How to Shoot With Medium Format Rangefinder Cameras? – Everything You Need to Know with FAQs, Tips, & More

How to shoot with medium format rangefinder cameras?
Let’s find out!

How to Shoot with Medium Format Rangefinder Cameras?

The best way to shoot using a rangefinder camera is to use manual focus. This will ensure that you’re not accidentally focusing too close or too far away from the subject. It’s important to remember that the lens aperture needs to be wide open (f/1.4) so that light reaches the film plane.

What Is Medium Format?

Medium format cameras are usually larger than 35mm cameras. They capture images that are slightly smaller but still larger than those captured by 35mm cameras. They also take pictures that are significantly larger than those taken by 35mm cameras.

Medium format cameras produce excellent quality images. Fashion and advertising photographers often use them because they require large and detailed pictures. This allows them to get closer to their subject without having to worry about getting too close. Magazine covers usually feature these types of photos.

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Larger Image Sensor

Medium format camera systems are used by professional photographers who need large-format photos. These cameras are larger than 35mm film cameras but smaller than full-frame DSLRs.

Wide Range of Sizes

Medium format film cameras allow photographers to choose from several frame sizes and aspect ratios. Medium format digital cameras give users the ability to choose between the various models available.

Modular and Customizable

Traditional medium format film cameras have many interchangeable parts. You can detach some components that came with your film camera and attach a new back, viewfinder, or other components.

Higher Quality Images

Medium format cameras produce high-quality images. They also allow you to capture a lot of detail in your pictures because of their large sensor size. You’ll be able to get a shallow depth of field when shooting portraits with these cameras.

Cropping: Some of the formats, especially six-by-seven, lend themselves to magazine layouts much better than 35mm film.

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Wider Field of View

Medium format cameras allow you to take pictures of things that are far away or close up. You can use them to capture both the foreground and background. A medium format camera lets you see more detail than a regular camera because you can zoom in closer.

Distinct Look and Feel

Medium Format Images are very popular because they offer a great quality of photos. Their unique characteristics make them stand out from other types of photos.

Extremely Versatile

When you have the freedom to choose interchangeable camera components, you get the chance to customize the camera to your specific needs. You can then switch from film to digital and back again. You can patiently practice the arts of film photography and also quickly snap pictures using your camera.

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Cons of Medium Format Cameras

Switching to a medium format camera is a big decision.

  • You’ll need to learn how to use a new camera system.
  • Your body might get used to the size and weight of the camera.
  • You’ll be forced to adjust to a different shooting style.
  • Medium format cameras are more expensive than DSLRs.
  • You’ll need to buy new lenses and camera bodies if you want to use them.

Different Film Sizes for Analog Medium Format Cameras

The film size for analog medium format cameras varies in size:

  • 6×6 is the most common size used for portraits
  • 6×4.5 is the most popular size used for landscapes.
  • 6×7 is used for printing and publishing due to its aspect ratio similar to that of 8×10″ photographic paper.
  • 6×12 is used for capturing panoramic landscapes.
  • 6×17 is used for capturing wide-angle landscapes.

“Digital Back” Format

Medium format digital cameras were the first digital cameras ever made. They came in two sizes

  • full frame
  • crop

The most popular brand was Hasselblad. They were mounted on a variety of camera bodies.

Major Companies

Medium format digital cameras are used primarily by professional photographers who want high-quality images. These cameras are usually made by companies like Fujifilm, Leica, and Hasselblad. Most medium format cameras use interchangeable lenses instead of focusing screens.


Cameras with CMOS image sensors are better at low light conditions than those with CCDs. High ISO images are much easier to use than before.


Medium format digital cameras are better than any other camera when it comes to taking pictures. Their autofocus speed is faster than any other camera.

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Should I Use a Medium Format Camera?

Medium format cameras are big and bulky but they’re great for taking pictures. Many new models are much smaller and lighter than older ones. Mirrorless cameras are weather sealed and can shoot high-resolution video.

how to shoot with medium format rangefinder cameras

How to Shoot With Medium Format Rangefinder Cameras?


Medium format cameras are not for everyone. If you have the money to spend and don’t care about fast autofocus, then they are worth a try. They are great for fashion, advertising, and commercial photography.

Medium format cameras are still the best choice for high-quality photography. They’re not commonly used by today’s photographers, but that could be changing soon.

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