What Ballistic Group Rifle Rangefinder Bushnell? – In-Depth Guide with FAQs and More

People often ask,  what ballistic group rifle rangefinder Bushnell?

We are here to answer this question.

What Ballistic Group Rifle Rangefinder Bushnell?

The ballistic group of rifle rangefinders of Bushnell is the most important part of it. It can be used to measure the distance between the target and the gun. The bullet speed will be calculated according to this information.

Bushnell’s ballistic group rifle rangefinder has a very high accuracy rate. It can help you find your shooting position quickly. You don’t need to spend much time finding your shooting position when using this kind of rangefinder.

Bushnell’s ballistic group rifle scope rangefinder is also called as the ballistic rifle rangefinder. It can help you calculate the bullet speed accurately. This kind of rangefinder is widely used in hunting.

Bushnell Rangefinders

The Bushnell Rangefinder is a series of binoculars manufactured by Bushnell Outdoor Products. The rangefinder was introduced in the early 1990s and has been produced since then. It features an optical system that allows for precise distance measurement, as well as a digital display to show the measured distance. The rangefinder also includes a compass feature which can be used with the binoculars or separately.


  • High-quality optics
  • Precise measurements
  • Digital display
  • Compass function
  • Wide field of view
  • Waterproof
  • Adjustable magnification

Basic Operation

When using the laser rangefinders, press and hold down the power/fire button to turn on the device. To adjust the diopter, rotate the rubber eyepiece/adjuster in either direction until the image is clear for your eyesight.

Place the targeting reticle (locate in the middle of the screen) on a distant object at least five to six yards away. Press and hold the fire button for three seconds. A red line will appear under the reticle indicating the distance between the gun and the object.

Once a range has been acquired, you can release the Fire button. The four “crosshairs” just outside the aiming circle will go out, indicating the laser is no longer being transmitted.

When the display turns itself off after measuring the current location, it will turn back on after 15 secs and show the last measured location. If you want to see the current location, just tap the screen once. To re-fire, the laser beam, just taps the screen again.

To scan the lasers across an area and get continually updated range measurements, just keep holding the fire key down and sweeping the rangefinder over multiple objects. The crosshair outside the aiming circle will blink to indicate scanning.

What Ballistic Group Rifle Rangefinder Bushnell? - In-Depth Guide with FAQs and More

What Ballistic Group Rifle Rangefinder Bushnell?

Display Indicators/Icons

The Prime Rangefinder’s display includes the following illuminated indicators:

Angle Range Compensation Modes

• Bow Mode (Bow mode) • Rifle Mode (Rifle mode) • Battery level indicator (battery level indicator) • Aiming circle/dot (aiming circle/dot)

Targeting Modes

• BullsEye Mode (6)• Brush Mode (7)

Primary Numeric Display displays Line-of-sight Distance (8)

Holdover / Bullet-drop Horizontal Distance indicators for Rifle Mode

• MOA holdover units selected (9)• MIL (holdover units selected (10)• IN (inch) or CM (centimeter) holdover units selected (11)• SD = Variable Sight-In Distance (12)Range (Distance) Units (13): Y=Yards, M=Meters

You should use the secondary numeric display when using the rifle or bow modes.The angle indicator lets you know if you’re aiming at an enemy or not.

Targeting Modes

The Prime Laser Range Finder has three available targeting modes: Standard, Bulls Eye, and Brush. By pressing the Targeting Button once, you can switch between these modes. To go back to the Standard setting, simply hold down the Targeting Button for two seconds.

There are three targeting modes:

Standard mode with automatic scan (LCD indicator – no) This option allows most target ranges to be set from 100 to 700 meters depending on the model. It’s used when there is not enough time to manually adjust the range settings.

When using the Standard Scanning Modes, the minimum distance for each scan is five yards. To activate the auto scan function, just press and hold the fire key, then move the rangefinders from one item to another while holding down the fire key.

Automatic SCAN allows the target distance to be continually adjusted as multiple targets are scanned. A crosshair line flashes while scanning.

BullsEye™ Mode (LCD Indicator 6) – This advanced mode helps you easily acquire small game animals and birds without accidentally acquiring distant game animals that have stronger signal strengths.

To use the rangefinder in bulls-eye mode, first, align the targeting dot onto the object (i e. deer) that you want to measure the range too. Then, press and hold the fire key and slowly drag the targeting dot across the object until the display shows the range.

If the laser beam recognized more than one object (deer and background trees), the distance of the closer object (deer) will be displayed on the LCD.

Brush Mode with Automatic SCAN: This advanced mode allows you to ignore certain types of brushes and trees when calculating distances. Only the furthest brush or tree branch will be displayed on the screen.

To use the rangefinder in Brush Mode, first, align the Aimed Circle onto an item that you want to measure. Then, press and release the fire button. While holding down the fire button, slowly drag the Aimed Circle across the target.

If the laser recognizes multiple objects (a close-up tree trunk and a deer in the foreground), the distance between the furthest detected point will be shown.

TIP: When using the Fire button, you may want to move the device slowly from one item to another and deliberately cause the laser to hit multiple items so that you’re only showing the farthest of the items detected by the laser. Once you’ve finished firing, the device will always default back to its previous setting.

Angle Range Compensation (ARC)

The Prime Laser Range Finder with ARC was specially designed with hunters’ needs in mind. It includes a built-in incline sensor that helps solve a problem hunters have had to deal with for years.

Bow and rifle shooters have struggled with extreme uphill or downhill angles because they change the true horizontal distances to their targets.

The ARC™ solution: an integrated inclinometer provides angular data to a processor chip when targeting objects that are either uphill or downhill. This data is then combined with internal algorithmic formulas.

You can select from different ARC (Automatic Rotation Control) settings to adjust the performance of the unit to match your needs.

When the Fire button is pressed, the Primelaser’s rangefinder displays the true horizontal line of sight (in Bow Mode) or bullet drop/holding point (in Rifle Mode) at the bottom of the screen (14), along with an indication of the angle of the slope in degrees, shown at the left side of its screen (16).

A bowman in a tree stand may be aiming at a deer that is downhill from him at a 52° angle. He has a 30-foot arrow, but he is likely to shoot past his intended mark due to the steepness of the incline.

The THD distance is 23 feet. That is the distance from which the shooter should shoot.


The Bushnell Primerangefinder is a great choice for any archery enthusiast who wants to take their shooting skills to the next level. It offers a wide variety of useful features, including the ability to measure distances up to 100 yards.

This model comes equipped with an automatic scan feature, which makes it easy to use even if you’re new to using a rangefinder.

We hope that this article answers all your questions. If you have any queries feel free to reach out in the comments section below.


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