smart device. The Gosky 12X55 also includes a firm strap for comfortable carrying and the eyepiece can be adjusted for people who wear glasses or not.

Overall, this monocle is great for anyone who wants to both see and take photos from really far away without having to sacrifice the breadth of their field of vision.

However, this product doesn’t come with a stand, so if you want to increase the quality of your shots, it is recommended that you use your own stand instead.

how to attach smartphone to monocular

How to Attach Smartphone to Monocular?

Sawmax Monocular Telescope 12×50 With Smartphone Adapter

It may seem counterintuitive, but increasing the magnification of a lens doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to pay more for it. The Sawmax 12×50 is one of the cheaper monocular lenses for iPhone on our list, but it is also one of its largest models.

It has a wide field of visibility, a good image resolution, and a high-quality optical system. However, it doesn’t offer true night-time viewing capabilities.

Its larger size makes this monocle best suited to stay in a vehicle or near a window where you frequently watch birds, so be sure to test it out for comfort before the 60-day trial period expires.

Pankoo 40X60 High Power Monocular

The Pankoo Monocle is the monocular with the highest magnification capabilities on this shortlisted product review. It has an incredible field of view, making it ideal for use as a sightseeing device. Its quality optics and sturdy construction make it a good choice for travel.

Apart from the cell phone attachment, this monocular doesn’t include any other accessories, like a strap for hands.

However, the Tripods are of high quality and have adjustable heights, so they’re well suited for use on a monocular for smartphones. The only major drawback is the need for stability when enjoying their maximum viewing capabilities.

With more magnification, any shaking is intensified, making this monocular ideal for activities where you need to be able to view things from afar but must remain relatively still or use a camera mounted on a sturdy stand.

Gosky Titan 12X50 High Power Prism Monocular and Smartphone Holder

It’s not quite as big as the first monocular we listed, but for less money than the second one, you get a slightly smaller version of it.

The quality of this monocular is comparable to other Gosky models. It has an impact-resistant rubber case and a water-resistant design.

This model comes with everything you need to use it as a monocular for your iPhone. It has a soft carrying case, a wristband, an iPhone adaptor, a cleaning cloth, a tripod adaptor, and a lens cap. However, it doesn’t include its own tripod, so you may want to consider buying one separately.

This monocular is designed specifically for use with mono lenses and is considered to be extremely comfortable for viewing things in live time, like nature.


We hope that this guide has been useful. If you have any questions, please let us know in the comment box below.


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