Interceptor Rangefinder Beeps When Ranging and Does Nothing?- All You Need to Know!

People often struggle with interceptor rangefinders.

Let’s answer the questions most people have regarding these rangefinders!

How to Fix Problems With Interceptor Rangefinder?

The range finder has a problem with its internal battery. It will not turn off if it runs out of power. If this happens, you should replace the battery.

Solutions for Using Multiple Ultrasonic Sensors

We understand the need for a single sensor that allows you to use more than one type of sensor simultaneously. Maxbotix has developed several solutions for this problem. You select a sensor that has some concurrent multi-sensor operation.

Configure the sensor in specific ways to accommodate multiple sensors in an array. Use the sensor from our HRLVs-ShortRange-Ez line if you want to detect people, avoid objects, and build autonomous navigation.

Many of these applications will require many sensors in the environment. These sensors can be used simultaneously in different environments without much cross-talk.

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interceptor rangefinder beeps when ranging and does nothing

Interceptor Rangefinder Beeps When Ranging and Does Nothing?

How to Control Multiple Ultrasonic Sensors to Range Simultaneously

You need to connect all the MaxSonar RX lines together, and then connect them to your control circuit. Arduino makes this process easy by connecting all the MaxSonar Rx lines together.

You need to connect the Arduino Nano board to your computer via USB cable. Then open the Arduino IDE software and upload the code.


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Sequentially Read Each MaxSonar

This is a very simple circuit using an Arduino Uno board as the trigger device. Each sensor is connected to a different pin on the Arduino board. When you press the button on the Arduino board, it triggers the sensors. You can use any number of sensors in the chain.

To start the commanded sequential reading, trigger the first sensor. This allows each device, to range only after the preceding has finished. Range frequency drops by the factor if the number of sensors used, but there will never be any interference between sensors.

Sensors are updated every 100ms. This means that each sensor refreshes once per second.

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Continuous Looping

Once the first sensor detects something, the next sensor will be triggered by the previous sensor. In this case, the first sensor triggers the second sensor, then the third sensor, etc.

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Timing is the time interval between two consecutive updates. In this example, we use 100ms as the update rate per sensor (3 sensors). This means that each sensor will be updated every 100ms.

We hope that this article was helpful. If you have any queries feel free to reach out in the comments section below.

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