How to Use Blue Tees Rangefinder? – Quick and Easy Guide with Tips, Tricks, & More

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Ease of Use

It is a rangefinder camera that is very easy to use. It has two buttons on the front, a power button, and a mode button. When you press the power button, it will turn on and start taking pictures. After ten seconds, it will turn off. There is also an eyepiece to adjust the focus.

This device has three modes, continuous scan, golf, and speed. You hold down the acquire button and the distance appears as you scan across your targets line. When you press it once, the device will vibrate. You can see yardages at the top of the screen and slope yardages at the bottom. The device will display the speed of your shot.

Mode 2 is the most effective mode for hunting. The slope is not allowed in tournament play, but Mode 2 is still useful for weekend warriors.

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Accuracy Performance

The Blue Tees Series 2 is an accurate rangefinder. It is easy to use, but you need to be careful about how you hold the device. You must always aim the laser straight up or down. This will help you get more consistent readings.

The yardages were consistently off by about 4-5 yards. The yardage was more consistent when using the cart GPS than the phone app.

Yardages should match exactly. You shouldn’t pay extra money for better yardage.

Blue Tees’ customer service was excellent. They took care of our problem right away. I’m glad we didn’t have to send back the defective product.


A laser rangefinder should be accurate and reliable. For this reason, I wouldn’t recommend buying the Blue Tees Series II Pro. The performance of the device was so poor that I couldn’t consider it a value at any cost.

Using the Blue Tees Rangefinders

You can focus the Blue Tee rangefinders simply by rotating the viewfinder. These rangefinders were easy to use and had excellent focusing capabilities.

Optics were decent for a rangefinder at the price point. Not as sharp as higher-priced competitors, but it felt a bit sharper than other models in the same price range. Using any model was straightforward, and they’re all easy to use.

There are three modes:

  • Mode 1: Scanning – This allows you to scan a scene, and watch the distance change as you move across the terrain. You generally use this mode while hunting.
  • Mode 2: Golfing – Point it at the pin and it will give you distance and vibrate when it finds the flag!
  • Mode 3: Speed – This is a mode to measure the speed of the ball, and you can hold the mode button while playing to change between yards and meters.

The slope feature is a major drawback of the Series 2 model. There is no way to turn it off. This means that if you play in tournaments often, you might want to consider the nonslope version.

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How to Use Blue Tees Rangefinder?

How to Use Blue Tees Rangefinder??

Blue Tees Golf Rangefinder Performance

All of the above doesn’t matter if the rangefinder doesn’t work properly. I found out that my results weren’t very accurate.

Most cheap rangefinders do not provide an accuracy of 1/10th of an inch. This means that they are inaccurate and unreliable. A rangefinder should be precise and reliable.

The number of yards is accurate, but the variation is too high for my liking.

You should spend more time before your shot if you’re trying to get the perfect number. Sometimes it works out, but sometimes you’ll need to shoot a few extra rounds to make sure you’ve got the perfect number. When you do this, it’s important to stay calm and relaxed. Don’t worry too much about getting the perfect number, because even if you miss, you still might get lucky and nail the target.

The slope has a magnet built into it.

This is a feature I’ve been surprised by how much I use. While not a must-have, it’s nice to have. You can buy a separate Magnetic Strap for Blue Tops, but at $40 – that feels pretty steep. Another thing worth noting has got to do with the Series Two Model (not the Pro), I was occasionally getting weird numbers that would show 7, 8 yards, or something similar.

This is a known issue with the new NX7 models. You may experience this problem if your hands hang over the edges of the device too much. To fix this, simply adjust your grip.


Before buying a rangefinder, make sure you know what features you want before you buy. You should also set a budget. A cheap rangefinder might be your best option if you’re looking for something inexpensive.

Slope, elements, and club selection modes should be disabled during tournaments. A two-shot penalty is incurred if you use these features during a round. Automatic disqualifications are issued when you repeatedly use these features during a tournament.

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A DMD is used to measure distances. Accuracy varies depending on the model. Some models are accurate to one yard, others to two or three yards. The farther away from your target, the less accurate the measurement becomes.


A rangefinder measure distances up to 1,000 yards. This device struggles to detect the pin from more than 500 yards. Knowing this information about the rangefinder helps you plan your shot from the tee box.


Laser rangefinders offer higher magnifications than other devices. This allows them to be used in situations where there is less light available.

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Jolt Technology

Jolt technology is not essential for a rangefinder to work. However, it saves you time and increases convenience by letting you know when the pin is locked on target. You don’t need seconds to check if the distance is to the pin or the trees behind the green; you simply press the button and the distance is automatically calculated.


This device measures your distance from the flag. You can use this to measure how far away you are from the flag when playing flag football or soccer.


No magnet to fit the device on the frame of the cart. It is not approved by the USGA or R&A. Blue Tees impressed customers with the first two models but upgraded their rangefinder with the new Pro Slope model. This model features an HD display, flag lock vibration, and slope mode. Amateur golfers love this model.

The Ultra-Clear Display helps you identify your target quicker to speed up the pace. You can also see your yardages better by using magnification. The slope mode helps you determine how far away the ball is from the hole. But Blue Tees engineers added an option to turn off this feature during tournaments.

This product is great for people who want to play golf. It is also great for those who want to save money.

Active Slope Mode

Despite the Series 2 Pro Slopes being almost half the price, they include slope mode. This feature allows you to get accurate yardages by factoring in the gradient of the slopes.

The USGA prohibits slope functionality. This means that there is a button on the device that switches it into standard mode.


This product is waterproof. You should be careful when using this product because it may get wet.

Bushnell Tour V Shift

The Bushnell Tour V 5 is an excellent rangefinder for golfers who want the best. It has Jolt technology which makes the device vibrate when the laser hits the flag. It also has six-time magnification, which allows you to see more detail than other rangefinders. Finally, if your unit experiences any factory defects, then you’re covered by a two-year warranty.

Callaway TL

A magnifying glass is used to see the flag from far away. The 350TL is a great tool for golfers who want to know how close they are to the flag.

TecTecTec ULTX

The ULT-X is a great addition to my arsenal. It gives me more options when playing golf. It helps me see the pin better, and I’m able to get closer to the green. This is a great tool for beginners and pros alike!


You’re right, the Blue Tees Series II Pro isn’t what you expected. But we hope you’ll give us another chance!

We’ve been working hard to improve our products, and we think you’ll be pleased with the new Series 3 Pro.

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