What Type of Battery Does Leupold Rangefinder? – All You Need to Know

People often ask, what type of battery does Leupold rangefinder?

Let’s find out!

What Type of Battery Does Leupold Rangefinder?

The Leupold Rangefinder uses a CR2 or C 123A lithium-ion cell. It requires a 3-volt cell, so be sure to check the voltage before buying your batteries online. It is recommended that you purchase a rechargeable CR2 cell to lower long-term costs.

What Battery Does a Rangefinder Use?

Most rangefinder models use lithium batteries. The most common type is the CR2 battery, but there are also CR123A batteries available. Lithium batteries come in various shapes and forms, so you may be able to get hold of them at any time.

You can buy RangeFinder batteries from the likes of Panasonic and Duracell, but you will have to search for a particular brand that is compatible with your specific rangefinder.

If you want to be sure that your rangefinder won’t go dead before you finish your round, then read our guide on choosing the best batteries for your rangefinder.

What Does a CR2 Battery Look Like?

CR2 Batteries are made up of Lithium (Li), which is used for most rechargeable cells. They look similar to D Cells but are thicker than regular AA Batteries.

One of the best things about CR2 (or CRI) battery packs is that they’re widely avail­able from the biggest brands in their respective industries, and they’re relatively cheap. You can either buy these as single packs or in bulk, depending upon your usage needs.

They’re also widely employed in cameras, flashlights, and various other devices.

If you have more appliances at your house that use CR2 batteries, you’d be better off buying them in larger quantities so you don’t end up paying too much for each one.

How Long Does a Rangefinder Battery Last?

On average, a quality CR2 battery inside a camera should last for at least one whole season. However, a cheaper battery might only last half a season if used normally. Some cameras come with relatively inexpensive CR2s as default, so it’s worth buying rechargeable ones instead.

You should buy rechargeable CR2 (Compact R) lithium-ion battery packs from a brand like Panasonic, Duracell, etc. because they’re easy to remove and reinsert into the camera. Quality brand CR2s should last a long while, and you shouldn’t worry about them dying.

If you don’t buy new replacement battery packs for your camera when they run out, you’ll find that they only hold up for a few shots before running out of power.

While it may seem like a bit of an inconvenience, consider buying new battery packs for your devices right away so you can get the most out of them.

Leupolld RX-1000I TBR Rangefinder

The Leupold Rx1000i is a high-performance, all-in-one rangefinder with an integral laser. It has a large 2.5-inch LCD screen for easy viewing in any light condition.

It comes with a built-in GPS system and an accompanying app that allows you to view distances, tracks shots, and shares your data via social networks.


  • 1x Optical Zoom
  • Integrated Laser
  • Large 2.5″ Display
  • Built-In GPS Receiver
  • Free App
  • Range Finder
  • Battery


This laser ranger offers accurate laser ranges for up 1000 feet. Images through the scope are magnified by six times, so you can see objects clearly from far away. How does the actual accuracy compare to what the ad says?

We were able to accurately measure distances from 600 feet and tree trunks from 700 feet. To achieve the maximum 1,000-foot distance, you must be measuring an extremely reflective surface. Accuracy is exceptional, with pinpoint precision to one-and-a-quarter inches.

What Type of Battery Does Leupold Rangefinder?

What Type of Battery Does Leupold Rangefinder?

Easy to Use

The Leupold Rx–1000i TBR rangefinder is very easy to operate, with a quick setup menu feature­ing one-handed controls. The buttons are big enough and texturized enough to be simple and comfortable, even in very bad conditions, with sweaty hands, gloves, or rain.

The menu is easy to navigate and quick to use, and the ability to adjust the rangefinder to match my gun is a very useful feature. With the True Ballistics Range, you get four different readings for your gun:

MOA: Minutes Of Angle – the number of degrees by which you need to raise or lower your rifle scope to achieve perfect zero.

Hold: the number of inches (or centimeters) to hold over or under your aiming spot on the target.

MIL: the military angle of inclination to adjust your rifle scope for precision zero

BAS: the equivalent range for which you should shoot for use with your bullets’ ballistic coefficient.

Overall, this is a feature-rich rangefinder that should be able to satisfy most of your shooting needs with an easy-to-use interface.


The Leupold Rx–1000i TBR rangefinder uses one CR2 battery. It would be nice if they used AA cells instead because CR2s are harder to come by in some parts of the country.

However, the battery lasts for up to 10,000 readings. We haven’t counted how many times we used the rangefinder, but in two years of fairly intensive usage, we never needed to change the battery.

Additional features

This laser rangefinder is packed with all of the features you would expect from Leupold. It has all of the standard features, like continuous scanning for ranging fast-moving or multiple targets, and simple push-button operation.

In addition to those features, though, Leupold has also built-in True Ballistic Range mode, allowing you to fine-tune your rangefinder for your particular rifle.

There is also an archery mode, which is great if you’re looking for accurate distances and shooting at targets. It also has a line-of-sight mode for those times when all you need is the distance between you and the target.

The Leupold RX–1000I TBR Rangefinder utilizes an advanced OLED display, which provides readings in adjustable brightness settings. You can choose between low, medium, or high. Unfortunately, the display can sometimes be difficult to read in direct sunlight. The image, however, is crystal clear with great contrast and clarity.

The lens system is fully multi-coated for maximum light transmission and has a clickable focus ring that allows you to quickly adjust focus from infinity to close-up.

The eyecup folds down so you can use the rangefinder with glasses or not. At 1000 yards, the field of vision is 320 degrees, which gives you plenty of flexibility when using the rangefinder.


We hope that this article was helpful. If you have any queries feel free to reach out in the comments section below.


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