Where To Put Rangefinder On Golf Bag? – Complete Overview

If you have a rangefinder you might be wondering where to put it.

Let’s find out.

Where to Put Rangefinder on Golf Bag?

Most golf bags include a special compartment for storing your range finders.

These rangefinders storage compartments are usually located in the middle of the front of the golf bags and have specially designed lining to protect them and zippers to ensure they stay secure inside the golf bags.

How To Not Lose Your Rangefinder?

On the PGA Tour, golfers have caddies who record their shots for them so they know where to hit each shot. For recreational golfers, they use laser rangefinder devices to measure distance and pinpoint yardages to help them shoot lower scores.

A good golf rangefinder isn’t inexpensive. If you drop one on the golf course and don’t get it back from the pro store, you may not be lucky and end up having to pay for another one.

Smart Storage for your Range Finder

Golf rangefinders and GPS devices from brands such as Bushnell, Leupold, Callaway, Nikon, and Tec Tec Tec will usually include a protective case for storage when they’re not in use.

When you’re not using your rangefinders, put them away in their storage cases.

Attach to a Towel Ring or Utility Ring

Most of the cases will have small clips attached to them so that they can be easily clipped onto the towel rings or utility rings on the golf bags.

Make sure to close the case fully before moving around during a round. If the golf range finder falls out, you may lose it.

Dedicated Range Finder Pocket

If you want to keep your phone safe from damage during play, then having a dedicated range finder pocket attached to your club is one way to go. However, some players find the storage case awkward.

Attach to Frame of a Golf Cart

If you want to use a rangefinder for golfing, you must first ensure that the magnetic part of the rangefinder clicks securely into the metal part of the golf car. Then, you must fasten the rangefinder onto the strap.

Beverage Holder

You can also put your rangefinders into the drink holders if they fit inside them. Don’t leave them on the consoles because loose items can slide around and get lost easily.

Why Use Rangefinders When Golfing?


You can’t improve your golf game unless you know something about lofts and different types of golf club shafts. You can get more info about those things by using rangefinder devices.

Golfers should be sure that their rangefinder has different setting options, a powerful zoom function, and a dependable measuring system to help them get accurate distances.


Rangefinder devices allow players to measure distances without having to spend hours doing so manually. They can even calculate distances automatically.

where to put rangefinder on golf bag

Where To Put Rangefinder On Golf Bag?

How to Attach Rangefinder to Golf Bag?

Golfing has been made easier by one of the greatest innovations ever invented: the rangefinder. It helps golf players improve their game.

It’s so convenient that it can be put into a pocket and attached to belts. However, sometimes, users would rather use rangefinders to measure distances than use GPS devices.


First, attach a carabiner to one of the handles on the golf bag so that it stays securely attached when not in use.

Then carry your golf bag with you wherever you go!.

Golf Bag Strap

This is another great way to keep your golf bag organized and easy to access. It’s also an excellent gift for any golfer who loves their game.


You could use any type of cord, including key chains, to attach things to your backpack instead of using carabiners.

Loop or Strap

If the rangefinder comes with its own strap or cord, it can be attached to a handle on the golfer’s golf club. However, if the knot is too tight, it may cause discomfort for the user.

Towel Ring

Towel rings can also be used for strap-on rangefinders.

Metallic Parts

If the rangefinder has a magnet, then removing and reattachment it onto zips and other metallic parts of your golf bags will be so much easier.

Types of Golf Rangefinders

Laser rangefinder devices that are usually attached to golf bag use lasers and they look similar to miniature cameras.

There are other designs that are more convenient because they don’t require anything as bulky as golf clubs, but there are plenty of good golf club cases that are smaller and lighter.


A device using the Global Positioning System (GPS) uses satellite signals to determine its location. These devices include watches and mobile apps.


Watches are obviously easier to wear because they don’t require removing them from the wrist each time the gol­fer wants to know the distance. They’re just there when needed.

Smartphone Apps

It’s just a matter of finding the right pocket for your smartphone when golf­ing. If the phone sits comfortably in your pocket, then you’re less likely to be bothered by having it with you during play.

On one hand, larger smartphones can be inconvenient for players who wear tight pants.


The best rangefinders, like Bushnell Tour, are good for your game because they allow you to accurately measure distances on the course and at practice ranges.

They will last for hours, and they offer at least six times magnification so you can see every detail clearly. Their technology and stability make finding the right target easy.

Keep your laser rangefinders safe by storing them in their protective cases and clipping them to your golf bags when not in use. You can also store them in the dedicated rangefinding pockets of your golf bags.

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