How to Judge Distance without a Rangefinder? – In-Depth Beginner’s Guide with FAQs & More

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How to Judge Distance Without a Rangefinder Helpful Methods

Distance is an important factor when hunting. You must be able to accurately judge the distance before hitting your prey.

Most people use rangefinders to measure distances. However, if you want to be more accurate than a rangefinder, then you need to practice using your eyes. You’ll learn how to estimate distances by looking at different objects.

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Why Learn This Skill?

A rangefinder is an essential tool for hunters. You should carry a rangefinder with you at all times. Your rangefinder should work properly at all times. If it doesn’t, you’ll know about it.

You can’t use a rangefinder if you’re participating in an activity that requires you to shoot within a certain distance. A rangefinder isn’t legal in some sports. You can also improve your own skills by using a rangefinder without relying on it.

You should always carry a backup method of measuring distance. If you rely solely on your rangefinder, you might end up stranded without any idea how far away you are from your destination. If you have another method of measuring distances, you won’t ever get lost.

Count Your Steps

You can measure distance by taking steps. Place the heel of your front leg against the toes of your rear leg and count each step as you walk. Your distance will be about the same as the number of steps you take. For example, if you take 100 footsteps, then your distance is 100 feet.

A person walks around an average of 3 miles per day. He takes 30 full strides each day or about 5,000 steps. Multiplying these numbers gives him a total of 15,000 steps per day. This equals about 3 miles.

This method gives you a rough approximation of how many steps you take per minute. Your stride length is about a yard, but your feet aren’t perfectly 12 inches long. So, you’ll need to make some adjustments to get a more accurate count.

This method takes too much time and effort. It also isn’t always practical.

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Walk Your Eyes

You can measure distances by looking at them. For example, if you’re measuring the length of a room, you could use 10 feet as an interval. Then, you’d start counting off the number of steps you take until you reach the end of the room. This method works well for rooms up to about 100 feet long. If you want to measure more than 100 feet, you’ll need a rangefinder.

How to Judge Distance without a Rangefinder?

How to Judge Distance without a Rangefinder?

Practice Against Your Rangefinder

Practice using your rangefinder by picking up objects and guessing their distances. You can do this anywhere and it only takes seconds. When you’re out, try to estimate the distance of several objects around you. Compare your guesses to the actual measurements. The more you repeat these steps, the better you’ll be at estimating distances with your eyes.

Practice makes perfect! Practice shooting targets at various distances using your eyes alone. Don’t rely on a rangefinder or other device to measure distance. Instead, use your eyes to estimate distance. Over time, you’ll develop eye-hand coordination that will allow you to shoot accurately without a rangefinder.

There’s an obvious downside to using a rangefinder. You need to buy them, and they were expensive. But if you want to try out different shooting techniques, then you’ll need to use a rangefinder anyway.

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Hit the Driving Range

Golfers should be aware of the distance between the ball and the hole. A good golfer should know what the distances are between the ball and the holes.

Walk or Shoot a D Target Range

Credit: Pixabay Basically, this method is for archers what the driving range method to golfers is. 3D archery range stations are set up with different distances marked, allowing you to shoot from them and see exactly how far each is. This is extremely useful for archers who will get a chance to practice shooting from each range.

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Set Up Distance Markers

This method is only useful if used repeatedly. You can either use landmarks to designate specific distances or place distance markers for yourself. You’ll have to walk the distance ahead to set up your markers. Once your markers are set up, you’ll always know how far away you are from your shooting point.


Ranging without a rangefinder requires practice and patience. You need to be sure of what you’re doing before you start.

Practice will help you get better accuracy.

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