Where Is the Serial Number On Nikon Golf Rangefinder? – Complete Overview

Do you want to know where the serial number on Nikon Golf Rangefinder is?

Let’s find out.

Where is the Serial Number on Nikon Golf Rangefinder?

The serial number on Nikon Golf Rangefinder is located on the bottom or behind the rangefinder.

Which Are the Main Parts of a Golf Rangefinder?

It’s important to know the different components of a rangefinder because it allows you to quickly identify the problem. For example, if you know the specific component that needs repair, then you can choose the appropriate method for repairing it.

Rangefinders typically have the following features:

  • mode button
  • eyecup
  • battery compartment
  • strap eyelet
  • objective lenses
  • power button

Knowing these components also makes it easier to check for any potential problems. However, knowing them also makes it easier to maintain them.

What are the Common Problems with Golf Rangefinders

To be able to repair a golf rangefinder, you need to identify the different possible causes of the problem. There are several reasons why a golf rangefinder might not function properly, including blank displays and incorrect data.

There are several reasons why someone might not be able to read the measurements correctly.

Blank Display

It’s a common mistake. Try switching modes first before trying anything else. Switching modes usually fixes the issue for most people.

If this step fails, then there may be a more serious underlying cause for the problem.

No Readings

Rangefinder errors are caused by various factors.

Change in Mode

It’s not uncommon for this to be a difficult question. As before, faulty results may occur if the instrument has changed modes.

Because of that, use the mode buttons to switch between the different modes. You should definitely use the manual for this one.

Unclear Readings

This problem occurs quite frequently. It can also indicate a mode shift. But this may not necessarily be the case. You should carefully examine your device.

Changing Modes

The first thing to do is try changing the mode. If that doesn’t help, look at the user guide for any suggestions. Different models might provide different solutions.

Clean the Lenses

If these steps don’t work either, then you might need to look at the lenses themselves. They may be dirty or blurry from dirt or other particles. If that’s the problem, you should wash them.

Lenses require utmost attention when they’re cleaned. You need to be careful not to damage them by using the wrong type of liquid.

If the lenses have stains inside them, take apart the rangefinder and clean them using a damp cloth. Alternatively, you may want to replace the lenses.

If all else fails, contact the manufacturer for further help.

Difficulty in Capturing the Target

Well, these steps call for some serious action. They mainly result from faulty measurements. So, fixing faulty measurements could, consequently, solve them.

If you want to get perfect shots, always keep the camera lens cleaner than dirt. You may also need new battery packs if they’re old.

where is serial number on nikon golf rangefinder

Where Is Serial Number On Nikon Golf Rangefinder?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What do you do when the batteries are weak?

Before buying new batteries, ensure you’ve tried testing all the other methods first.

It’s easy to fix new rechargeable lithium-ion (Li-ion) cells. Just open the battery compartment and plug them into the charger. If there’s anything wrong, check the user manual.

How to hold a golf rangefinder steady?

To get stable golf rangefinders, always buy something large enough to fit into both your arms. Using both your arms helps enhance their steadiness.

To ensure that you’re able to hold the unit steadily, choose one that fits you well.

Rangefinders come in various sizes and shapes. Some fit better than others when held steady.

One way to get better at holding a rangefinder steady is by doing some steady grip training. You could also use a tripod for steadier shots.

How to calibrate a golf rangefinder?

When calibrating, start by finding a location within the app where the distance readout shows 0 meters. Then, set the remaining distances to be equal to each other.

It doesn’t come pre-installed, but it can be used with any map you create.

Why is My Bushnell Rangefinder Not Showing Yardage?

If your Bushnell Rangefinder isn’t displaying yardages on the display when you’re shooting at targets, check if there’s something wrong with the unit itself.

This is something that the manufacturer recommends doing every year or two as it’s very likely for your device to shift slightly over time due to its sensitive optics.

The good news is the calibration process for a Bushnell rangefinder isn’t difficult.

You just need these three easy steps:

  • Turn off your device
  • Remove any lenses from the front
  • Aim the laser pointer at something at least 50 yards away.
  • Hold down both buttons until the words “Calibrating” appear on the screen.

If you see the word ‘calibration’ appear on your screen for about one minute, your Bushnell rangefinders should be working properly again.

How Do I Reset My Bushnell Rangefinder?

There are two different methods for resetting a Bushnell rangefinder:

Resetting the Batteries

  • Open up the back cover of the device
  • Remove the battery from the device and reinsert it.
  • Press down on both buttons simultaneously for two seconds.

Using Clear Display Button

Press the “Clear Display” button on the side of the device. This clears all current readings from your display and allows you to begin again with a new reading.

Your Bushnell rangefinder has been reset so that it can help you play better.

Why Did My Bushnell Rangefinder stop working?

You need to clean your Bushnell rangefinders if they’re not working properly.

To clean your rangefinders, go into the menu settings and look for “clean.” The directions will show you how to proceed.

Other reasons might include that the Bushnell rangefinders need new batteries or just need to be recalibrated.

If these aren’t the problem and you still can’t get it working, contact the Bushnell customer support team for help.


After reading this, you should now know how to keep a golf rangefinder steady plus notes on Bushnell rangefinder repair.

If you have any questions feel free to comment below.


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