What Does a Simmons Rangefinder Do? – Here’s Everything You Need to Know About it!

You might be wondering, what does a Simmons rangefinder do?

In this article, we will tell you about the Simmons rangefinder.

What Does a Simmons Rangefinder Do?

Simmon rangefinders help you determine distances between objects or places by measuring them using light beams. They come in different shapes and sizes, from hand-held models to fixed installations.

Using lasers, these rangefinders measure distances between them and distant things such as mountains or buildings.

Simmons LRF 600 Laser Rangefinder

If you’re looking for a compact, light, and versatile camera, then the Simmon LRF 600 might be just what you need.

However, you’ll have to decide for yourself whether this is the right camera for you. We’ve provided enough info so that you can make an informed choice.


This model comes with an included carrying bag that can be worn on a person’s waist. You need to purchase a separate 9-V power supply (not included) for this model. If you buy this version, you will receive a one-year warranty.

Things to Consider Before You Decide to Buy Simmons LRF 600 Laser Rangefinder

With its tilt intelligence, the LRF 600 is ideal for hunters and bow huntsmen who want to hunt from a tree stand or a position high up on a mountain. It allows them to adjust their shooting direction depending on the terrain they’re standing on.

If you’re hunting deer, you want to shoot them at least 200 yards away from where they are standing. You don’t need to get too close if you’re shooting a small animal.

The 4X magnification should be enough for most situations, but if you’re having trouble locking onto objects, then the LRF 600 may not be the best choice. It has no pin-locking technology, so it’s a little harder to use than some of its competitors.

If there are big things like trees or bushes behind the pole, you may want to focus on something closer to the ground, like the lawn, sand, or a small bunker.



It has an accurate measurement capability of up to 600 yards. Similar devices provide a precise measurement capability of up to a yard at most, but they require two buttons for operation.

This device measures both yards and meters, and the units can be viewed at the bottom of the display. It is very simple to switch between the two measurements. Simply press down on the power button five times whilst looking through the eyeglass lens.

Tilt Intelligence

On the Simmons L RF 600 Tilt Intelli­gence Rangefinder, Tilt Intelli­gence is its name for the feature that shows you true horizontal yardage from your target. This is called “Tilt Intelli­gence” because it compensates for any tilt in your sight line.

These real horizontal distance lines show where you can see a target from up to 100 yards away. If you’re shooting at longer ranges, these lines will be shorter than if you were closer. This model has a zoom factor of 4x.


For people who hunt at close range, such as archers or those who have trouble using high-magnification rifles, this rifle scope will be extremely helpful.

However, despite its lower quality, the magnification is sufficient for most purposes. It provides clarity comparable to other models at similar prices.

LCD Screen

One of the best aspects of this camera is its LCD screen because it allows you to easily view the camera’s functions and see how much battery life remains. When the LCD appears, you can see how much power the batteries hold, how long they last, and when you reach your target.

It has a small size and is easy to carry around. However, its display is not readable in low light conditions or when used against a dark background.


The dimensions of this product are 4.2″x3.6″x1.9″. Its total body mass is 7.7 oz. The waterproof case protects your phone from water damage. Do not submerge it!

Easy to Use

The Simmons LRF600 is extremely easy to use thanks to its one-button operation; just press once to turn the laser on and off and adjust the distance between the laser and the target by pressing again.

It’s so easy to use that you can operate it anywhere.


It’s currently available for around $150, which makes it an affordable option if you’re looking for something that does exactly what it promises.

However, it doesn’t include some features that come with pricier models.

More Information

The Simmons LRF 300 Tilt Intelligence Laser Range Finder is a great addition to your golf bag. It is affordable, lightweight, portable, and reliable, and it has an adjustable tilt feature, which is definitely a plus.

What are things that can be improved upon?

However, there are a few things that could be improved upon. For example, the battery life is not very impressive, and the range finder has no built-in memory.

what does a simmons rangefinder do-alt

What Does Aim Sports Rangefinder Reticle Look Like?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the best rangefinders for bowhunting?

The Simmons Laser LRF 600 rangefinder treestands are among the best choices for archery hunters who are known for their particular tastes.

Despite its lack of rifle, bow, and shooting-targeter indicators, this affordable rangefinder may seem like a compromise since it has no rifle, bow, or shooting targeters. However, after all, this is ideal for gun owners and hunters.

  • Accuracy: +/- 1 yard
  • Distance: 10–600 yards
  • Monocular Optical System with a fixed focus
  • 4x magnification
  • Liquid crystal display
  • Line of sight measurement
  • Tilt Intelligence (For displaying True Horizontal Distance)

How does V3 change meters to yards?

You can use the Tour V3 to determine the distance in either yards or meters. The units of measurement indicator are located at the bottom right corner of the display.

  1. To choose between yards and meters, just keep holding down the power/fire key until you see the menu option appear.
  2. The display will start by showing the setup options for yards and meters. For details on the JOLTs, please refer to About JOLT.
  3. Press the FIRE/POWER buttons to select the unit and JOLT modes you wish to use.
  4. When switching between metric and imperial units, the M for the Meter indication will illuminate while the Y for the yard indication will turn off.
  5. The opposite will happen if you’re changing from miles to kilometers. The Tour v3 units will switch back to the last measurement mode they were set to when they were first powered up.

I have the Leica CFR 1200 Rangefinder. Does this readout in Yards or Meters, and can it be changed?

There are two different sub-models of the CRF 1200. The 527 reads in meters while the 523 reads in yards. This is not something that the user can change.


Simmons rangefinders are used for surveying purposes, hunting, fishing, and even military applications.

The Simmon rangefinder is a type of laser rangefinder that uses the triangulation principle. It measures distance by sending out a beam of infrared light through a lens. The beam bounces off an object and returns back to the rangefinder, where a sensor detects it.

We hope that this article was helpful; if you have any queries, feel free to reach out in the comments section below.


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