How to Turn off Bushnell Hybrid Rangefinder? – In-Depth Guide with Tips, Tricks, & FAQs

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How to turn off Bushnell Hybrid Rangefinder?

Press and hold (7 sec.) to power ON/OFF.

Bushnell Golf Hybrid Laser GPS Rangefinder User Manual

This model is IPX4 rated and is resistant against water splash from any direction. However, this model is not fully waterproof, and should not be submerged into the water at any depth, nor exposed to heavy rain or strong streams of water.

Avoid cleaning your hybrid with harsh chemicals. Don’t try to open the unit if you see any cracks or dents. Keep the unit away from heat sources. Store it in a cool, dry place.

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Using the Laser Rangefinder

Your hybrid is designed to be lightweight and easy to use. You can zero in on the flag without having to acquire background targets. The hybrid is capable of providing distance measurements from 5 to 1300yards with incredible one-yard accuracy.

The hybrid is not dependent upon reflector technology and will provide distance to trees, bunkers, and anything else you see on the golf course.

The device is capable of long-range shooting. It takes into account the brightness of the target, the angle of the target, and the weather conditions.

How to Turn off Bushnell Hybrid Rangefinder

How to Turn off Bushnell Hybrid Rangefinder?

A hybrid laser weapon system that uses an advanced digital microprocessor and ASIC chip to instantly calculate the distance by measuring the time it took to send out a pulse and receive it back.

This device has an LCD screen inside the lens. When you turn it on, it shows a reticle for aiming, yardage, and a flag icon. There are tiny black dots in the lens that may appear. They don’t affect the range or accuracy of this device.

Your hybrid car comes with a battery already inserted, but you need to take off a red plastic disc before it will run. To do this, lift the battery cover tab and rotate it clockwise. Then remove the red plastic disc, and put back the battery cover. Replace the battery when needed, and replace the battery cover.

The battery indicator shows when the battery needs replacing. The battery icon flashes if the battery drops below the safe operating level.

Adjusting the eyepiece of your telescope is very easy. You simply turn the dial (9) located behind the eyepiece (8). This dial adjusts how far away objects appear when looking through the eyepiece.

Laser weapons are used by military forces around the world. The laser weapon emits a beam of light that can be seen as a dot or line. When fired, the dot or line moves across the screen, indicating the distance to the object.

The laser weapon can be aimed using an aiming circle. Once the laser is aimed, the user presses the fire button to transmit the laser. After 10 seconds, the laser is turned off.

Crosshairs surrounding the aiming circles indicate that the laser is transmitting. Once a range has been acquired, you can release the power button. The crosshairs surrounding the circles will disappear once the fire button has been released (the laser is no longer being transmitted).

The front and back distances to the hole are shown at the top of the screen.

Using the GPS Rangefinder

Charging the battery takes about three hours. When the battery is fully charged, you’ll see a message saying “Charging complete”.

The rechargeable battery of the hybrid GPS section is long-lasting and provides up to three rounds of golf (based on an average of four hours per round). However, the battery life may be reduced by a variety of factors such as external temperatures, etc.

All rechargeable batteries lose their effective charge length over time, charging your hybrid’s GPS battery before the battery level drops below 20% guarantees that you will be able to make it through the entire round. To check your battery life at any time press the menu button twice and select battery.

You must be outdoors, in a location where there is a clear view of the skies above, to get a good signal from satellites. Your phone needs to be fully charged before powering up.

Gps by Highlighting It and Pressing Select.

Press the MENU button (1) to return to the main menu. Select SET UP MENU ITEM. Set up units as you wish.

The unit stays powered on unless the user presses the power button. Auto-advance to the next hole when walking the course.

Selecting AUTO OFF time can save battery life. You may lose GPS satellite contact if you forget to turn


  1. Backlight: Turn on or off the display backlight.
  2. Battery: Displays battery charge level.
  3. Language: Set the GPS menus to your desired language.

This device has been reset to factory default settings. Press SELECT to view your unit’s firmware version and other internal information.

When you play golf, your distance is measured by how far away you are from the target. Your front yard is the distance you need to go before hitting the ball.

Your backyard is the distance you must travel after hitting the ball. You can see this information when you select a course.

The top of the laser displays all valid GPS information, including the current hole and your distance to the flag or other objects of interest (based on GPS course and your location). You can also see the distance to the center of the hole.

This flashlight is made by Vista Outdoor. It is very bright and compact. It uses rechargeable batteries. It has a built-in compass. It comes with a carrying case.

The laser rangefinder section is an important part of this device. If the laser doesn’t work properly, there may be something wrong with the batteries or the laser itself. You should check the laser rangefinder section first before trying anything else.

A weak or low-quality battery may cause problems with the laser system. Replacing the battery should fix this problem. If you’re unable to obtain a clear shot, make sure the laser is turned on and that nothing is blocking the laser transmit and receive lenses.

How to Reset?

Resetting the Batteries

You must remove the battery first before you can turn on your device. Push down on both buttons at the same time for two seconds.

Using Clear Display Button

Use the “clear display” button on the back of your device. This will clear out all previous readings and allow you to start over with a new reading. You’ve reset your rangefinder is now ready for use.


We hope that now you have a better insight into how to use Bushnell Rangefinder.

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