What is Short Range 270 Scanning Laser Rangefinder – In-Depth Guide

You might be aware of rangefinders but do you know what a short-range laser rangefinder is?

Let’s find out.

What Is Short Range 270 Scanning Laser Rangefinder?

A laser range finder measures distances accurately with high angular resolutions. However, the short range scanners need additional calibrations to reach the desired accuracy.

The calibration procedure described here allows for estimating the internal parameters of the sensor without using any special 3D targets.

Hokuyo UTM-30LX-EW Scanning Laser Rangefinder

The UTM- 30LX-EW is a small, accurate, and fast device for outdoor obstacle detection, suitable for use by both professional surveyors and hobbyists alike.

This model has an Ethernet connection for communications and can measure within a 270° field of vision up to a distance of thirty meters with millimeter accuracy. It utilizes multi-echo technologies in order to achieve usable measurements even under adverse weather conditions.


The Hokuyo UTM-30LX Scanning Laser Rangefinder is an agile and compact robotic eye, featuring a 30m detection range and 270º field of view.

Like the other scanners from the Rangefinder series, this one is small and lightweight.

It’s especially suited for outdoor environments and works well with fast-moving machines because of its quick response time and longer range.

The rangefinder has an easy-to-use interface and is designed to be durable enough to withstand long working days. You can see how the UTM-20LX scanner can transform your optics here.

Other Features

  • Supply voltage: 12V
  • Measurement Distance: 30m
  • Field of View: 270°
  • Interface Ethernet
  • Multi-echo
  • Protective structure IP67 Applications


The UTM-300LX-EW uses an infrared light beam (wavelength = 905 nanometers) to measure distances from 0.3 meters up to 300 meters away. It has a 270° scanning angle and takes measurements at every degree.

The measurement device transmits the measured values and their angular steps through a communication channel. The device has a laser safety rating of Class 1.


  • Semiconductor laser diode
  • The scanning range is from 0.1 m (0.4 ft)
  • Accuracy: +/- 0.1 meters (± 30 mm) / +/- 1 meter (± 50 mm).
  • Angular Resolution: 0.25° (360°/1,400 steps)
  • Scan frequency: 2,400 rpm
  • Multi Echo Function Max. 3-echo
  • Communication Protocol SCIP 2.2
  • Communication Ethernet 100 BASE-TX
  • DI/O Interface Scanner synchronous and Failure output
  • Power Source 12VDC
  • Power Consumption 0.7A or less
  • Ambient Illuminance Less than 10,000 lx
  • Avoids direct sunlight because it could cause sensor malfunctions.
  • Waterproof, dustproof, shockproof, and temperature resistant
  • Weight 210 grams
  • Dimensions (Width × Depth × Height): 62 × 62 × 87.5mm

Hokuyo UST-05LA Scanning Laser Rangefinder

The UST-05LA scanning laser rangefinder (SLR) is a low-powered, small, accurate, fast device for obstacle detection.

This model has both USB and RS422 ports for communicating with devices and configuring settings. It has three outputs.

It can measure distances from 0.5m to 5m with sub-millimetre accuracy.


The Hokuyo Laser Range Finder (LRF) is a revolutionary new technology for automated robots.

It is mainly used across various industries for

  • object detection and localization
  • giving robots an incisive view of their surroundings
  • guided vehicles, and carts.

Other applications include

  • material handling
  • packaging
  • distribution
  • warehouse management
  • automotive
  • aerospace


The UST-05LA has a convenient USB and serial port interface for setting up three different area output settings.

It relies solely on batteries for its operation over long periods of time.

With a 270° field of view up to five metres, the UST-05L LA Lidar scanner is truly unmatched.


  • A two-dimensional (2D) scanner for measuring distances from the sensor to its surrounding objects.
  • Supply voltage ranges from 10 to 30 volts.
  • It’s the smallest and lightest of any similar product.
  • Measurement distance: five meters
  • Faster response time: 66 milliseconds
  • Flexible field settings are available


A UST-05LX/UST-05LN/UST-05LA is a handheld scanner for measuring distances up to 5 meters. It emits pulsed lasers around 270° field

When the emitted laser beam hits an obstacle, its distance is measured using the time-of-flight (TOF) principle, which measures the time taken for the light pulse to travel between the emitter and receiver.

The sensor has 521 measurements with a 1° pitch. You can set up to 31 area patterns.

Each area has three outputs.

