What Is The NFL Mobile App Rangefinder? – Guide, FAQs, and More

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What is the NFL Mobile App Rangefinder?

NFL is an app used for rangefinders. It is used to measure yardage etc.

Best Android Golf Apps

We’ve compiled a comprehensive collection of the best Android apps for tracking your game, analyzing your swing, and learning new tips and tricks.

Whether you’re a good golfer or just enjoy watching them play, these golfing applications will enhance your experience of the game.

Zepp Golf Swing Analyzer

If you’re looking for an easy way to analyze your golf swing, check out the Zepp Golf Swing analyzer app. It has a simple user experience and is a good choice.

Smart Coach

With the help of its Smart Coach personalization feature, the app allows you to train with videos from professional golfers. You can even use the app without buying the Zepp sensor if you want.

Zepp Sensor

With the addition of the Zepp, you can get the most out of the app by using it with the Zepp. Simply place the Zepp onto your hand and enjoy the benefits.

  • Swing Analysis
  • Swing Evaluations
  • Training using your swing data
  • The ability to analyze your swing against the best players in the world.

Foursum Golf – GPS & Stats

FourSum Golf Android Golf App has an excellent rating of 4.6 on the Google Play Store and offers a statistics platform, as well as acting as a social media platform for golfers, both online and offline.

With Golf Buddy, you can connect with golfing buddies, follow pro golfers, and friends through the social media feeds, use the scorecard and get the distance for each hole and hazard through GPS.

It has even more features than the previous version, including scheduling tee times for groups, climbing leaderboards, and more, and its battery life and data plans are pretty good.

PGA Tour

It’s an official PGA Tour mobile app without any in-app purchase options so that you can use all of its features for free.


It includes a live leader board with scores for each player

  • Player Scorecards and Profiles
  • Live stats
  • Shot trails
  • Location information
  • Groups with scheduled meetings

Other Features

Additional features include

  • Season Schedule
  • Course details with descriptions
  • Layouts and hole stats
  • Live streaming for events on the PGA Tour
  • Latest golf news from Golf Digest

You can also choose to get notified about specific tours and players.

Golf GPS & Scorecard

This is a hugely popular golf app with millions upon millions of active players worldwide. It offers excellent features for a free app and functions as an accurate GPS range finder that shows the distance to any point on the course.

Digital Scorecard

A digital scorecard enables you to keep an eye on your progress throughout the course.


The app is also connected to TeeOff, which allows for tee time bookings. It also gives you an online profile where you can view your previous and current golf rounds, stats, graphs, and even check out your past and present performance.


You can choose a monthly subscription for about $3.99 or an annual subscription to upgrade to Looper, which offers a virtual caddie for about $24.99.

The new version of the app includes additional features like real-time weather forecasts, club tracks, recommendations, and improved scorecards.

Free Golf Lessons

If you want to improve your game, this app could be useful because it provides a variety of videos for beginners through to experts.

There are some lessons on the site for beginners, clubs, irons, tees, drivers, short games, drivers’ addresses, and swings.


The app also includes golfing advice and updates, and new features were added last month including

  • putting
  • bunker
  • wood lessons
  • slow-motion video view


The best way to track every shot you hit on the green is by using an application called “Golfshot.” It uses GPS, user inputs, and the clubs to analyze and provide recommendations.

You can also view

  • The distance from the center of the green
  • Keep track of the score
  • Review stats
  • Check out the latest sports news

If you’re looking for an easy way to improve your golf game, then GolfShot might be worth checking out.

Shot Tracer

ShotTracer is one of the newest golf apps available for Android devices. It offers a lot of useful features, including an easy interface and a free version.

However, rather than paying monthly fees, you can purchase ShotTracer once and use its services forever.


You can record yourself shooting and then use software to create a video showing where you missed.


You can trace any shot on a 3D map for free on over 30,000 golf courses.

Strobe Motion

One of the cool things about ShotTracer is its capability to simulate real ball flight by creating a strobe effect of actual ball roll.

ShotTracer is an excellent app for golfers who want to improve their game. It’s definitely worth the price tag.

Live Golf Scores

The Live Golf Scores App is an excellent choice for golfers who wish to keep up with all the action in real-time and don’t wish to miss any shots.

It offers European, US, Ladies’, and Seniors’ tours with more than 200 tournaments, and also provides the latest news on all the different types of tournaments.

You can

  • Track your favorite players
  • Get notified
  • Event Calendar
  • You can view the World Rankings or FedCup Leaderboards, and also golf tees times (in your local time) by visiting the official site.

It was developed especially for mobile devices and will provide you with many happy hours of tracking real-time golf score updates.

Golf Tournament

With its intuitive interface and a wide range of features, this application will really help you get better at the game. It includes live scoring and the live scoreboard you can follow from anywhere in the application.

The app also includes

  • A shot tracking system
  • Player highlights and information
  • Notifications
  • Player Stats
  • Course Overview
  • Tee Times
  • Latest news and Commentary
  • Photo Galleries
  • Masters Radio with live radio coverage.

It is also one of the best golf apps for Android Wear OS.

V1 Golf

With this one, you can check out some of the best golf players worldwide, including Tiger Woods, Jordan Spieth, and Rory McIlroy, but you can only view two of them for free.

You can also shoot videos of yourself swinging and then use features like frame-by-frame playback, recording and importing, trimming and editing, and analysis tools to see if there are any improvements you could be making.

Premium content is also available for a non-ad version or an ad-free experience.

Golf GPS Rangefinder

GolfPad is a popular GPS rangefinders app for golfers. It features a scorecard and shot tracker.

It has a nice touch here because it conforms to US Golf Association (USGA) tournament rules and supports Android Wear watches, Pebble watches, and Samsung Galaxy watches.


It has been optimized so that it uses less power than most GPS devices, and includes features such as distance to various locations, scoring for up to four players, club statistics, aerial maps, and even more.


You can also decide whether you want the optional extra GolfPad TAGS, which costs $79 and offers strategic insights and detailed statistics such as shot dispersion, strokes gained, the distance of each shot, and more.

Handicap scoring and extended statistics will be available for in-game purchases.


It’s an excellent app for learning and remembering the rules of the game of football.

Golf Rules

If you and your friends often get into arguments about the rules of playing sports, this app will help you resolve them.

It’s a beautifully designed app with an attractive user experience, and it will teach you all of the golfing basics as well as the proper golfing manners.

These include the basic guidelines and complete guidelines and course behavior and consideration for others.

Quiz Section

You can take quizzes to test your knowledge of the different types of rule sets and their corresponding acronyms.

For instance, if we look at the word ‘B’ we see a baseball, a hole, a game, a loss, a best-of-seven series, a bunker, an animal, and so on.

what is the nfl mobile app rangefinder

What Is The NFL Mobile App Rangefinder?


Rangefinder apps make golfing more interesting.

Which golfing app suits you best?

Tell us in the comments below.


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