How to Hook Up 2 Laser Rangefinders to Arduino?- Step-by-Step Guide with FAQs, Tips, & More

People often ask how to hookup two laser rangefinders to Arduino.
Let’s find out!

How to Hook Up 2 Laser Rangefinders to Arduino?

The Arduino has built-in I2C (inter-IC) bus capability. This means it can talk directly to devices connected to its serial port without needing any additional hardware.

Hardware installation is simple. Simply attach the LRF to the aluminum mount using two screws. Then connect the LRF to the motor shield using a cable.

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  • Round files are used to cut metal
  • A Dremel rotary tool is used to make holes in the acrylic plate
  • A soldering iron is used to attach wires to the servo

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Installation Guide

An installation guide is provided.

Step 1: This robot moves forward by rotating its head.

Step 2: A servo motor rotates a metal plate attached to an acrylic base.

Step 3: The servo motor connects to the motor shield via a cable.

Step 4: The cable goes into the servo connector labeled “servo 1”. Be careful not to connect the cable backward.

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Install Laser Range Finder LRF

Laser range finders use lasers to measure distances. Triangulation is used to determine the distance. Accuracy is about 5%. Optimal measurement ranges 6-48″ with an average error of 3%.

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how to hook up 2 laser rangefinders to arduino

How to Hook Up 2 Laser Rangefinders to Arduino?


Hardware installation is simple. If you have any more questions feel free to comment below.

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