How to Use the Rangefinder on Your Redfield Revenge Scope? – In-Depth Guide with FAQs

How to use rangefinder on your Redfield Revenge Scope?

Let’s find out!

How to Use the Rangefinder on Your Redfield Revenge Scope?

The rangefinder is used to measure distances from the target to the shooter. It consists of two parts: the reticle and the distance scale. The reticle is a crosshair that indicates where the bullet will hit the target. The distance scale is located at the bottom of the rifle sight.

You can figure out the range by the distance uncovered in the optical view of the scope. The horizontal crosshairs are calibrated for the body size of the object. If the animal is centered between the horizontal lines and “600” is shown on the view for the distance, then the animal is about 600 yards away.

Best Redfield Scopes

Redfield scopes are great for hunters who want to shoot accurately. They are built to last and are easy to use. You can buy them online or at sporting goods stores.


The conveying case comes with a perspective through component, permitting clients to view the scene through the objective and eyepiece even when the scope stays put, secured against the rain, snow, and various other types of the harsh climate.

Eye Relief

Eye relief is very important when using a gun. A long eye relief makes shooting easier and more comfortable.


When you focus on the scope, you’ll see that it keeps up precision magnificently, and the multicoated optics on it are great. You’ll get a clear and itemized image, and most of the light is going through the body of the rifle. This means you’re seeing an accurate shot every time.


With the Redfield Rampage, you can shoot closer than 100 yards and farther than 600 yards.

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The Redfield Rampage offers an unimaginable scope that amplifies your vision by 20-60 times. You can shoot long distances with ease. You can also see large objects from afar.

Using this Scope by Itself

Redfields are spotting scopes designed to be used by themselves. They’re not meant to be used with rifles or other long firearms.

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A rangefinder is an instrument used by hunters to measure distance. The Redfield Raider rangefinder is a great tool for hunting because it helps you get closer to your prey. You can use this rangefinder to measure distances up to 600 yards. It also allows you to take accurate shots.

The rangefinder is more accurate than the old model. It provides precise measurements of distance. It makes your life easier by helping you focus your gun.

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how to use the rangefinder on your redfield revenge scope

How to Use the Rangefinder on Your Redfield Revenge Scope?


We hope you now understand how to use Redfield scope.

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