How to Use Reticle Rangefinder on Nikon 45 X14 Buckmaster? – Quick & Easy Guide

People often ask, how to Use Reticle Rangefinder on Nikon 45 X14 Buckmaster?

Let’s find out!

How to Use Reticle Rangefinder on Nikon 45 X14 Buckmaster?

The reticle rangefinder is used to measure distances from the camera to objects in the scene. It consists of two lines that intersect at the center of the viewfinder.

One line represents the distance to the closest object, and the other represents the distance to the farthest object. By moving the crosshairs along this line, you can determine the distance between any two points in the scene.

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How To Adjust Your Riflescope?

Riflescopes are intimidating pieces of equipment. You may think about buying a new scope but if you’re comfortable with your current setup, there’s no reason to change.

Before you adjust anything, make certain your rifle is unloaded and that the environment around you is safe.

We recommend using a universal barrel-leveling system when you mount your scope or install your rings. Make sure the gun is on a solid, stable surface, and use a rear sling or rest to support the buttstock end of your rifle to make it as level as possible.

When adjusting your riflescope to work best for you three main aspects need to be considered; getting the right eye relief, making sure the scope isn’t level, and lastly fine-tuning the scopes eyepiece focus. Let’s take a closer look at each of these important factors.

Eye Relief

Your scope should be set up correctly for your eyesight. You should also make sure that the scope is positioned properly about your eye when looking through it. For example, if you’re shooting at 100 yards, you want the scope to be set up so that your eye is about 10 inches away from the front end of the scope.

How to Set Your Eye Relief?

The scope must be mounted on a table or stable surface. Shoulder rifle while looking through the scope. Close your eyes when aiming.

Adjust scope until the image fills the eyepiece without any black edges. Mark the tube where the rear ring meets the main tube.

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Level the Scope

A high-quality level should be used when shooting rifles. This allows for precise shot placement. When using a Picatinny Rail, the level should go directly on the rail.

If using rings like our one-piece Backcountry Mounts, the level should go on the bottom half of your ring. Once the action is leveled, attach the barrel clamp to the end of the rifle barrel. Confirm the rifle is still level, and then adjust the barrel clamp level until it matches.

This is how you set your scope correctly. First, put the smaller scope on top of the larger scope. Make sure the bubble level on the smaller scope is aligned with the bubble level on the larger scope. Rotate the smaller scope clockwise until the bubble level on both scopes match.

Now tighten one of the ring tops by hand. You should be able to see the level change when you do this. Tightening the ring top in this manner will ensure that the scope stays tight.

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Focusing the Eyepiece

This is a very important point about shooting targets. You should always try to adjust the eyepiece to be focused on infinity. When you shoot, your eye focuses on the target.

If you adjust the eyepiece too much, then your eye won’t be focused on the target. Your eye will be focused somewhere else, and you’ll miss the target.

Fast-focus scopes are more expensive than standard scopes, but they are easier to use. Standard scopes are less expensive, but you’ll need to twist the whole eye shell to adjust the focus.

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how to use reticle rangefinder on nikon 45 x14 buckmaster

How to Use Reticle Rangefinder on Nikon 45 X14 Buckmaster?


A rifle should always be pointed straight ahead. When you’re ready to shoot, aim at a target that’s as close as possible to your eye. Turn the focus ring until the reticle is clear. Your rifle is now set up for you.

If you have any queries feel free to reach out in the comments section below.

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