Hunting Coyotes – Complete Guide, FAQs, & More

Hunting coyotes could be the most exhilarating experience of your life. Regardless of why you choose to hunt coyotes, the process remains almost the same. 

Many hunters are unable to kill a coyote because they do not understand what to do. 

We understand that coyote hunting is difficult, especially for beginners. This is mainly because you might be overlooking some important factors of coyote hunting. 

Keeping your convenience in mind, we have compiled this complete guide with all the information you might need for coyote hunting.

What is the ideal location for coyote hunting?

It is highly possible you are hunting in places where there are no coyotes. 

The prime locations to find a coyote are:

  • Open farmlands
  • Escarpments 
  • Rocky banks
  • Meadows 
  • Near the river 
  • Near thickets willow 

It is important to understand the habitat of coyotes to hunt them. Otherwise, you might not be able to spot one. This could waste a lot of your time and effort. 

Which hunting call should I use for coyotes?

It is crucial you use the right calls to lure in a coyote. Now, this does not mean that coyotes will respond to just any call. You would want to use a call that a coyote may not have heard before. These could be calls of other animals like birds, turkeys or fawns

A coyote is most likely to respond to calls where it sounds like another animal is in distress. You could either use a hand call or an automated call.  

Making too many or too few calls could warn away coyotes. This could make it difficult for you to call in a coyote again.

What is the best time for coyote hunting?

The best time to hunt a coyote could be at dusk or at dawn. However, there may be too many hunters stalking a coyote at that time. 

In case you are hunting in a populated suburban area, we would advise you to hunt on the weekend. This could increase your chances of hunting down a coyote.

Which season is the best for coyote hunting?

You could be able to hunt coyotes throughout the entire year. However, we suggest that the best time to hunt coyotes is during winter. The month of January is mostly advised for hunting coyotes.

This is mainly because coyotes tend to travel in groups during the winter in search for food. 

There may be a restriction in some states on coyote hunting to protect the population of coyotes. This is usually during breeding season.

Do I need a license for coyote hunting? 

You will need a license for coyote hunting. You may not be able to hunt coyotes without a permit. Especially if you are a non-resident. 

We would suggest you look into the restrictions and regulations of your area before going out for a hunt. You could get into serious legal issues otherwise. 

Is it legal to hunt coyotes?

Coyote hunting could be legal in some states. This means you could be able to go anytime if you have a license. 

However, if you are hunting on private land, you will need a permit from the land-owner. 

Which rifle is the ideal rifle for coyote hunting?

There are several rifles you could use for coyote hunting. However, nothing beats the Remington R-15. 

AR-15 is a semi-automatic sporting rifle. It is the top pick for many hunters.

How much magnification do I need for coyote hunting?

The amount of magnification needed could depend on what your shooting distance is. If you normally shoot between 150 to 300 yards, a 3 to 9x magnification could be ideal.

However, if for 300-yard shots, we would advise 4 to 6x magnification. 

What gear should I take for coyote hunting?

There are a number of things you would want to take for coyote hunting. Our team has short-listed the most important items for you. 

These include:

  • Your rifle or weapon of choice
  • Your bullets or cartridges 
  • Hand or machine calls 
  • A coyote decoy 
  • A shooting sticks
  • A rangefinder

How many lumens should I get for hunting a coyote?

Generally, 250 lumens are ideal for coyote hunting. If you choose to take one lower than 250, you may not be able to locate a coyote quickly. 

Is it necessary to get a scope for my rifle?

Buying a scope for your rifle is not necessary. However, if you are into coyote hunting, we would advise you to buy one. 

This is mainly because coyote hunting involves long-range shooting. Moreover, if you are choosing to hunt before sunrise or at sunset, the light conditions could be extremely poor. A scope could immensely help to provide a clear image and magnification. 

How much does a coyote hunt cost?

The cost could depend based on your region. 

On average, a coyote hunt could range between $300 to $350 per day.

Should I get an automatic gun for coyote hunting?

It is more likely for them to escape if you are using a single shot-gun. This is because coyotes are usually quick on their feet. Moreover, you could increase the chances of a coyote attacking you. 

Moreover, if it may cost you time to reload your gun causing you to miss your shot. An automatic gun allows you to make quick and efficient shots.  

How much foot-pound energy should I use to kill a coyote?

Well, this could vary depending on several factors. However, we would suggest you hit them with approximately 350-foot pounds. This will allow you to make a reliable and instant kill.

hunting coyotes

To conclude

There are several benefits associated with coyote hunting. Moreover, there are several different effective styles and methods of coyote hunting

If you are someone who is enthusiastic about coyote hunting, we would advise you to read this guide carefully.

Our team has compiled this guide after thorough research. It has all the necessary information you need to know before going for a coyote hunt. 

For any further information, please feel free to contact us.

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