What Is My 1996 Bushnell Rangefinder Worth? – All You Need to Know with Tips, FAQs, & More

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After Years Bushnell Continues to Pioneer Rangefinder Innovation

Bushnell’s new-for 2021 Fusion X binoculars and Prime 1800 are the newest optics that will change the hunting experience.

New Rangefinding Style

This product is designed to be carried by hunters. It is easy to use and carries a long distance. It is also waterproof.

Bushnell’s innovation was the horizontal Elite 1500, which was known for its pinpoint accuracy and the ability to range through almost any sort of atmospheric conditions. In 2007, Bushnell introduced the Legend 1200 ARC, which had an innovative mid-range acquisition system.

Bowhunters appreciate being able to determine if they’ll hit a limb or not before releasing an arrow. The Legend 1200 brings something else to the table, a compensated distance feature that displays mid-range distances based on projectile drop along 10 different ballistic curves, allowing them to shoot more accurately. This technology remains a huge part of angle-adjusted rifles from any brand.

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What Is My 1996 Bushnell Rangefinder Worth?

What Is My 1996 Bushnell Rangefinder Worth?

A WorldChanging Binocular

Bushnell puts all the ingredients that he has poured into different units into his Fusion 1600 ARC Laser Rangefinder Binoculars. This is world-changing at the moment, the ability to range target through a traditional 10x 42 binocular. The unit ranges targets to 1,600 yards, adds ARC bow and rifle modes according to arrow- and bullet-drop dynamics, and brings it all to the user along with the “Vivid display technology” that is enhanced by the use of unique coatings. Plus, this unit delivers all these attributes in an inexpensive platform, compared with the earlier European rangefinding binocular.

Quantum leaps come when companies introduce new products that make them more efficient than their competitors. This product was introduced in 2015.

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The Class of

Bushnell tripled up on innovation by introducing three new models of binoculars in 2019. The Prime 1300 features an all-glass optical design that boosts the brightness of the images and a rich black LCD that enhances contrast under different lighting conditions. The Prime 1300 also offers advanced AR coating technology that helps reduce glare and reflections. The Prime 1300 was a favorite among bow hunters because of its ability to select the right arrow shaft based on the angle of elevation. The Prime 1700 model includes a wide range of magnification settings and a fully multi-coated lens that delivers crisp, clear images even in low light. The Nitro 1800 combines Bushnell’s legendary precision optics with the latest in digital technology to deliver exceptional performance and value.

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A precision rifle that shoots bullets out to 800 yards. It’s powered by a trajectory software suite. It links to a smartphone app for custom ballistic inputs. It integrates off-unit data into the onboard ranging system.

This product is great for hunting because it helps you see your target more easily. You can also use this product to watch movies when you’re camping.

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