Which Perk Is Better Rangefinder Or Reinforced Barrel? – All You Need to Know

People often ask, which perk is better rangefinder or reinforced barrel?

Let’s find out

Which Perk Is Better Rangefinder or Reinforced Barrel?

The two most important things to consider when choosing a rangefinder are the magnification and the number of inches you can see. The higher the magnification, the better your chances of hitting what you’re aiming at. But if you have a small target, it may be easier to hit with a lower-power scope than a high-powered one.

If you want to shoot more accurately, then you should choose a rifle that has a longer barrel. A longer barrel will give you more time to aim before firing. This means you won’t need as much power from your scope.

If you’re looking for something smaller, then you might want to go with a shorter barrel. It’ll make it easier to carry around in tight spaces.

The Lingering Song

This is a great tool for hunters who wish to take down prey without having to worry about reloading. It can also be utilized alone if you are not using another firearm. We have discovered one drawback to this particular rifle; it doesn’t hold much ammunition. If you are out of bullets, you may find yourself unable to fire off shots.

Pros– Possibility of killing very low armor players with 2 crit shots. Very high range.

Cons– Low stability & reload speed.

Recommended PvP Perks:

  • Iron Lordly Sights
  • Braced frame, small bore, hammer forged, rifled barrel
  • Feather Mags, Explosive Rounds, High caliber rounds, Quickdraw, Single point sling
  • Lucky in the Chamber, Range Finder, Hidden Hand, Third eye, Firefly

Recommended PvE Perks:

  • Iron Lordly Sights
  • Hammer Forged
  • Explosive Rounds, High Caliber Rounds, Quickdraw, Single Point Sling
  • Firefly, Rangefinder, Hidden Hand, Third Eye

It’s a niche hand cannon, though it can do something no other Y3 hand cannon can: Two-hit kills. However, it has one roll that’s exceptional for PvP, and that is the combination of Braced frame, Feather mag, and Luck in the chamber.

The first two perk drops the magazine size down to four, meaning LitC has a very high probability of triggering during fights, which makes it easy to hit multiple targets at once.

For PvE, go with Hammer Forging since the low cooldown makes it easier to use, and Reinforced and rifled hurts too much. Explosive rounds would probably be the best option in the third slot, followed by either Firefly or Firestorm in the last slot. You want to avoid using Firestorm because it interferes with Explosive Rounds.


Pros – Possibility of killing low-armored players with two critical shots. High range.

Neutral– Average recoil angle.

Cons– Low stability, reload speed, mag size, equip speed, and aim assist.

Recommended Perks:

  • SureShot IS/TrueSight IS
  • Crowd Control, Hot Swap
  • Final round/reload, rangefinder, feeding frenzy, outlaw, spray and play
  • Speed Reload

It’s true that this gun isn’t worth using if you’re going to run into many enemies wearing minimal gear. However, if you want to maximize the effectiveness of this weapon, you’ll want to look for perks that increase the power of your critical hits. These include crowd control and reactive reloading.

If you’re not killing people in two shots, the rangefinder isn’t really worth using.

Sure Shot IS and True Sight IS both add plenty of AP, then add Speed Reload and with Weapons of Light, you’ll be almost unstoppable!

Which Perk Is Better Rangefinder Or Reinforced Barrel?

Which Perk Is Better Rangefinder Or Reinforced Barrel?

Ill Will

Pros – high impact and range plus the possibility of killing low-armored opponents with two critical shots.

Pros– High rate of fire, high stability, fast reloads, large magazine capacity, high equipment speeds, and good aiming assistance.

Recommended Perks:

  • SureShot IS, TrueSight IS, QuickDraw IS
  • Rangefinder, Outlaw
  • Braced Frame, Feather Mag, Explosive Rounds, Hammer Forged, Reinforced Barrel, Rifled Barrel,
  • Luck in the Chamber, Reactive Reload, Third Eye

Despite its high damage output, this random Crucible drop is not an ideal weapon for most situations. However, if you’re able to get two hits off before they hit you back, then you can maximize the damage output.

Luck in the Chamber and Braced Frame or Feather Magazine, which will decrease magazine size, work in your favor. If you don’t manage to get LitC, then reactive reload is a decent alternative.

