How to Hold a Vertical Camera Rangefinder? – Complete Beginner’s Guide with FAQs, Tips, & More

People often ask, how to hold a vertical camera rangefinder?

Let’s find out!

How to Hold a Vertical Camera Rangefinder?

The best way to hold a vertical camera is to grip it firmly by its bottom edge. This will keep the lens level and prevent any unwanted movement. If you find yourself holding the camera vertically, then you may want to invest in a tripod.

How Do You Hold Your Leica for Vertical Shooting?

The manual shows the shutter button being placed higher than usual. Shooting vertically means the shutter button is placed lower than usual.

Shooting horizontally means the shutter button is usually placed higher than usual. When shooting vertically with a slower shutter speed, the shutter button should be placed higher than usual. Horizontally, the shutter button should normally be placed lower than usual.

Hold the shutter button down on your camera. You’ll get better results if you do this.

Right-handed people use their right hand to press buttons; lefties use their left hand. This is why you see many movies and TV shows with actors who are left-handed.

The M5 manual shows the right side up when shooting verticals. The M6 manual shows the right side down when shooting verticals. Left-eye shooters should use the M6 manual. Right-eye shooters should use the M5 manual.

A grip enhances ergonimics in portrait mode for you. But still, Leica didn’t make it an easy task, even with infinity locks.

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Getting Inside the Rangefinder

Removing the Rewind Crank

Always start with the reverse button. If there are no visible screws, you can remove them by pressing down on the buttons on the side of the camera. Then put a screwdriver across the top of the spindle and turn the rewind crank counterclockwise.

Locating and Removing Screws

Screws are used to attach the camera to the tripod. There should be two screws on each side of the top plate. If you remove the rewind crank, you’ll see that there are three screws on each side of the top plate.

How to Hold a Vertical Camera Rangefinder?

How to Hold a Vertical Camera Rangefinder?

Removing the Film Advance

When taking apart a Konica, there is a spring-loaded lever that needs to be removed. There is also a cam that must be lifted out. Once these parts are removed, the lens mount is easily accessible.

There is a cam under the wind lever. You need to loosen it by pulling it outwards. Then there is a ring with notched holes. You need to undo this ring by pushing it inwards. Finally, there is a soft rubber friction wrench.

The screwdriver is made by Canon, but the top plate isn’t. There is a smooth ring underneath the top plate that holds it in place when it is screwed down. You can remove the top plate by lifting up the wind-on lever.

Lifting the Lid

You need to remove the top plate by sliding it off. If you are removing this camera from another model, check for any resistance when you pull the top plate off. Sometimes screws can be found under the logo, bits of trims, or even hot shoes.

Remember that if they hid it, then maybe they don’t want you to go in there. If you’re in doubt, search online for someone who has already done it, and see what they did.

Hot-shoe connections are usually made by soldering wires together. This is done to prevent accidental disconnection when the camera is bumped or dropped. These wires can also be used to connect accessories such as flash units.


Konica rangefinders had a flashmatic system. This means that you could use the flash without removing the lens cap.

We hope that this article was helpful. If you have any queries feel free to reach out in the comments section below.

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