How to Use Monocular Lens on My Android Phone? – Quick Guide with FAQs and More

Do you want to know how to use a monocular lens on an android phone?

Let’s find out.

How to Use the Monocular Lens on My Android Phone?

To attach the phone to the adapter

  • Start by unlocking the top clamp.
  • Then slide the top clamp to its uppermost position,
  • Turn the alignment screw,
  • Insert the phone into the left clamp.
  • If it doesn’t fit in right away, you can pull the right clamp past the edge of the phone.
  • Slide the phone vertically until the camera is roughly aligned to the camera cutout
  • Now align the optic adapter over the eyepiece and press down firmly.

Now you’re ready to go out and shoot.

Monocular Guide

Royal Eagle Road 12x50mm Monocular Telescope is equipped with tripods and a phone holder that is compatible with most smartphones on the market. The packages includes Monocular, tripods, phone holder, carriage, cleaning cloth, wrists strap, and instruction.

How to Use the Monoculars?

Monoculars can be used without any additional equipment, mounted on a tripod or smartphone mount, or even held by hand.

Without Any Support

To observe an object using binoculars, first set the focus dial wheel at its lowest position (the closest setting). Then turn the focus dial wheel up until the image becomes clear and sharp.

Mounted on a Tripod

To get more stable observations, attach the tripod to the threaded attachment at the bottom of the monocle.

Attached to a Smartphone Holder

The smartphone holder included with the kit is compatible with most phones on the market so you can easily connect them to the monocular in just five easy step.

How to Attach the Smartphone to the Monocular?

Step 1: Place the phone on the holder, then use the horizontal slider to adjust its width.

Step 2: Turn the side knob until the screen of the phone is aligned with the circular opening of the adaptor.

Step 3: Remove any straps from the monocular and tighten the tripod threads into place. Ensure that the monocular is standing upright and securely attached to a flat surface.

Step 4: To connect the eyepiece of a monocular to a smartphone, move the eyepiece back and forth until the desired position is reached. Then, hold the eyepiece steady and press the shutter button on the smartphone.

Step 5: Open your camera app and take a picture of the screen. Then, use an editing tool to crop out the black edges and adjust the focus ring so that you get a clear view.

Cleaning and Caring for Monocular Lens

Monoculars don’t need any special care, but they must be protected from dust and moisture when not in use. They cannot be fixed or changed, so you need to take extra precautions.


The monocular has two lenses

  • the ocular lens
  • the objective lens

You don’t need to keep your lenses clean after every single time you wear them; however, frequent cleaning can cause scratches and damage the external coat­ing.

Microfiber Cloth

Use a microfibre cleaning towel and gently wipe in a circle motion. Do not rub the lens. If you need to clean something off the lens, use an eyeglass cleaner designed for lenses.

Glasses Cloth

You can also use the eyeglass cleaning cloth instead of the microfiber cloth if you prefer. It’s ideal for delicate eyeshades.

Photographic Type Detergent

To clean your camera lenses properly, follow these steps:

  • Clean the outside of the camera using a soft brush;
  • Remove any dust from the inside of the camera by gently blowing out the interior;
  • Rinse the camera thoroughly under running water;
  • Dry the camera completely before storing it.

Even if it is waterproof, don’t submerge the monocular in any kind of liquid because this could cause condensation inside.

Protect Your Monoculars from Dropping and Breaking

Lens Cover

You must use the protective case provided by the manufacturer when using these external contact lense.

To keep out moisture, debris, and humidity, we’ve designed our monoculars to be sealed shut when they’re not in use.

Wrist Strap

The handgrip ensures a firm hold even when moving and during outdoor activities to prevent falling and damage to the monoculars.

Protective Case

Keep the monocular in its case when not in use. Store it in a cool and dry location, away from direct sunlight, and avoid rough handling.

Compass, Light, and Laser Function

You can use your monocular telescope for two things – light and laser beams.

  • The light can reach 3ft/1m
  • The laser can reach 5000ft/1500m distance.

Press the button at the top to turn on the GPS. It’s located on the top for easy access when navigating.

Replace Batteries

The monocular includes a battery for both the flashlight and laser functions. To remove it, simply open the small lid on top and unscrew the battery from its place. The battery lasts up to one full calendar month of use, depending on how often you use the device.

How to Use Monocular Lens on My Android Phone? - Quick Guide with FAQs and More

How to Use Monocular Lens on My Android Phone?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are monoculars good for?

Binoculars provide a wider-angle viewing experience than monocular lenses. However, monocular lenses offer a true field of vision.

Monoculars are usually designed to be precise at close range, so they don’t need a wide field of view.

Do monoculars zoom?

Monocular lenses are used by most photographers for taking pictures of wildlife, targets, or just enjoying nature. However, some monocular lenses are compatible with smartphones and let you take zoom-enhanced images.

Should I buy a monocular or a binocular?

Binocular telescopes usually cost less than monocular ones.

  • Binoculars are much better than monoculars for both day and nighttime use.
  • Monoculars are better for short trips because they don’t cause eyestrain. Binoculars are better for longer trips because they feel more natural to hold.


The Leica M3 is a handheld, single-lens reflex (SLR) camera made by the German manufacturer Leica from 1946 to 1975 when production ceased.

It was first introduced in 1946 as an affordable alternative to the Rolieflex and Hasselblad camera systems for amateurs. The Monocular was created by Carl Zeiss’s engineers Hans Scharff and Karl F. Ziegler at their factory in Jena, Germany.

If you have any queries feel free to comment below.


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