In What 34 States Is It Legal to Use the Leupold Vendetta Rangefinder In? – Complete Guide

In what 34 states is it legal to use the Leupold Vendetta Rangefinder?

Let’s find out!

In What 34 States Is It Legal to Use the Leupold Vendetta Rangefinder?

The Leupold Vendetta rangefinder is not illegal to possess in any state. It is however illegal to carry concealed in all but eight states.

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Leupold Vendetta Rangefinder

Leupold & Stevens revolutionized archery hunting by introducing the revolutionary Vendetta bow-mounted laser rangefinder. Now, the updated Leupold Vendetta 2 adds to this innovation with a faster software program, an improved mounting system, and the ability to use on a crossbow.

Bowhunters should always be ready to shoot, but Vendetta 2 allows them to do so with minimal movement.

Vendetta 2 uses the latest generation of Leopold range-finding technology to provide instant ranging with incredible accuracy.

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Vendetta 2 also offers 45 seconds of auto scan range, eliminating the need to constantly press and hold the activation button. This means hunters can stay focused on the target while reducing unnecessary movement. Vendetta 2 also includes an LED light for night hunting.

The bow-mounted rangefinder is an excellent weapon for hunters. It is easy to use, and it allows you to adjust your aim quickly. A visible laser makes aiming easier. You can mount it anywhere on the bow, so it works well for both right- and left-handed users.

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in what 34 states is it legal to use the leupold vendetta rangefinder in

In What 34 States Is It Legal to Use the Leupold Vendetta Rangefinder In?


A new one-inch scope mount allows the Vendett2 to mount on crossbows. Crossbow hunters can now benefit from this instant-ranging device.

Vendetta2 is currently legal to use in 34 states and recreational in all states. This sturdy, compact laser rangefinder delivers an accurate shot. No matter the hunting condition, Vendetta2 is ready to deliver the precise shot.

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