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what rangefinder does phil mickelson use

What Rangefinder Does Phil Mickelson Use?

What brand range finder does Phil Mickelson use?

Bushnell Golf is the undisputable leader in professional golf. It is trusted by most PGA Tour players.

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Are expensive rangefinders worth it?

Laser rangefinders are definitely worth buying if you’re looking to improve your game. You’ll be getting an accurate reading of distance, but there are cheaper alternatives that won’t break the bank.

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Are golf rangefinders accurate?

Laser rangefinder devices are used to measure distances accurately. Most of them will tell you the distance to an object within a yard. Some of them even claim to be accurate up to 1/2 of a yard!

This makes it easier to pick a golf ball because you know how far it is away.

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Why would a golfer use technology?

Technology is used by people who believe in it. People trust technology when they see others using it. Golfers use technology because they think it will help them improve their game.

Rangefinders help people develop trust in new technologies. Golfers learn how to use the rangefinder by using it during practice rounds. Professionals use the rangefinder during practice rounds too, but they don’t use it during competitive rounds.

People who use rangefinders often think that they are better than others without them. Their self-confidence in using the device is high, but they lack trust in the device. In contrast, people who do not use rangefinders often believe that they are worse than others without them. They lack self-confidence in using a device, but they have a lot of trust in the device.

Golfers usually choose to use a rangefinder because of external factors. When they’re off the fairway or if they want to confirm their own distance estimation, they’ll use a rangefinder.

Professional golfer Webb Simpson speaks about using rangefinders during golf tournaments. He says he thinks they help him get more accurate shots.

Webb Simpson used rangefinders during the golf tournament. This indicates that he was confident in himself and his caddy.

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Using rangefinders in training compared to competition

Golfers need to train with rangefinders because they rely on them when competing. Technology helps them improve their game. However, if they rely too much on technology, they might not be able to perform well in competition.

Mickelson had been using the golf rangefinder for years before it was invented. He still uses it today.


Rangefinders are used by professionals to measure distances. Golfers use them to determine the distance to the pin or flagstick. Caddies use them to help players get ready for shots.

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