Hunting Hogs – In-Depth Guide, FAQs, & More

The hog population is significantly increasing. Thus, hog hunting has gained more popularity than ever before. 

However, many beginners do not know the basic information that is almost necessary for hog hunting. This is why they find it difficult to hunt down a hog.

We have compiled this complete guide that will provide all the details you need for hog hunting. Read the instructions carefully as it will help you immensely. 


On average, male hogs weigh between 170-210 pounds. However, female hogs weigh anywhere between 120-170 pounds. 

You could be able to differentiate them by their size as well. Male hogs are approximately 30 inches in shoulder height. Whereas, female hogs are almost 28 inches of shoulder height.

However, the size and weight could vary depending on the location as well. Asian male hogs could go up to 600 pounds. However, in Europe, male hogs could go up to 450 pounds.


Hogs are normally considered to be wild animals. You could be able to spot them easily in grass fields or mountain regions. Moreover, hogs have also been hunted in alpine zones above 3000 feet. 

Wild hogs live in areas where they can easily shelter themselves from predators. Moreover, they live near areas that have enough water supply. Furthermore, they prefer regions where there is significantly less snowfall for the majority of the year.

However, the location of the hugs could vary depending on the region. Wild hogs have also been spotted in meadows, forests, and marshes. 


There are several rifles you could choose from for hog hunting. I will list down the most common one’s for you.

The top 3 picks include:

  1. The browning BAR shorTrac Hog stalker
  2. Remington AR-25
  3. Ruger American Rifle

Usually, a rifle that could take down a coyote or a deer will be enough to take down a hog. You could also choose your rifle based on your personal preference. 

Caliber and Cartridges

It is important to pick the most adequate cartridge for hog hunting. It should be enough to take down the hog in one shot. 

The best calibers for hog hunting include: 

  1. .308 Winchester :A very accurate gun that could help you take down a hog.
  2. .270 Winchester: Bolt action rifle that allows a quick and precise shot.
  3. 30-06 Springfield: An extremely reliable, deadly, and a powerful weapon.


The best time to hunt down a hog is usually at night. However, this could be extremely challenging. Mainly because you might not have a clear shot due to low light conditions

However, in some regions you are only allowed to practice daytime hunting. In this case, early morning and just before sunset is the ideal time to hunt down a hog.

In case you are choosing to hunt during winter, mid-day will be the perfect time to shoot one down. This is mainly because hogs come out during the day to search for food. 


Late fall and winter are considered to be the best time for hog hunting. This is usually around the same time as deer hunting

Due to the sudden abundance of food, spring is also considered ideal for hog hunting. However, you are more likely to get attacked by a female hog during spring. This is mainly because they will be trying to protect their piglets.

We would advise you to go hog hunting during late fall. 

You need a Scope

Like I have mentioned before, the ideal time for hog hunting is at night. However, this could make it extremely tricky due to the absence of light. 

In this case, you might want to consider getting a scope for your rifle. This will help improve your night vision, Moreover, you could be able to make a more accurate and precise shot. A scope will decrease your chances of missing your shot.  

You could also use a thermal scope. This will help you, especially at night. You will spot a hog easily through a thermal scope. 


There are several ways to lure in a hog. I will list down the most commonly used methods for you. 

  • Stalking: You could stalk a hog in your car or on foot
  • Stand hunting: You could use a feeder to trap a hog
  • Take a bay dog with you
  • Driven hunts: this is probably the most intense form of hunting

Where to shoot

Understanding the anatomy of a hog is important if you are a hunter. Hogs have significantly thick skin; you may not be able to kill it if you make a lazy shot. Moreover, if you miss your shot, there is a high chance that the hog will run away. In a worse-case scenario, you might even get attacked.

You have to shoot the hog either in the lungs or the heart if you want to kill it. The hog’s heart is located four to five inches above its elbow. However, the lungs are situated a few inches behind the shoulder. 

If you are an experienced hunter, I would suggest you shoot at the brain for a quick fatal shot. A hog’s brain is located just behind their ear. 


You may not require a license or a permit to hunt down a hog. However, if you are shooting on private land, you may have to take the landowner’s permission to shoot on his property.

However, certain areas or regions may have some restrictions. I would advise you to look into the rules of your area before stepping out to hunt a hog.

hunting hogs


This article provides all the necessary information you need before you choose to go hog hunting. 

We would advise you to read it carefully in order to have a better understanding. If you are aware of the conditions, you will end up having a great experience. 

Remember to be relaxed and confident, this is essential if you are going out hunting. 

If you feel like we have missed out on anything, feel free to let us know. 


  • John Moses

    John is the Editor in Chief here at The Outdoor Stores. His area of expertise ensures that there is no one better to suggest which rifles are most suitable for your hunting experience. He is also available for you to contact him personally to discuss the types of animals you want to hunt and the terrain you will be hunting on. Feel free to read his posts for expert opinion on Rifles, Scopes, Rangefinders, Bonoculars and Monoculars.

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