What Does Aim Sports Rangefinder Reticle Look Like? – Quick and Easy Guide

People often ask, what does Aim Sports rangefinder reticle look like?

Let’s find out!

What Does Aim Sports Rangefinder Reticle Look Like?

The first long-distance between the choke lines is one hundred twenty-five (125) feet; the second long distance is one hundred fifty-five (155) feet, and so on in 25-foot increments to two hundred fifteen (215) feet.

The width of the channel is eighteen (18) inches wide. 

AIM Sports 4×32 Compact Scope Review

The AIM Sports 4×32 Compact Scope is one of the most affordable riflescopes you can buy today. This scope features a very nice design and builds quality. If you want a great value riflescope, look no further.

Scope’s Dimensions

It weighs 10.9 ounces and measures 7.75 inches long. Its compact size should help it fit easily into your gun case when mounted to your gun, allowing you to transport your gun without having to re-adjust the sight each time you remove it from its mount.

Moreover, this ambidextrous sighting system allows left-handed shooters to use it as well.

The Aimpoint T1 is compatible with all AR15/M16-style rifles. It can be used in conjunction with any standard red dot optic or night vision device. The Aimpoint T1 also features a built-in laser rangefinder which will allow you to measure distances up


This scope has a fixed 4× magnification, which should be enough for most applications. However, AimSports advertises using this scope up to 60-100 yard distances, so if you want to use this scope for long range shots, you may need to adjust the magnification setting.

Optics Quality

The optical quality of this lens is not quite what we expected. While it does perform admirably in low light situations, it doesn’t compare favorably to lenses costing twice as much.

However, this lens performs admirably if you’re shooting in bright daylight. This lens is an excellent choice for those who enjoy taking pictures of smiling people.

Light Gathering Capability

With its small aperture size, the lens doesn’t allow enough ambient illumination to target and shoot a game animal at night.

However, during daytime or even overcast conditions, the scope allows sufficient ambient illumination to target and hit a game animal from 100 feet away.

Field of view (FOV)

The field of vision on this scope is 36 inches at 100 yards, which means it’s about three times wider than an ordinary rifle scope. That’s not bad considering how much money one is paying for it.

Mounting the Scope

This product includes Weaver/Picatinny 1913 rifle mounts, which are very easy to use. However, there is one issue with them: They tend to come off when not used properly. To prevent this from happening, you may want to consider using Loctite on their mounting screws.

Easy to Sight In

It’s easy to adjust the focus of the rifle, so we were able to get the rifle adjusted for accuracy quickly. We would suggest using a laser aiming device first to get the rough adjustment done, then going out to the range to finish up the fine-tuning. This saves ammo and time because you don’t need to waste any shots to get the rifle set up correctly.

After sighting in, the problem we described earlier occurred—the reticle lost zero between shots. However, once we got the reticles to hold tight, they stayed that way throughout the entire test period.


This rifle scope is made of solid aircraft-grade aluminum and is sturdy and durable. It has fog-proof and shockproof housing, so you can be confident taking these rifle scopes into the woods and not worrying about breaking the lens or the rifle scopes themselves.

what does aim sports rangefinder reticle look like

What Does Aim Sports Rangefinder Reticle Look Like?

Buyer’s Guide – Best Aim Sports Rifle Scopes

Aim sport riflescopes have become ubiquitous in modern life. They’re now available in almost every store and online retailer. And there are too many choices to choose from!

So we’ve put together a guide that makes choosing an aim sport riflescope easier than ever before.

You must first decide what type of shooting you want to do before purchasing the right aim sports riflescope for yourself. This article will take you through the entire selection process. We’ll start with the most basic types of shooting, then move on to more advanced shooting styles


The brand of an aiming scope is one of the most important factors to consider. A reputable manufacturer should make the best quality products. Well-known manufacturers produce high-quality products.

You can often get better value for money if you buy from a smaller producer. Read the customer feedback to see what others think about the product.


You should look for something attractive. The purpose of a scope is an integral component of everyday life, so you might want to consider buying a scope that looks good and is customizable, such as a scope that can be personalized with a face or an assortment of bands.


The goal of scope is typically a small item. The dimensions and heft of this item are often comparable to those associated with an aiming device. With such a feature set, the item can carry their equipment with them wherever they go, whether it be a hunting trip or a camping expedition.

Various items come with additional features, however. Features can add bulkiness and heaviness to the item. Heaviness and bulkiness may be traded off for features.


You can find a wide range of products within any given category. Determine your personal preference and then determine your financial resources. Regardless of your financial resources, you’ll find a great item. It is worth what you pay for it.


Price is only one factor to consider when making a purchase.

There are several different types of features that you can expect to find on an aim sports riflescope. These include:

  • Illumination
  • Magnification
  • Focusing
  • Eye Relief
  • Weight
  • Size
  • Mounts
  • Adjustment
  • Price

We hope that you know about Aim sports rangefinder scopes. If you have any queries feel free to reach out in the comments section below.


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