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A Userfriendly Guide to Using a Halo Rangefinder…

Halo Laser Rangefinder is a very useful device for both hunters and golfers. When used by hunters, it helps them to get an accurate measurement of the distance of their target. Golfers also find a lot of uses for this device.

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How to Use a Halo Rangefinder

Open the battery compartment cover on your halo rangefinder. Follow the arrows on the cover, and then remove them. Make sure the + side is facing down. Now insert a CR2 battery into the compartment.

Remember: the tabs of the rangefinder can only go one way. So, align the arrows before closing the battery compartment cover. Push down the battery and turn to the right. For inserting the lanyard strap into the rangefinder, turn it over to the bottom side, then put one end of the lanyard into the hole. Pull the taught and insert the long end of the lanyards into the small loop.

Press the power button once to turn on the unit. You will see the image on the LCD screen. Turn the adjustable eyepiece to the left or right until the images you want to focus on appearing in focus.

How to Switch between Modes in Halo Rangefinder

There are generally four modes in Halo Laser Range Finder-like Halo Z6X, Halo Xl450, Halo Emblem, Halo Optics. Identify the “Mode” Key and Press it. The Modes You Will See Are Yards Measurement In Normal Distance. Yards Measurement In AI Distance. Meters Measurement In Normal Distance And Yards Measurement In AI Distance.

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How to Calibrate a Halo Rangefinder?

How to Calibrate a Halo Rangefinder?

Can you Calibrate a Halo rangefinder?

Recalibration is not possible.

Yards Measurement

Yards measurement in Normal Distance

In this mode, you’ll see the track of view space in yards. This will give you precise yardage to the target.

Yards measurement in AI Distance

In this mode, you will be able to see the factual space in yards and upright direction. You will also be able to see the direction of the gradient or drop in the ground to provide a precise place to the objective.

Meters measurement in Normal Distance

You will be able to see the Mark of Vision Space in meters.

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Ranging with Halo Rangefinder

A conveying sign will appear when you are ranging the distance. After completing the ranging the conveying sign will stop and the result appears on the monitor of your rangefinder.

How to Clean the Halo Rangefinder?

Your rangefinder is designed to shut down automatically after 20 seconds of inactivity. To clean the lenses, you should use the cleaning cloth that came with your rangefinder. You should keep a circular motion when cleaning the lenses. Any cloth that isn’t soft may cause scratches on your lenses.

Halo rangefinder is a great tool for targeting and ranging distant things. It is an excellent modern rangefinder that makes all of your ranging purposes accomplished with accuracy and precision. The maximum reflective range of 600 yards allows you to target and range far away objects. The ergonomically designed non-slip grip helps you hold the rangefinder firmly.

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We hope you have understood how to calibrate a halo rangefinder without the help of a professional.

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