What is a Leupold Golf Rangefinder Gx2 Worth – Complete Overview

If you want to buy a Leupold Golf Rangefinder GX2, you first need to know its worth

Let’s find out.

What Is a Leupold Golf Rangefinder GX2 Worth?

Leupold Golf Rangefinder GX2 is worth around $400, making the Leupold GX 2 one of the least expensive slope-adjusting lasers tested.

Leupold GX-2 Laser Rangefinder Review

With its PinHunter and PrismLock technologies, the Leupold GX 2 laser rangefinder helps you identify objects such as flag pins, golf balls, and other items on a course.

Overall, the Leupold GX 2 is the best rangefinder we’ve ever tested. It’s small, lightweight, and easy to use.

It has a 6x magnification, scan mode, and a variety of crosshairs. Improvements from the previous model include the Prism Lock feature as well as resistance to rain and mist.


Aside from its abilities to compensate for angles, the GX-2 can

  • Recommend clubs for different weather conditions
  • Lock onto reflective prisms
  • Scan landscapes
  • Resistance to distraction or damage caused by fog or rain.

Other Features

Yards and Meters

You can select either yards or meters when measuring distances.

Pichunter Technology

Pichunter Technology makes it easier to acquire information for the closest object within the crosshairs. It filters out information from more distant reflections.

Pin-Locating Mode

Leupold uses its pin-locating feature at all times, even when the user is panning across an object to acquire distance for many different items. Other devices require the use of both pin-locating and scan modes.

Fog Mode

The unit’s Fog mode improves performance when there is low visibility due to rain or fog. It eliminates affected measurements.

Prism Lock

Prism Lock makes reading easier when playing on golf course where there are flags with reflective prisims. When the lock detects a flag with a prism, it emits a beep and stops displaying the scorecard.

True Golf Range

True Golf Range adjusts the ball’s flight path by taking into account the effect of temperature and altitude. It also measures the actual length of the shot using an optical rangefinder.


It can also suggest clubs for you by adjusting their distance settings. You can choose between seven different crosshairs.

Obtaining Readings

It has an effective range of up to 200 yards, but shows difficulties at longer ranges. In the mid-to-high 200s, it can sometimes still acquire targets even when there’s a dark back­ground.

When True Golf Range engages, the camera takes longer to focus on the target.

Factors to Consider Before You Decide to Buy Leupold GX 2

Size and Weight

Among laser rangefinder models with slope correction, the Leupold is one of the smallest, lightest, and most affordable.


Some users report that at longer ranges, the Leupold is difficult to hold steady without a tripod when trying to focus on a target.


On very dark backgrounds, the distance between two objects may not be easily distinguished in the display.


The GX-2 has a compact design and is easy for people to grip with its vertical design and easily grippable surfaces.


It has an optical system that allows for focusing by twisting the eyepiece. However, it is slightly more difficult than most other devices.

Panning Mode

The device’s panning mode lets you scan landscapes to obtain distances to multiple locations by just pressing the laser firing button.

Other Leupold GX Golf Rangefinders

Leupold GX-4i3 – New

For a long time, the GX-series rangefinders were probably the most sought after rangefinders on the market because they offered a full-feature rangefinder for practice.

It was also legal to use the special faceplates that disable the non-tournament features during tournament competitions.

With recent changes to the USGA rule governing distance measurement devices, more rangefinder models are now capable of being utilized during tournament play when rangefinder devices are permitted.

  • True Range and Club Selector
  • Faceplate Unlocks Above
  • Aluminum
  • High quality OLED display

Leupold GX-3i3 – New

It doesn’t take into consideration the shooting angles when calculating the distance to the target. All Leupold GX Rangefinders are waterproof and can be used for both yards and metres measurements.

  • Three reticle options
  • Pinhunter 3
  • Prism Lock
  • Waterproof

Leupold GX 2i3

Both the GX-2 and the GX-5 have the advanced club selector feature and the True Golf Range feature. However, the GX-2 has a lower price tag than the GX-5.

The main reason for the price difference between the GX-2 and GX-2i models is due to the use of a polymeric housing instead of an aluminum one.

However, these improvements result in about a $250 savings over the GX 5i3.

  • True Golf Range
  • Club Selector
  • Scan Mode
  • Yards or Meters

Leupold GX 1i3

The Leupold GX 1i3 series is a budget rangefinder without any features for compensation or a selection of clubs.

Again, the savings (around $150) comes from using a polymer housing instead of an aluminum one.

Worth noting is that the GX series comes with seven different selectable crosshairs, while the higher-priced GX models only come equipped with three crosshairs.

  • Prism Lock
  • Black LCD Display
  • Scan Mode
  • Waterproof

Leupold PinCaddie 2

The Pincaddies 2 Leupolds’ budget rangefinders are for those who want a golf range finder but don’t want to spend too much.

However, this model did not include the most important features of optical rangefinders because it lacked Pinhunter (which was a first target priority), and it had no scan mode which was useful for hitting the flag stick from a long way away.

The Pincadde is made from a polymer case and uses a black LCD screen like the GX-3i2 but doesn’t include the selectable reticle, prism lock, or the new pinhunter 2 tech. While these features may be nice to have, they’re not necessary.

You’re willing to spend less money for a product that has fewer extras than one that costs more but offers more.

  • Budget/Entry Model
  • Yards or Meters
  • Scan Mode
  • Unique Red Styling
what is a leupold golf rangefinder gx2 worth-alt

What Golf Courses are on Golf Gps Rangefinder Scoring?

Rangefinder Features Explained

PinHunter 3

The GX models feature Leupold’s latest generation of the first target priority known as the PinHunter 3.

If the unit detects the pin and then an object like a tree, it will tell you which one is closest. Unless you’re having a really terrible day on the golfing range, the pin should always be the closest thing.

Prism Lock

A technology that, when used in scanning mode, will automatically beep and displaying the yardage to the target when it locks onto a target with a prism reflector

Many courses now equip certain hazards (such as land mines) with these prisms so they’re easier to target with a range finder.

Customizable Reticles

With Leupold GX rangefinders, you can select from seven different reticles. The GX-3i, GX-4I, and GX-6i models offer three reticles, while the GX 1i, GX 2i, and GX 5i have just one.

True Golf Range (TGR)

Leupolds’ system of accounting for the distance between the shooter and target; TGR is an advanced distance compensator, as it will not just account for the distance between the two but can also factor in weather conditions (temperature and altitude) as well.

Club Selector

There’s also a feature within the TGR mode that lets you set up custom recommendations for different types of shots. You can choose from pre-set recommendations or customize them to fit your own preferences.

Other Common Features

All 2018 Leupolds use CR-2 lithium batteries, have a 6X magnification, are vertical designs, and measure in yards or meters.


The Leupold GX-2 offers impressive performance in a small package. It has several useful functions for acquiring targets and adjusting distance when needed.

It has all the features you need at an affordable price.

Tell us in the comments if you will buy the Leupold rangefinder.


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