How to Sight in a Konus 3x9x40 Rangefinder Scope? – Complete Overview with FAQs, Tips, & More

People often ask, how to sight in a Konus 3x9x40 rangefinder scope.
Let’s find out!

How to Sight in a Konus 3x9x40 Rangefinder Scope?

The first step is to find out what type of reticle you will be using. There are two types of reticles available for Konus scopes

  • a 1/4 MOA (minute of angle) reticle
  • a 5 MOA (minutes of angle) reticle.

Both reticles are equally accurate at long ranges, but the 5 MOA reticle is better suited for shorter distances.

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Step 1

When shooting, always focus your scope by putting on your glasses. Remove the caps from the scope if they have any. Unlock the eyepieces if they have a locking mechanism. Never look directly at the sun.

Step 2

Look away and allow your eye muscles to relax on a distant object. Rotate the eyecup a notch and quickly look through the scope again to identify a reticle. Immediately look away. It’s important to look quickly so as not to allow your eye muscles a chance to compensate themselves for the blurry reticule.

Step 3

A perfect circle should be formed when you rotate the eyepiece.

Step 4

This is a very important step. You should always make sure that your reticle is perfect before using it. Otherwise, you may end up straining your eyes.

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Adjusting the Rifle Scope

Cheaply made scopes don’t have the optical quality to support maximum magnification. You may need to adjust your rifle scope by moving the side turret or adjusting the objective. Blurriness and poor image clarity could be caused by cheap optics.

Parallax Correction Turrets

Parallax correction turrets correct the movement of the reticle by adjusting the position of the camera lens. In this case, the camera lens moves up and down to adjust the position of the image.

Parallax Adjustments

Parallax adjustments depend on the type of camera used. Some cameras allow you to adjust for parallax by moving the lens closer or farther away from the sensor.

Other cameras may have an automatic adjustment feature that moves the lens closer or farther depending on how far objects move relative to the background.

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Adjusting with an AO

Your estimated distance to your target is X meters. Adjust your sights to match the distance to the target.

Image quality should be optimal and the parallax should be correct. For the specifics on how to use AO to master parallax, check out our tip on parallax adjustments here.

Adjusting with Side Focus

Use a laser rangefinder to estimate the distance to your target. Focus all the way up until you get an image of the target. Then dial it back until the image is clear and sharp. Adjust the magnification setting appropriately for the desired shot.

Image quality should be optimal as far away as possible. Parallax should be given or taken about 50 yards to the true range of your target. Magnification has an effect on how much you see when looking through the scope. You must know what your magnification settings are before shooting.

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You can use mirage to adjust your shots if you can see mirage and wind patterns. However, the best way to fix a blurry photo is to lower the magnification. Too high up just gives you an extreme close-up of the waving illusion, while being too low down just shows you the ground.

Barrel mirages occur when you shoot a gun. Heat waves emanate off the barrel or suppressor itself, causing your shots to appear farther away than they actually are. You can correct this by letting your gun cool down between shooting rounds. An anti-mirage shield can also help reduce these effects.

Clearing Up Blurry Errors

A few defective riflescopes come out every now and then. Most of them are due to user errors. Some of them are due to manufacturing defects. These are rare occurrences, but they do happen. You should always check your warranty before buying a new rifle scope.

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how to sight in a konus 3x9x40 rangefinder scope

How to Sight in a Konus 3x9x40 Rangefinder Scope?


We hope you now know how to sight in a Konus rangefinder and how to adjust it.

If you have any questions comment below.


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