  • Output1
  • Output2
  • Output3

If the user presses the button, the output switches to the off state. To get the measurement value, the user must use the UST-05LA communication protocol.

what is short range 270 scanning laser rangefinder

What is Short Range 270 Scanning Laser Rangefinder

Other Scanning Rangefinder Models


  • Infrared LED light source, distance measuring device.
  • Fine adjustments are available for every pattern, greatly improved than regular reflective photo sensors.
  • Scanning Angle: 180 degrees


Compared with the PBS version, accuracy has been greatly improved with the DC24V version. It can be widely applied to various types of sensors.


  • 28 milliseconds (28ms) scanning
  • Suitable for high-speed robot cars to avoid obstacles and create road maps.
  • 4 meters and 240 degrees scanning range
  • DC12V


It works well for either white or black objects.

It has multi-echo functionality and IP 67 protection, making it possible to use it in harsh environments such as rainy weather, snowy weather, and foggy weather.


With multi-echo technology and IP67 protection, the camera can operate even when it’s raining, snowing, or cloudy.

You can also set up a more flexible field setting.


It has multi-echo technology and IP67 protection for tough conditions such as rain, snow, and mist.


It has multi-echo technology and IP67 protection for tough conditions such as rainy weather, snowy weather, and foggy weather.


It has multi-echo technology and IP67 protection for tough conditions such as rain, snow, and fog.


  • 30m and 270-degree scanning ranges
  • With an IP64 protection structure, working under 100,000 lx.
  • Suitable for security reasons as a monitor in an out­door setting.
  • It takes 25 minutes to scan an object. Also, it’s possible to detect objects that stick out.


  • 30m and 270-degree scanning ranges.
  • With an IP64 protection structure, working under 100,000 lx.
  • Outdoor applications such as service bots are possible.
  • Suitable for robots that move faster than 25ms per scan.


  • Ethernet interface type of Top-URG.
  • It has been improved to IP67, which means it is more suitable for outside use even in environments with high levels of light intensity (100,000 lx).


It’s the lightest of its type, weighing just 130 grams. Its small size makes it easy to install onto even smaller robots or UAVs.


Improved with wider detection range and quicker reaction times.

More flexibility is available and even better suited for obstacle avoidance by AGVs or load shifting.


Improved with wider detection range and quicker response times.


  • There are both NPN and PNP transistors available.
  • Improved with wider detection ranges and faster responses.
  • More flexibility is available and even better suited for obstacle avoidance by AGVs or load shifting.


A compact design for use in AGV systems, AGC systems, and vertical guarding applications.


  • The distance is measured by steering the laser beam vertically and horizontally.
  • A single frame contains 2590 points.
  • You can increase the point cloud density by using the interlaced scan setting.
  • This device has an accelerometer and a pulse oximeter (Pulse Ox) input signal.


A new 2-dimensional scanning rangefinder for outdoor compact models and the 40-meter range.

It has multi-echo functionality and IP 67 protection.


  • The maximum distance is 120 meters (or yards) for outdoor use
  • The maximum detection range for the device is 120 meters and 190 degrees.
  • The metallic housing protects the internal system from shocks up to 50G (single).

Advantages of the SafeHDDM Scanning Technology

SafeHDDM, the microscan3 and nanoScan 3 variant also masters challenges such as ambient light and dust, as well as large scans, ranges with ease.

With 88,000 individually pulsed lasers, the safety scanner provides precise measurements.

Protection of Mobile Applications

With space-saving technologies, precise measurements, and accurate navigation, autonomous transport systems and collaborative robots need to be able to perceive their surroundings.

Advancement with Innovative Ideas

For safe and smooth operations in everyday industrial processes: for more than 20 years, lasers have been used to monitor dangerous areas and deliver precise navigation information.

The tried and true Safe EFI Pro system provides complete diagnostic information.

Outdoor Automation

Outdoor safety is difficult because of the unpredictable nature of the environment. With the help of the patented safeHDDM technology, we achieve high reliability even in adverse weather conditions.

OutdoorScan 3 is used for stationary and portable outdoor scanning.


They’re especially robust for use in harsh industrial settings.

OutdoorSafe HDDM is an innovative product which was specifically designed for use outdoors. It allows you to scan documents quickly and easily even when there is heavy rainfall or snowfall.

Working Together as Equals

Human-robot collaboration is essential for efficient and ergonomically safe production processes in industrial environments. Today’s modern technologies ensure reliable protection against hazards while simultaneously increasing efficiency.


Most modern rangefinders now come equipped with short-distance scanners. These scanners use lasers to bounce off nearby objects and return to your camera.

What did you like about scanning technology?

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