How to Use Grint Rangefinder? – Step-by-Step Guide with FAQs

People often ask, how to use Grint Rangefinder?

Let’s find out!

How to Use Grint Rangefinder?

The Grint Rangefinder app allows you to take photos of your target from different angles and then compare them side by side. This will allow you to see if you’ve missed anything. It’s especially useful if you’re shooting at night because it lets you see what you might otherwise miss.

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The Grint Is the Best Way to Upload Your Scores

You can use your mobile device to track your strokes on each hole.

Use Our Scorecard Picture Service

You must take a picture of your scorecard and submit it to The Grint website. They will then transcribe your score for free.

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how to use grint rangefinder

How to Use Grint Rangefinder?

Available Everywhere in the World

Golf courses are offered by The Grint. There are maps of over 40,000 golf courses worldwide. New courses are uploaded within two business days at your request, and the company consistently checks its data for accuracy before uploading them.

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Pro Stats Designed for Everyone

Get all necessary stats with our simple and fast scoring app. See how you score compared to other players. Check your scores, putting, GIR% (Gross In-Play Percentage), FIR% (Fairway In-Play Percentage), iron accuracy, scrambling, and much more! Identify your strengths and weakness by looking at our benchmark targets. They are calculated based on the millions of golf rounds we’ve recorded in our database.  

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We hope that now you know how to use the Grint rangefinder. If you have any queries feel free to reach out in the comments section below.

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