Where Does The Strap Attach To On The Precision Pro Rangefinder? – Guide, Tips, and More

Are you wondering where the strap attaches to on the precision pro rangefinder?

Let’s find out.

Where Does the Strap Attach to the Precision Pro Rangefinder?

The wrist strap will be attached to the back of the rangefinder. Insert the wrist strap attachment cord under the attachment bar.

Begin to pull the wrist strap attachment cord back out through the top of the attachment bar.

Precision Pro NX9 Review

Precision Pro has become one of the top brands in golf rangefinders.

A laser rangefinder is an essential golfing accessory for anyone who wants to play at their best. Professionals and amateur golfers alike can use them to improve their game.



With its NX9 rangefinders, the NX9 slope rangefinder feature allows for extremely fast and accurate distance measurement to help you to get better at golf.


It measures distances up to 10 yards accurately and uses either feet or meters.


It has a maximum range of 400 meters, which covers the longest distance for most golfers.

Club Selection

With a rangefinder, you don’t even really have to know where the hole is located; just use the device to help you choose which clubs to take out for your next round.

Background Objects

With the Precision NX9 HD and 400-yard range, you get lightning-fast readings while having them be much easier to disregard any distracting objects.

Pro NX9 Rangefinder HD Pros

  • Exceptional accuracy to the nearest yard of the target.
  • Targeting technology.
  • Lifetime battery replacements for free.
  • Guaranteed trade-in value for two years.
  • Built-in magnetic cart mount.
  • Some models include slope features.
  • Pulse Vibration Technology
  • 6x Magnification

Pro NX9 Rangefinder HD Cons

  • Maximum range of 400 meters.
  • Some models don’t come with an included sloped adjuster.
where does the strap attach to on the precision pro rangefinder

Where Does The Strap Attach To On The Precision Pro Rangefinder?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Precision Pro NX9 HD

Is the Precision Pro NX9 Waterproof?

The NX9 is not completely waterproof, but its solid and sturdy construction makes it resistant to some penetration by moisture.

A little bit of rain or drizzling shouldn’t affect the performance of the NX9, as long you keep it relatively dry

How Do I Turn Off the Precision Pro Slope?

Step 1: Press the Mode button at the top next to the Power Button.

Step 2: You can see the slope-adjustable yards from inside the vehicle by looking for the battery sign and then the pins on the ground.

Step 3: When you push the button, only one reading (the actual yardage) will appear on the display.

There are two options for adjusting the slopes of the lines: M1 without any adjustments, and M2 with adjustments.

Are Precision Pro Rangefinders Good?

The Precision Pro line of products includes some of the most advanced handheld electronic devices available today. They offer the same level of precision as their pricier counterparts.

They are rock solid, accurate units with some of the exact same features as their competition that are priced reasonably.

With its easy usability and sharp display, the device makes it easy for golfers who use it to get accurate information at any time.

How Do You Use NX9 Slope?

Step 1: Press the green button to turn on the NX9 slope rangefinders.

Step 2: Look through the eyeglass lens from which you can see the display screen.

Step 3: Once you find the pin, press the power button again to acquire the pin allowing this good rangefinder to calculate the distance.

Step 4: Check the battery life and the range measurement device to be sure they don’t cause any confusion when measuring distances.

How Do You Change the Distance Measurement Unit?

With the new Precision Pro NX9 rangefinders, there are now just two more options available for measuring distance.

If you’re looking through the viewfinder, you’ll be able to see the numbers yd (yard) or mm (meter) appear on the screen depending on whether the rangefinder is set to yard or meter mode.

If you don’t like the current settings, just change them.

Step 1: Press the grey mode selector button (the one next to the green button) for 1-2 secs. It’s located on the upper right side of the camera.

Step 2: To switch between yard measurements and meter measurements, press and hold the button once.

Make sure you’re in the right mode before taking measurements. Otherwise, you may get inaccurate results.

What Type of Battery Does the NX9 Use?

The Precision Pro NX 9 uses a CR2 3V single-charge lithium battery, which is commonly available at most retail outlets.

These batteries are not rechargeable so they cannot be recharged by plugging them into an electrical outlet. They must be discarded when their power runs out.

Can the Precision NX9 Rangefinder Be Used during Tournament Play?

There are different golf rule bodies, each with its own set of rules regarding rangefinder usage. The United States Golf Association (USGA) permits players to use rangefinder devices during casual play and tournament rounds.

Before entering a competition, you should still check whether the competition committee allows rangefinders according to local regulations.

You can easily turn off the slope mode in the Precision Pro NX 9 by pressing the “slope mode” button.

How Do I Carry the Rangefinder?

The built-in magnetically attached cart mount makes it easy for golf players to securely hold their rangefinders onto metal objects.

The strong magnet makes it easy to access the rangefinder without having to look for it in your golfer’s club box.

What Is Included in The NX9 Rangefinder Packaging?

  • 1x NX9 Non-Slope Rangefinder
  • Premium Packaging
  • 1x Rangefinder Hard-shell Carrying Case
  • 1x Manual/Product Cards
  • 1x Cr2 3-volt battery
  • Lint-Free Cleaning Cloth and lanyard

How Will I Know When the Rangefinder Is Ready?

After pressing the power button, the rangefinders will vibrate quickly once the distance measurement has been completed to let the user know that the number displayed on the LCD screen is correct.

Where Is Precision Pro Manufactured?

Precision Products’ products are developed at their headquarters in Cincinnati and are then manufactured in China and the Philippines before they’re made available in the United States. They offer high-quality products at an affordable cost.

Where Should I Store the NX9 Rangefinder?

After playing golf, store the golf club’s distance finder in a cool and dry place that should be near room temperature.

It works well in cold and rainy weather because it’s waterproof, but if you’re going to be using it for long periods of time in hot and humid weather, you may experience some issues with accuracy.


It’s a big deal if you’re serious about getting accurate distance measurements and improving your golf swing.

With the help of GPS technology, the golfing experience becomes even more enjoyable by providing accurate distance measurements for each shot. It helps players improve their putting and approach shots.

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