What Rangefinders Do the Pros Use? – Everything You Need to Know with Tips, Advice, FAQs, & More

What rangefinders do the pros use?

Let’s find out!

What Rangefinders Do the Pros Use?

Pros use Bushnell. And it is trusted by 98.1%.

  • Sig Sauer is the most popular brand of rangefinder out there. Their products are affordable and offer great performance. The Sig KILO 2400 is a very popular pocket model with a lot of features. It’s equipped with the Applied Ballistic Engine (ABE), which calculates a full firing solution on-the-fly. This rangefinder is priced under $1000, making it a great choice for beginners looking to get started. The SIG KILO 3000BDX 10×42 Ranging Binocular is another popular product from Sig Sauer. It’s equipped with ABE, and is priced under $1500.
  • Military grade rangefinders use lasers that produce much higher powers than consumer grade ones. Their lasers are also much more expensive. These rangefinders are used by people who shoot a lot.
  • A consumer-grade rangefinder costs about $1800. It isn’t as powerful as the military-grade version, but it does provide excellent accuracy. You won’t have to sell your kidneys to buy one.
  • Leica rangefinders were used mostly by pro shooters who won championships.
  • Leica Geovid HD-b Ranging Binoculars seem to be very popular amongst this group. Leica HD B binos offer both world class optical clarity and outstanding ranging capability. While they may not quite be as capable as the Vektronix models, they’re far better than the average rangemaker. When I tested several rangemakers a couple years ago, Leica HD B’s were standouts among them (see the data), and what I personally ended uppninvesting in after conducting that test. The latest model, the Leicahd B 3000 is even better than thod model I tested, and its a street price around $3k Leica also recently released the Leicarangemaster CRF2800.com laser rangefinder, which is really compaact pocket rangefinder capable of lonng range performance. It also ffeatures bluetooth connectivity so that you can linked
  • This camera claims to be capable out to 4,000 yards on reflective targets with an 8 second sustained measurement. I am skeptical that it would be able to range that far on real world targets, however, it may be able to range the side of a building that far in ideal conditions, but an independent industry expert says that the ranging performance is exceptional. The Nikon Black Range X4K rangefinder has a price of just $450 so it’s much less expensive than any of these other models and based on that performance review it has to be one of the highest valued rangefinders on this listing!
  • Bushnell makes great rangefinders. They are very affordable, and offer great features such as high resolution, long battery life, and waterproofing. Their Elite line of binoculars is also excellent.
  • A reader said he used the Leupold rangefinder and stated that it was accurate to 2200 yards. Another reader said he used the Gunwerks rangefinder and it was accurate to 1 mile. He also said the Gunwerks rangefinders were easy to use.
  • A Kahles ranging binocular was used by the shooters. This binocular is made by the sister company of Swarovski, so it should be high quality. The Kahles Helia Range Finder Binoculars were tested by Nick Vitalbo, who found them to be one of the best performing ranging binoculars. The street price of this binocular is $2,250, making it one of the most expensive ranging binoculars available.
  • A rangefinder is an essential tool for any long-range shooter.

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What Rangefinders Do the Pros Use?

What Rangefinders Do the Pros Use?

Do you need slope on a rangefinder for golf?

A slope feature comes in handy when shooting golf. Slope factors into the yardages read by more advanced rangefinders. Practice focusing on how different approaches counter-act slope will definitely instill self-confidence during tournament play.

Do golf pros use rangefinders?

Players must be allowed to use rangefinders during practice rounds. Rangefinders are used by golfers to determine exactly how far away they need to stand from the hole in order to make sure they hit the correct club. This information helps the player improve their game.

Golfers must follow the rules. Caddies must obey the rules too. The golf course rules apply to everyone.

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A rangefinder is a tool used to measure distances. It should be accurate enough to tell you whether or not your ball is going to land inside or outside of a certain hole. You shouldn’t buy a rangefinder if it doesn’t work properly.


Slope functions help golfers know how far away the ball needs to be from the hole to land in the cup. Birdies are more likely to go in if you get the slope right.

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High-quality binoculars have very large lenses that allow you to see far-away objects. Binoculars with a magnification of 6x or more will show you an object that is much farther away than if you were using regular binoculars. A rangefinder will tell you how far away your target is. Rangefinders will also tell you how close the target is.

Scan Speed

Golf ranges are measured by how far away the ball is from the hole. A longer shot means the ball is farther away from the hole. A shorter shot means the ball is closer to the hole.


Golf rangefinders should be dried thoroughly before being used again. This ensures that there is no moisture left on the device.

Fast Focus System

Fast Focus Technology allows golfers to get immediate results without slowing downplay. Golfers can now see more distance than ever before. This new technology provides a faster focus on targets, such as flags or other players.

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Stable Grip Technology

All Bushnell rangefinders use a rubber overlay that makes them more comfortable to grip. They also make sure you won’t drop them if you’re holding them too tightly.


When you’re ready to use slope technology during practice play, all that’s left to do is flip the switch back on.

Golf rangefinders come with various features, such as lenses, and price ranges. You can choose whatever works for you.

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