When Was The First Golf Rangefinders Created? – Complete Overview

Do you want to know when the first golf rangefinders were made?

Keep reading this article to find out.

When Was the First Golf Rangefinders Created?

The very first rangefinders were created by a Scottish company called Barr and Stroud in the 1880s.

What to Look For in a Golf Rangefinder?

There are several factors that will determine which rangefinder is the best one for you:

  • Price
  • Performance
  • Features

Best Golf Rangefinders

The best golf rangefinders are the devices that will help you improve your game.

They can be used to help you play better by hitting more accurate shots and reducing the number of lost shots in the rough, to measuring distance more accurately when playing a game.

Bushnell Pro XE

The previous model, the Bushnell Pro X 2, was excellent, and it had some advantages over the XE version. It was lighter than the XE, but you’d rather have the look of the X 2.

However, the Bushnell XE Golf Range Finder wins overall because it is the fastest and most accurate rangefinder we’ve tried, has extremely bright and clear readings, and has a new magnetic feature that clips to anything from a cart to iron.


They’ve gone even further than just calculating elevation by including weather conditions and atmospheric pressure into their calculations so that you get the most accurate “plays like” distances available.

Precision Pro NX10

Perhaps no golf rangefinder has been released this past 12 months that was better than the Precision Pro NX 10.


It feels premium, performs well and costs less than $300.


But not only that; its revolutionary new faceplate design lets you truly personalize your device.

Bushnell Tour V5

The Tour V5 has great size and is light compared to the previous version.

Since it’s Bushnell, you know you’re going to get an excellent product, but this particular device had the right combination of size, performance, and reliability that makes it the best rangefinder.

The V5 doesn’t have many of the bells or whistels of other models. It’s lightning fast, has a sleek design, and most importantly it’s really fun to use.

Blue Tees Series 3 Max

The new Blue Tee Series 3 Max is a compact rangefinder that does almost everything you would expect from a rangefinder, at a price that is a small percentage of what you’d spend on a more expensive brand like Bushnell.


At this price point, the optics and build aren’t going to be as good as some of the more expensive models out there, but they’re still pretty decent.

Full-Featured Budget Rangefinders

Blue Tees has improved its product line even further than before. The Series 3 is its best yet, and one among the best full-fledged budget rangefinders we’ve ever reviewed.

Nikon Coolshot ProII Stabilized

Nikon has spent decades developing its reputa­tion for producing high-quality cameras and lenses. Luckily, a lot of that technology and expertise have translated well into the golf rangefinders market.


Pro II rangefinder has the best optics in a rangefinder. It’s so good that everything looks perfectly clear.


Add stability technology to make it easier for everyone to lock onto the target, and you’ve got a very good device.


It’s not cheap, and there are things about some of the Bushnells we like better but it’s definitely one to consider if you’re interested in high-end golfing rangefinders.

Cobalt Q6 Slope

One of the best rangefinders for golf is the Cobalt Q6 Slopes.


It gives consistent results across the board. No one requires such precise measurements and most devices that measure down to the tenths of an inch do just fine without them. The Q6 doesn’t. If it reads 100, it’ll keep reading exactly 100.

Flag Lock Vibration Function

It has a flag lock vibration function that works well. It only vibrates when it’s unlocked.

It’s really good and worth considering for anyone who wants a high-quality golf rangefinder.

Precision Pro NX7 Pro

It has most of what you’d expect from a rangefinder at twice the price, and generally, it does its job well. But not quite as well as some of the better ones for less than $300.

Build Quality

It feels like cheap plastic when comparing it to the Bushnell.


The optics aren’t as good


It feels less high quality than before.


It’s not quite so fast at getting distance but we’re talking less than one second here.


However, at nearly $200, it’s one of the best rangefinders available in its price range.

If you’re looking for something slightly faster and more feature-packed than NX7, but you don’t mind paying a little extra, then go ahead and take a look at NX9 instead.

Garmin Approach Z82

Unlike any other rangefinder on its market, the Garmin Approach Z82 is different from anything else out there.

Optical Viewfinder

It has no optical viewfinder.

Built-in Camera

It’s not just a regular GPS device; it has a built-in camera that allows you to see things like traffic conditions, weather forecasts, and even nearby restaurants.

Want to learn the distance from the front back and center to the front back and middle of the greens, along with your pin number?

It does that.

You want to know where the wind is coming from and going to?

No problem.

You want to know where every single hole is located?

It has an app for that too!

If you’re looking for a GPS locator, then the Z82 has got you sorted.

It doesn’t mean this rangefinder isn’t good at anything else, but if you want the most high-tech and arguably features-packed rangefinder on the market, then this might be for you.

Precision Pro R1

It was an excellent rangefinder on its own, but adding the smart features and the accompanying app made it even better.

It doesn’t hurt either that it costs less than its closest smart competitor, Garmin’s Z82.

TecTecTec KLYR

The KLYR Range Finder not only has excellent optics and user interface, but it’s also one of the most compact devices on this list.


It costs less than $200.

Bushnell Phantom 2 Golf GPS

For most people, this isn’t a range finder, but it may be an affordable alternative that achieves the same goal.


This small device attaches to your cart using a magnet, and provides very accurate GPS distances to its front, back, and middle.


It has been tested on over 36,000 different courses.


The newly updated Phantom 2 has a larger display and the ability to update pins for more accurate results.

Bushnell iON 2

If you’re looking for an affordable golf watch that has a fast and accurate distance measurement feature, then the Bushnell iOn 2 Watch is what you need.

It’s incredibly easy for anyone to use, half the cost of the watch with a color display, and it works just fine.

when was the first golf rangefinders created

When Was The First Golf Rangefinders Created?


There are lots of choices available for golfing ranges these days, from inexpensive models to high-end ones.

You can buy a good device for under $200 that will give you accurate distance measurements.

If you’re willing to spend between $400-$550, you’ll get some additional convenience, faster readings, and an experience that is simply more pleasant to use.

Have a rangefinder you love? Let us know what it is.


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