How to Carry Vortex 1500 Rangefinder Lanyard? – All You need to Know with Expert Advice!

People often ask, how to carry a Vortex 1500 Rangefinder?

Let’s find out!

How to Carry Vortex 1500 Rangefinder?

The Vortex 1500 rangefinder has a built-in laser pointer which makes it easy to point out targets. It also comes with a carrying case so you can take it anywhere.

A neck strap can also be attached to the rangefinder. There are built-in loops that allow you to attach the neck strap so you can carry it around your neck.

Vortex Ranger Rangefinder

The vortex ranger 1800 rangefinder is a very useful tool. It provides high performance in a user-friendly package. It’s the perfect choice for hunters who want to be able to see what’s around them without having to get up.

Consumers don’t like change, but they do like products that they already love. The new Ranger 1800 is a modified version of the old Ranger line. It has everything that customers liked about the original line, but it also has some new features.

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How to Carry Vortex 1500 Rangefinder Lanyard?

How to Carry Vortex 1500 Rangefinder Lanyard?

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Does the Ranger have angle compensation?

You can get accurate shots even if you’re shooting uphill or downhill. This feature compensates for bullet or arrow drops.

Does the Rangefinder show the Degrees of the Angle?

On the screen, there will be two numbers. The first number is the true horizontal distance. The second number is the angle of the target relative to the shooter. For example, if the target is 10 yards away and the target is 20 degrees above the horizon, the second number will be 20 degrees.

Is this rangefinder for Shooting and Bow Hunting?

This rangefinder is perfect for both rifle shooting and hunting with HCD mode. You can effectively get the right distances on a slope for all your archery needs.

For rifle shooting, you’ll have accurate measurements up to 800 yards on slopes 14 degrees or less. For slopes 15- 30 degrees, you can expect precise measurements up to 400 yards.

In LOS mode, you will be able to accurately measure distances for both rifle and bowhunting.

What are the Preset Settings for the Vortex Rangefinder?

The rangefinder comes with default settings. You can change them to suit your needs.

How long does the Rangefinder stay in Scan Mode?

Pressing the fire button will start the scan mode. You can use the fire button to continue scanning by pressing it again. Once you release the button, the range finder returns to the default setting.

Can the Rangefinder be attached to a Neck Strap?

Neck lanyards are perfect for carrying your rangefinder. The rangefinder has built-in loops for attaching the lanyards. The rangefinder is compatible with the Ranger 1800, and the rangefinder has built-in loops for attaching the strap.

What type of Battery does the Rangefinder Use?

The battery compartment is located under the eyepiece of your rangefinder. You need to install the battery with the positive side facing outward.

How long does the battery last?

A single battery can last up to 2000 actuation. Battery life varies depending on how often you use your device and what mode you’re using.

Can the utility clip be completely removed?

This product includes an accessory clip. It’s also compatible with both sides of the rangefinder. It’s made for a full mile of extreme range. It’s angle-compensated and has scan modes. It comes with a built-in LED display. It includes extra accessories with the purchase. The product also comes with a lifetime warranty.


The Vortex 1500 comes with a carrying case and strap so it is easy to carry this rangefinder.

We hope that this article was helpful if you have any queries feel free to reach out in the comments section below.

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