What Ballistic Group Rifle Rangefinder? – Everything You Need to Know with FAQs & More

what ballistic group rifle rangefinder

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What is Ballistic Group Rifle Rangefinder?

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What is Ballistic Group Rifle Rangefinder?

The ballistic group rifle rangefinder is used by law enforcement agencies, military units and private security companies to measure distances accurately. It consists of a laser range finder and a ballistic computer which calculates the distance between the shooter and the target.


This product is a very accurate device that provides a lot of information about distances. It also comes with a wide range of accessories. It is easy to use and has a large screen.

Target colors, sizes, shapes, and angles all affect how far you can see them. Shiny objects reflect back more light than dull ones. Smaller targets are harder to see than bigger ones. Angles to the target also affect how far away you can see them. Shoot straight at a target and you’ll see them better than if you shoot at an angle. Bright lights make things easier to see. Overcast skies reduce visibility.


Laser rangefinders emit invisible, eye-safe, infrared energy pulses. Digital technology instantly calculates distance by measuring the time it took for each pulse to travel to the target and back.


Before using this product, remove the battery cover by lifting the battery compartment cover tab and then rotate the cover counter-clockwayes. Remove and discard the RED plastic disc covering the positive terminal, then replace the Battery Cover.

This manual contains instructions for using your rangefinder.


Laser Range Finder is a device that helps you acquire a range to a target. It uses infrared light to measure the distance to a target. This device is used by military personnel to help them aim weapons accurately.


The Engage rangefinder uses an LCD screen to show you what your target is doing. You can see the distance between you and your target by looking at the line-of-sight indicator. You can also see how far away your target is by looking at the bullet drop indicator. This rangefinder is very accurate.

This program calculates the range for your weapon based on the number of rounds you’ve fired and the type of ammunition used. You can also select the distance you want to shoot at.


The Laser Range Finder can be used in two different ways. In standard mode, the target is automatically selected by the system. Pressing the Mode button once changes to brush mode, where you must manually select the target. Pressing the Mode again returns to standard mode.

Targeting Modes are: Standard Mode with Automatic SCAN (LCI – None) This setting allows most Targets to be Ranged, up to 1700 or 1300 Yards (Depending on Model). Used for Moderately Reflective Targets that are Typical of Most Distancing Situations. The Minimum Distance in the Standard Mode is 5 Yards. To Use the Automatic SCAN Feature, Simply Press and Hold the Fire Button, Then Move the Rangefinder from Object to Object While Keeping the Fire Button Depressed. Automatic SCAN Will Allow the Range to Be Continuously Updated As Multiple Objects Are Targeted. Crosshair Lines Flash While Scanning.

BullsEye™ Mode with automatic scan (LCD indicator (6)) -. This advanced mode allows easy target acquisition and game without inadvertently getting distance to background objects that have stronger signal strength.. When more than one object is acquired, only the distance to the closest object will be shown. With the rangefinder set to BullsEye mode, align your aiming circle onto the object that you want distance to.. Next, press and hold fire and move the aiming circle slowly over the object. If the laser beam recognizes more than one object (object and background trees), the closer object (object) will be displayed in LCD.

Brush Mode automatically scans the environment, ignoring objects such as brush and trees. Distance to the furthest object is displayed in the LCD. You must use the Aiming Circle to select the object You you want to measure distance to.

what ballistic group rifle rangefinder

What Ballistic Group Rifle Rangefinder?


In regular mode, the unit of measure is set to yards. In bow mode, the unit of measurement is set to meters.

Hunters need to compensate for the angle when shooting. A bow hunter needs to aim at an object that is down hill. He must take into account the angle of the object relative to him. This is called the THD distance. In this case, the THD distance is 23 yards.

In order to shoot accurately, you need to know your range. You must be able to see your target before you pull the trigger. Your rangefinder should tell you what you’re shooting at. A rangefinder helps you to get closer to your target.


Your Bushnell laser rangefinder should be cleaned regularly. You should blow off any dust or debris on your lens, and then use the microfiber cleaning cloth to wipe it down. Make sure you do this every time you use your rangefinder.

The exterior lens surfaces have our brand new EXO Barrier™ coatings (in addition to full multicoatings). EXO Barrier, simply put, is the best protective coating technology Bushnell has EVER developed. EXO Barrier molecularly binds to the lens and fills microscopic pores in the glass, resulting in an ultra slick coating that repels water/oil/fog/dust/debris – rain, snow, fingerprint and dirt will not stick! EXO Barrier is built for life: the bonded coating will NOT fade with the passage of TIME OR NORMAL WEAR AND TEAR. The rangefinder is MADE and TESTED to withstand water exposure up TO IPX4 standards. Water resistance, but should not be immersed.


If disassemble your laser ranger finder. You could get irreparable damage. If you don’t know how to fix it, contact an authorized repair center or dealer. Don’t try to fix it yourself. Replace the battery with a new one.