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How to use Simmons Protarget Rangefinder?

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Guide for Simmons Rangefinder

This product is a laser rangefinder. It is used by hunters to measure distances up to 1000 yards. You can also use this device to measure distances to objects such as buildings or vehicles. You can adjust the distance measurement using the zoom feature. The unit comes with a carrying case.

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How does a rangefinder work?

Before you use your rangefinder, you should know what it does. A laser rangefinder operates by sending out a beam of light and then measures the time it takes for the beam to return. This measurement tells you how far away your target is. You can also see how fast the beam travels.

Monoculars have a maximum range, but the number doesn’t represent the actual distance you can see. You should divide the number by 2 or 3 to get an estimate of what you can see. For example, if you’re hunting deer, you can probably see up to 100 yards. So, if you’re using a 50-power scope, you’ll be able to see about half that distance.

How to use a rangefinder?

Rangefinders are easy to use and very useful tools. You simply look through the monocular and then press the measure button to get an accurate reading.

You’ll see a crosshair appear in your field of view. Once you’ve found your target, you’ll need to press the measure button again. Your rangefinder will then send out its laser, measuring the distance.

Having an exact distance can help you place an accurate shot. For long-distance shooting, having the exact distance can help you choose the correct bullet weight.

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How to Use Simmons Protarget Rangefinder?

How to Use Simmons Protarget Rangefinder?

How to Change Simmons Rangefinder from Meters to Yards

You need to look through the monocle and press the power button. Then press and hold the mode buttons for 5 seconds. Your rangefinder should now be set to measure in yards.

The rangefinder uses meters as the standard measurement unit. You don’t need to convert to yards because your rangefinder already works fine in meters. There isn’t any advantage to changing the measurement unit to yards.

A rangefinder is a device used to measure distances. It consists of two lenses separated by a prism. Light enters the prism and is split into two beams. One beam goes straight to the first lens while the other beam is reflected off the second lens and then travels to the prism. The distance between the two lenses is determined by how much light has reflected the prism.

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What is a Simmons Rangefinder?

The Simmons rangefinder is a great choice if you’re looking for a low-cost laser rangefinder. It has many of the same features as more expensive models but at a lower cost.

Features of Simmons Rangefinder

Features on the Simmons rangefinder include:

  • A built-in compass
  • An adjustable magnification system
  • An illuminated reticle
  • A digital display
  • A laser pointer
  • A lighted scope
  • A magnifying lens


Rugged construction makes this device suitable for all kinds of weather conditions and terrain, but


it is waterproof. You shouldn’t submerge it, because it is compact and lightweight, and it is

LCD easy to carry around.

The accuracy of the Simmons rangefinder

LCD Screen

The Simmons rangefinder has an LCD screen that displays several important pieces of information about the device. The bright and clear display allows you to read the information even in low-light conditions.

A rangefinder is an optical instrument used by hunters to measure distances. This device helps hunters determine how far away their prey is. It uses lenses to magnify objects. The magnification is fixed, meaning that it does not change.

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Tilt Intelligence

This device is an excellent tool for shooting long distances. It compensates for elevation and depression.

Final Words

The beauty of using the Simmons Rangefinder for distance measurement is you’re not stuck with 1 unit of measurement.

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You’re free to use any other unit of measurement as well.


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