Who Makes Halo Rangefinders? – All You Need to Know

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Who makes Halo Rangefinders?

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Who makes Halo Rangefinders?

All Halo products are designed, engineered, and assembled at their facilities in Needham, MA.

Great Value for Your Money

This product provides accurate readings when used on steady targets. However, if you hunt moving targets, then you should use another device.

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Simple to Use

The Halo Rangefinder uses a single button to operate. You push the button down once to start measuring distance, and then again to stop. This allows you to quickly measure distances without having to fumble around with several buttons or dials.

Long Life Battery

This device is extraordinary with a CR2 battery that is NOT included in the purchase. What’s more, the product shut itself off after 20 seconds because of the low battery.


This device is light to carry, but it isn’t waterproof. It doesn’t have an easy-to-use design.

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Vibration is less likely because the camera does not need a flipping mirror. This means that the camera is smaller and lighter. There are no mirrors flipping up or down, so the camera is quieter. Ultra-wide lenses are easier to use.

This product makes it possible to focus and compose and shoot with both eyes open. It also helps you to see better at night.

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This calculator is very easy to use. You can easily see the numbers you want to calculate. But if you’re using this calculator in a dark place, you may not be able to read the numbers.

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who makes halo rangefinders

Who Makes Halo Rangefinders?

Halo Yard Laser Rangefinder

Halo 400 yard laser rangefinder is one of the most innovative rangefinders available today. This model does not have an angled structure. It is designed to be used by hunters who want something different than what is currently available.


We hoped this article helped answer all the questions you had. If there’s anything further you would like to know, do reach out to us.

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