How to Take a Picture Through Binoculars With iPhone? – Step-by-Step Guide with FAQs, Tips, Tricks, & More

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How to Take Pictures Through Binoculars Guide

Digiscoping is an easy hobby to get into. You’ll need a camera, some binoculars, and a tripod or other support system. You can use any kind of camera as long as it takes photos. Binoculars help you see what you’re photographing. A tripod helps you hold steady while you take the picture.

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Before You Start…

Binoculars are used to see far-away objects. You must be careful when using them because if you drop them or knock them over, they may break. When you use binoculars, you must always hold them steady.

Getting the Right Equipment

You need a tripod or other support to take high-quality photos. A camera phone isn’t going to cut it.

Binoculars and cameras are both important tools for photographers. Below we’ve highlighted the three main considerations when setting them up for photography.

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Picking Your Camera

When choosing a camera, be sure that the lens is shorter than the eyepiece of your binoculars. Otherwise, you’ll need an adapter to use the camera. Most adapters are made for cameras with smaller lenses than the eyecup of binoculars. This makes using a DSLR extremely difficult.

Binoculars are used to take pictures through them. Point-and-shoot cameras are more convenient than smartphones because they’re easy to carry around. DSLR cameras are better than smartphones because they offer higher resolution images.


A tripod allows you to take better photos. You may want to use a tripod even if you’re taking low-power shots. Binoculars require adapters to be mounted to tripods.

Camera Adapter

A camera adapter keeps your camera exactly where it should be to take clear images at any magnification. When you attach a camera adapter to a tripod, you won’t need to worry about your camera falling off the tripod or getting knocked over by the wind.

Setting Expectations

You should use higher-quality lenses when taking pictures with your phone. Lower quality lenses will make your images blurrier. You shouldn’t expect to get great results on your first attempt.

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Binoculars vs Telescopes

Binoculars give you a wider view than a telescope. You can see more detail and get closer to what you’re looking at. Telescopes are great for long-distance shots, but you need to be patient while you wait for the right moment. When you use binoculars, you can move around and shoot pictures without having to stop and set up again.

Binoculars are great for seeing things up close, but telescopes are better for seeing far away objects. A telescope offers superior results, but binoculars are still useful. Know what you’re doing before using them.

how to take a picture through binoculars with iphone

How to Take a Picture Through Binoculars With iPhone?

The Step-by-Step Guide to Taking Pictures Through Binoculars

Step 1: Setting Your Binoculars Up

Binoculars should be used to take photos. You want to make sure that the lenses are folded away so that the camera is as close to the lens as possible.

Once you’ve mounted your binoculars to the tripod, you’ll be ready to take great photos. You can also use your binoculars as a regular pair of binoculars.

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Step2: Align the Camera or Setup the Adapter

You should always mount a camera adapter before attaching your camera. This ensures that your camera is aligned correctly with your binoculars. After mounting your camera, make sure you look through the eyepiece to ensure everything is lined up.

You can use your binoculars to line things up correctly. Hold the camera steady and take pictures.

Step 3: Take Your Photos

Don’t worry about getting the right angle or framing when taking your photo. Just get as many shots as possible. Later, you’ll be able to go back and pick out the best ones.

Step 4: Edit Your Photos

You should take pictures using a smartphone or camera, but you’ll need to edit them first. Some photo editing programs allow you to adjust the brightness, contrast, and other settings. These tools will help you get better results when taking pictures.

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We hope this guide helped you understand how to take pictures through binoculars with your iPhone.


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