Uffern HC4

Pros– High stability, quick reload and equip speed.

Cons– Below average range.

Recommended PvP Perks:

  • SureShot IS/TrueSight IS
  • Lucky in the Chamber, Third eye, Zen moment, Grenadier, Army Of One, Mulligan, etc.
  • Rifled Barrel, Reinforced Barrel
  • Icarus, Eye of the Storm, Life Support, Outlaw

Recommended PvE Perks:

SureShot IS/TrueSight IS

Grenadier, Army of One, Zen Moment, Luck in the Chamber, Third Eye, Mulligan,

Extended Magazine

Firefly, Life Support, Outlaw, Icarus, Eye of the Storm

This weapon benefits most from using sights like True Sight and Sure Shot, and Luck in the Chambers in PvP; LitC fires more frequently because of its magazine size.

For PvE, there’s no point.


Pros– High stability and aim assist. Above average equip speed.

Neutral– Average reload speed.

Cons– Low range. Very low mag size.

Recommended Perks:

  • SureShot IS/TrueSight IS
  • Crowd Control, Hot Swap, Army of One
  • Rangefinder
  • Reinforced Barrel, Smallbore, Hand Loaded

With most sniper rifles, rangefinder optics and reinforced barrels are the best way to improve their performance. However, even with the best perks available, the Palindrome is infinitely superior.

Fever and Remedy~

Pros– Very high mag size. Above average range, stability, and reload speed.

Cons– Below average aim assist and equip speed. Low recoil direction.

Recommended Perks:

  • Accurized Ballistics
  • Reactive Reload
  • Hammer Forged or Reinforced Barrel
  • Quick Reaction

It’s an enigma. Reactivating Reload is generally considered more effective in PvP than using the regular reloading system, and the inclusion of a barrel perk that increases both range and damage for either Hammer Forged or Reforged Barrel suggests that this weapon was designed with the Crucible in mind.

Reactive Reload is an excellent way to string kills together, and the Signature Perks increase your agility when they’re active, making them easier than ever to use.

Hammer Forged is competing against Reinforced Barrel for the third spot, and you’ll need to decide whether reducing the number of ghost bullets is worth the cost.

The Palindrome

Pros– High range. Above average mag size and recoil direction.

Neutral– Average stability, reload speed, and aim assist.

Cons– Below average equip speed.

Recommended Perks:

  • SureShot IS/TrueSight IS
  • Icarus, Outlaw, Hot Swap
  • Rifled Barrel, Reinforced Barrel, Hammer Forged, Smallbore
  • Rangefinder, Hidden Hand, Luck in the Chamber, Third Eye

One of the most common weapon choices among vendors! Compared to Eyeasluna, The Palindrome has better aim assist and recoil control, but it falls short in terms of its overall performance.

If you get one of these cards, the only thing that could possibly be better than the vendor card is if you got a different perk in the first slot. Icarus or outlaw would be perfect.

The Wail

Pros– Above average range and aim assist.

Neutral– Average reload speed.

Cons– Below average stability. Very low mag size and recoil direction. Low equip speed.

Recommended PvP Perks:

SureShot IS/TrueSight IS

Explosive Rounds, High Caliber Rounds, Quickdraw

Hammer Forged, Smallbore, Outlaw, Third Eye, Perfect Balance, Hot Swap

Rangefinder, Hidden Hand, Luck in the Chamber, Reactive Reload

Recommended PvE Perks:

SureShot IS/TrueSight IS

Explosive Rounds, High Caliber Rounds, Quickdraw, Lightweight

Outlaw, Hammer Forged

Firefly, Rangefinder, Reactive Reload, Luck in the Chamber

With its high damage output, steady accuracy, and good health regeneration, this FWC weapon is one of the most powerful weapons in the game. It has some surprising perks too!

If you insist on going through the crucible, then try to increase the range as much as possible. However, Rifled and Reinforced barrels are not available.

There are three different Fatebringers available in PvP: Firefly, Outlaw, and Explosive Rounds. However, Explosive Rounds are the most powerful.


We hope that this article was helpful. If you have any queries feel free to reach out in the comments section below.


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