Hunting Deer – Complete Guide, FAQs, More

There are over a hundred different types of rifles to pick from for deer hunting. They may differ in quality, price, and style. 

Narrowing down the best rifle could be difficult since there are so many types and brands. We would advise you to choose the rifle that suits your personality and hunting style the best. 

Read this guide carefully in order to be well informed about the type of rifle you could buy for deer hunting. 

Types of Guns for Deer Hunting – Complete Guide

There are almost a dozen types of rifles used for deer hunting. Choosing one best for your needs may seem intimidating. 

We have explained the types of rifles to narrow down your list. 

Bolt Action 

This is the most popular type of gun for deer hunting. They are mainly used for far away or long-distance shooting. 

Bolt actions are easy to use, reliable, and versatile. You could be able to find one with different bullet weights, styles, and calibers based on your personal need.

In most cases, bolt actions come with a three-way safety. This will allow you to work with the gun without removing the safety.

You can load or unload the weapon by lifting the bolt and pulling it back. Once you insert the bullet, you push it forward to feed the chamber. 

Lever Action

Lever action has an appealing look. They are the classic pick for deer hunting.

Lever action is very similar to the guns that cowboys used. They are easy to use and quick to handle. Lever actions can shoot a deadly shot up to 200 yards if you are well experienced and know how to use one.

However, they come with a limited number of cartridges. 

The most common of types of lever action include:

  •  30-30 Winchester
  • 35 Remington
  • .444 Marlin
  • .44 Magnum

In comparison to the bolt action rifles, they are not as accurate as you might need them to be. However, they might be ideal for shooting within a 100-yard radius.

Since the gun has a shorter length handle, you could get safeties that could allow you to carry the gun with the hammer cocked.

A good rifle could cost you up to $300. 


Muzzleloaders are guns that have gotten quite a few updates. They are now more reliable and work better in damp weather. Moreover, their track-driving tools allow you to kill most types of North American animal. 

You could load this type of gun from the end of the barrel where you insert the powder first. Then you insert the plastic sabot, followed by the bullet. 

However, if you want to make another shot, you will have to repeat the process again. This could be time consuming in case you need to make another shot. This is mainly because this weapon is a single-shot rifle.

Hand guns

There are a number of hand-guns to choose from. These could vary in sizes, prices, and calibers. 

You could get a hand-gun that is a semi-auto. This will help with quicker re-shots, saving you time. You may not have to worry about recoiling and reloading your gun after every shot. 

However, single shot rifles are also available in this category. This is a relatively safer option, especially for beginners. 

Most hand-guns can also be customized. This means you could be able to purchase a personalized weapon based on your need. Hand-guns are easier to carry as they weigh less in comparison to hunting rifles.

Sporting Rifle

Sporting rifles are a type of AR rifle. They are extremely versatile and popular amongst hard-core shooters these days. 

The modern sporting rifles are extremely accurate and dependable. The main reason for this is because they are semi-automatic. This means they allow almost instant follow-up shots. 

Moreover, they can be customized according to your need. You could be able to change the barrels and add additional accessories. The best part is that they are now becoming legal in various parts of the country. 

However, they make a lot of noise during loading and unloading the gun. If you do not clean your rifle often, powder or dirt residue could cause a serious cycling issue.

Single Shot Rifles

In case you are someone who just started hunting deer, this could be the best option for you. They are significantly easier to load and unload. Moreover, they only allow you to make a single shot, which makes them relatively safer. 

Single shot rifles are lighter in weight, which makes them easier to carry. They are a great option for still hunters and stalkers. 

Modern single shot rifles allow you to switch the barrels. This means you could be able to use different cartridges by changing the barrels. 

hunting deer

You Should Consider getting a Scope

A Scope could be your best friend if you are into hunting and shooting. You would want to take complete advantage of a zoomed in image. This way, the chances of you missing your shot would decrease significantly.

Scopes come in a variety of designs and price ranges. You would want to select one that fits your needs perfectly. It is crucial you buy a scope that can easily be attached to your rifle. 

Here’s how getting a scope will help:

  • You can avoid parallax error
  • You could zoom in with approximately 20x magnification
  • Provides better focus and aim
  • Low effort shots
  • Clear image even in poor light
  • Precise shots

However, the performance could vary depending on the quality of the scope you choose to buy.

To conclude

Deer hunting is a popular sport that has been passed on by generations. The best part about modern deer hunting is that there are numerous rifles to pick from. 

However, that does not mean you break your bank buying your first rifle. You could pick one that fits your budget and provides the convenience you need. 

Read this article carefully to understand which rifle fits your criteria best. It will help you narrow down your list.


  • John Moses

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