What Does MIOJ Mean on Nikon Rangefinder Camera? – Quick & Easy Guide

Are you wondering what MIOJ means on a Nikon rangefinder?

Let’s find out.

What Does MIOJ Mean on Nikon Rangefinder Camera?

MIOJ means Made in Occupied Japan.

W-Nikkor Lens

It’s a little gem, this lens is compact and unobtrusively so your subjects won’t feel threatened by you shooting them.


It’s also one of the cheapest 35mm lenses for Nikon S mount.

Aperture Ring

The design of this camera is so old that you need to use an aperture ring at the front of it to adjust the aperture. This is inconvenient but once you get accustomed to it, you won’t check it too often and you’ll be able to spend more thinking about the photo instead.

Early versions of cameras didn’t even have aperture click stops because they were not yet common.


It was released in 1948, which was the same year that Nikon produced its first consumer camera, the Nikon I.

Design and Ergonomics

The camera was designed back when film cameras were fast and had high quality specifications. It has an old-fashioned appearance and feel. However, it has some modern features, including autofocus and autoexposure modes.

Optical Design

The optical system consists of four lenses in three groups. It has been designed so that it remains unchanged during the manufacturing process, but the lens barrel underwent some minor cosmetic changes.


Nikon is really good with making their coatings tough as evident in the state that Nikkor lenses from the 1960s or earlier come these days.

Frame Lines

If you don’t already own a 35mm camera, Nikon makes plenty of finder lenses for them. They’re an important part of any camera kit because they allow you to correct for parallactic distortion when taking pictures.


There are various types of viewfinders available for DSLRs, including ones that offer different focal length options.

However, the cheapest option is probably the zoom-viewing lens because it offers all of the common focal length options (35–135 millimeters) at your disposal.


It has some flaws but its handling leaves a lot to desire. However, if you’re looking for an old camera with a certain charm, then this one might just fit the bill.

The engraved numbers are quite small, so if the sun is shining brightly, you may not be able to read them easily.

Barrel Design

This lens underwent several modifications during its development. Most of them looked similar but the last one looks more similar to the original version.

what does mioj mean on nikon rangefinder camera

What Does MIOJ Mean on Nikon Rangefinder Camera?

How to Repair Lens?

S-mount lenses are different than F-mount lenses.

Apart from the usual cups and lens adapters, there are some special things you need to know when fixing S-mount lenses. Make sure you don’t damage the screws by using your lens adapter.

If you don’t have any drivers for your printer, get them from somewhere else. Otherwise, use whatever ones you have available.

Step 1: Remove the front element from the camera body by unscrewing it clock-wise. This step is necessary because we need to remove the objective lens holder.

Step 2: Remove the front element from the lens. Be careful not to break the tiny and delicate glass at the other side of it.

Step 3: Blow air into this section of the eye to remove any debris from the surface. You want to blow counterclockwise because if you go the other direction, something could catch on the edge and tear up the tissue.

They’re not as fast as an automatic iris, but they’re easy to use and operate. They’re usually oily and it’s not okay to leave them like this. If your skin is oily, it’s time for an upgrade.

Step 4: Unscrew the objectives off carefully and store them somewhere safe. They’re heavy, they’re made from metal, and they feel solid even though they’re only a small fraction of the size of the entire lens.

Don’t worry too much about losing them. They’re used to adjust the focus on your camera. Each one has been carefully checked by a professional before it left the manufacturer. If you don’t need them anymore, just throw them away.

Step 5: To take out the lens cap, unscrew the lens from the camera body. This serves as a locking mechanism for the lens, which prevents it from moving when taking pictures. Remov­ing this allows the lens to be rotated until it comes off.

Step 6: If you can’t see the screw’s thread, focus your lens until you see its tip. Use a tool that fits perfectly.

Before you remove the focusing ring take some notes, and measure how much distance there is between the focusing ring and the rest of the barrel. If you want to be accurate, use a micrometer.

Step 7: Time to give this a nice, thorough cleaning.


We hope you now know what MIOJ means. If you find MIOJ written on any device, it means that it was made in Japan.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out in the comments below.



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