Why Are The Best Camera For Street Photography Using Rangefinder? – Complete Guide with FAQs and More

People often ask, why are the best camera for street photography using a rangefinder?

Let’s find out!

Why Are the Best Camera for Street Photography Using Rangefinder

Rangefinders do have mirrors, but they’re generally smaller and lighter than those found on DSLRs. They’re also much easier to operate, especially if you’re shooting handheld. And because they lack an optical viewfinder, they can be used without any additional accessories.

Best Cameras for Street Photography

Best mirrorless cameras (Opened in new tab), and best compacts (opened in new tab) will be full of great features, but having a good photo camera for taking pictures of people on the streets requires some pretty specific requirements.

A good camera should be small and compact so that you can carry it around without drawing too much-unwanted notice. Big cameras and big lenses attract unwanted interest, after all.

Furthermore, a good camera must be quick. Quick autofocus and a great burst mode will ensure that when crucial moments occur, you’ll get them. And if you do miss one, it won’t be because of the camera.

A good camera control interface should be easy to use, well laid out, and tactile. It should also not be heavy, since you’ll be carrying it around for long periods of time.

We’ve divided our list into two main categories: camera lenses for DSLRs and mirrorless interchangeable lenses. If you’re just interested in taking pictures of people and things on the streets, then a simple point-and-shoot camera could be enough.

However, if you plan to take photos of landscapes, portraits, or animals, then a mirrorless interchangeable-lenses camera would be better suited to your needs.

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Compact Cameras for Street Photography

For shooting on the streets, it pays to pick a compact camera with a mid-to-high quality fixed focal length (zoom) or prime lenses. It also pays for the lenses to be fast (have a large maximum aperture).

Street Photographers Who Use Mirrorless Camera Systems

For street photographers looking for a good choice between a DSLR and a mirrorless camera, we’d recommend going with a mirrorless camera. They’re usually smaller and faster than their DSLR counterparts, so they’re better suited for street shooting. And if you need some fast lenses, we’ve picked out five of our favorites.

5 Reasons Why Shooting With a Rangefinder Will Make You a Better Street Photographer?

There is no “best” camera for shooting streets. Every type of camera has its own advantages and disadvantages, and they’re all used in different circumstances. we have shot with many types of cameras, from inexpensive compact cameras to expensive digital SLRs.

Rangefinder technology has come a long way since the days of the Leica M3. Today’s rangefinder models offer much-improved ergonomics and image quality. They also provide an affordable alternative to DSLRs. However, if you are serious about your photography then you should consider investing in one of these devices. Here are some reasons why you should buy a rangefinder camera.

1. You Master the Basics

With our Contax IIIa range finder, it was a completely different game. The camera is fully manual, forcing me to really understand the relationship between ISO (ISO), Aperture (Aperture), and Shutter Time (Shutter Time). The first few rolls of film we shot with the range finder were terrible – either too overexposed or underexposed; after many rolls of practice and diligence, we now can shoot without relying on a light meter to judge my exposures.

Now we can see the sun through the clouds and base our exposure on how bright the sunlight is. As soon as we enter the shade, we will automatically adjust my shutter speed and/or ISO setting depending on the brightness of the light.

It feels good to be in control of my camera again, and it makes me feel free and liberated. And when we walk into the shade we don’t need to worry about whether we’ve set our camera correctly because we know that if we haven’t, then we won’t get any pictures.

Why Are The Best Camera For Street Photography Using Rangefinder?

Why Are The Best Camera For Street Photography Using Rangefinder?

2. You Will Get More Keepers

When taking pictures with a DSLR, one of the frustrations is that I often take far too many images – most of which aren’t really good enough to be kept. With my 16GB CF card.

When you’re out on location, you’ll find yourself having to shoot quickly. You can’t afford to waste any of those precious moments waiting around for your camera to finish processing an exposure.

That’s why you should invest in a good rangefinder scope. These devices allow you to see exactly where you’re aiming without having to wait for your camera to process the picture.

3. You Will Be More Discrete

With a range finder, people don’t usually notice that you’re taking pictures of them because the noise from the shutters is almost completely silent.

But when you shoot with your bulky DSLR, people often notice the loud clicking sound of your shutters and feel more threatened by the “professional looking” look of your equipment.

If you want to take pictures without people knowing you’re there, using a rangefinder camera is essential.

4. You Will Anticipate the Shot Before You Take It

Manual focusing is one of the best things about taking pictures with a camera. You get to control every aspect of how your image comes out, including depth of field, shutter speed, and focal length. With a DSLR, you also have access to an array of features that make it easier to take great photos.

One feature that is often overlooked is the ability to change the amount of light entering the lens. By changing the aperture setting, you can adjust the amount of light coming into the lens and create images with varying degrees of blur.

5. You Have a Greater Field of Vision

When shooting with a digital SLR, the first thing you’ll probably want to do is check out what kind of optics you’re getting. Most cameras come with an optical finder, which is basically just a little window right in the middle of the back of the camera.

You can also get electronic viewing screens that show exactly what you’re seeing through the lens. These are called EVFs (electronic viewing finders) and they are becoming increasingly popular.

They offer a lot of advantages over traditional optical finders, including better image quality, higher resolution, and improved ergonomics.


Using a rangefinder is not only helpful for improving your skills as a professional photojournalist but also helps you develop into a better person. After all, if you’re able to take pictures of people without them knowing about it, then you’ll probably be able to get along with others much better.

Do you know anything about shooting with a rangefinder? Leave a comment below.


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