Why Won’t My Rangefinder Work? – In-Depth Guide

Is your rangefinder not working?

Let’s find out why?

Why Won’t My Rangefinder Work?

Either your battery needs to be replaced, or there is dirt on the camera’s viewfinder. If you wipe off the viewfinder with a cleaning cloth, your rangefinders will function normally again.

Most Common Rangefinder Problems

When it comes to rangefinder devices, the most common problem is a blank display, followed by faulty or no readings, and then the difficulty in focusing on a specific target.

Always keep in mind that if your rangefinder is broken or dysfunctional, it is best to take it to an expert repair shop and get it repaired.

However, there are certain problems that may be caused by the user’s unfamiliarity with the specific rangefinder or the type of device.

Blank Display

When it comes to rangefinders having a blank display, the first thing you need to know is that there is a mode change.


Most of the blank screens are due to a change in the display’s operating system (OS) and you can just check the rangefinder’s OS by pressing its menu button. However, sometimes this won’t work.

If that happens, then the best thing to do would be to thoroughly check the manual for various modes and transition options.


It has been found that some cases have shown that a bad contact point may play a major role when it comes to having a blank screen. If that is the situation, then it is best for you to take the camera to the repair shop.

If you’re knowledgeable in design and you’ve got the right tools, you can open up the phone, spot the loose wire, and fix it yourself.

Faulty or No Reading

Next up, the most common cause of rangefinder malfunctions is faulty or no readings. This is slightly trickier than the previous issue.

Clear Screen Mode

If one thing causes all readings, text messages, and lines on the display to disappear, then it could be called a clear display (or clear) display.

If this happens, please read the user manual that came with the camera.

  • The best thing can often be a simple change in behavior and just hitting the button.
  • The second best thing after cleaning up the exterior is blurrier images.
  • If nothing else works, then you need to take it back to the store for repair because of a hardware problem.

Difficulty in Focusing on a Target

The final problem is difficulty concentrating on one specific thing at a time.

This problem is most likely to occur in less efficient rangefinder models.


Additionally, the cause of this issue is usually found in the lens. If you notice any issues with the camera’s exterior, then you should take care of it immediately.


Apart from that, if you’re experiencing this issue, then it could be due to weak or dead cells in the batter. To fix this, simply remove the old cell and replace them with new ones.

why wont my rangefinder work

Why Won’t My Rangefinder Work?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is My Bushnell Rangefinder Not Showing Yardage?

If your Bushnell Rangefinder isn’t displaying yardages on the screen, check if there’s an issue with the unit itself. Try adjusting the environment where you’re shooting.

It’s recommended that you perform this maintenance procedure once per year or so because it’s quite likely that your camera may move slightly over time due to the fact that it has extremely sensitive optics.

The good news is the calibration process for a Bushnell rangefinder isn’t difficult.

You just need to follow these simple steps:

  • Turn off your device
  • Remove any lenses from the front
  • Aim the laser pointer at something at least 50 yards away.
  • Hold down both buttons until the words “Calibrating” appear on the display.

If you see the word “calibration” appear on your screen for about one second, your Bushnell rangefinders should be working properly again.

Why is My Bushnell Rangefinder Blurry?

For years, golfers have used Bushnell rangefinders to determine the distance from them to their targets. Recently, golfers noticed that their Bushnell rangefinders were blurry or had a foggy film over them.

Either your battery needs to be replaced, or there is dirt on the camera’s viewfinder. If you wipe off the viewfinder with a microfiber cloth, your rangefinder should function normally again.

Will not pick up the flag over 150 yards.?

Alignment is important. If they’re not aligned properly, there could be a big difference in the signal strength. The further away from each other, the larger the gap between them.

How to Find Bushnell Rangefinder Replacement Parts?

If you use your Bushnell rangefinders often enough, they may eventually get worn out or broken.

If this problem occurs, you might be able to repair your device by replacing some of its components. Two main factors determine whether someone needs Bushnell rangefinder parts.

  • If you read your Bushnell rangefinder manual, you’ll be able to figure out which part needs replacing.
  • Look for websites where that sell everything from a single Bushnell Rangefinder component to an entire Bushnell Rangefinder Kit.
  • You can get a replacement part from Bushnell if your device is still covered by its warranty. They will fix it for free.
  • If you need help repairing your Bushnell golf rangefinder, consult your user manual for instructions on how to do so.

How to Repair a Bushnell Tour v4 Rangefinder?

A common problem for people who use Bushnell Tour v4 rangefinders is that they may experience some of these Bushnell v4 problems.

Here are some things to consider if you decide to fix your Bushnell Tour V4 rangefinder yourself.

LCD Does Not Illuminate

Make sure to press the power button when starting up the device.

Make sure that you haven’t replaced the battery in 12 months, or if the low battery light has been on for some time. If so, replace the battery with a good-grade 3-volts Lithium battery.

Display Goes Blank

When trying to turn on the laser, the screen turns black.

This is one of the two most common Bushnell V4 problems. But the solution to this problem is pretty simple.

Replacing the batteries may be enough. However, if that doesn’t work, replace them with high-quality 3-volt lithium batteries. If that doesn’t solve the problem, contact a professional.


If you’re looking for how to repair a rangefinder, you’ve come to the right place.

You should now know how to use a golf rangefinder properly and how to fix one if it breaks down.

If you have any further questions, please leave them here.


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