Bushnell the Truth Arc Rangefinder – How to Change Modes? Quick & Easy Guide

In this article, we will guide you on how to change modes in Bushnell The Truth Arc rangefinder.

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What Is The Truth Rangefinder?

Bushnell Team Primos The truth rangefinder is designed specifically for bowhunters, and it has some features for rifle hunting, but mostly, it serves the bow hunter best.

You have to be an excellent archer to hunt. Your arrows must be accurate and fast. You need to be able to measure the distance between you and your prey. You need to compensate for the arc of your arrow.

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A look through the lens

A lightweight, compact rangefinder that gathers enough light to give hunters a clear, bright image. It focuses easily and gives an accurate shot. It’s great for hunting deer or other games. Rifle shooters may not be satisfied with the magnification power, but it’s still a good choice for them.

How far it goes?

The truth is that the rangefinder is very accurate. It compensates for inclines and declines. You can shoot at any distance from 7 to 199 yards. This rangefinder is perfect for hunting.

The truth goes farther than 600 yards.

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Put your Bow Mode on

Archery is a sport that requires accuracy and skill. A bowhunter must be able to aim accurately and fire quickly. This mode helps hunters do both by measuring distance and calculating the correct shot.

When you shoot at an angle, pressing the button twice gives you a bow-and-arrow view. You can see your target more easily.

No more power struggles

The rangefinder is powered by three CR2 batteries. Each CR2 battery lasts about ten years. You should always replace them when they run out.

Too much screen time

Rangefinders display information on a screen, but some hunters don’t like them because they are difficult to see. People with poor eyesight may have trouble reading the screen. Hunters who hunt at night or early in the morning might want to use a different type of rangefinder.

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Rain puts a literal a damper on it

Bushnell advertises The Truth rangefinder as being waterproof, but it isn’t true. It does poorly in wet conditions. A misty mountain top is an ideal place to use this rangefinder. You can easily dry it out by using a hairdryer or hanging it over a stove at your house.

that isn’t filled with N2O gas won’t fog up when it rains. This is because rainwater doesn’t touch the lenses. However, if you want to be sure your scope is waterproof, then you should buy an anti-fog coating.

How The Truth Compares

This product is designed for hunters who want to know how far away an animal is before shooting. It helps them to get more accurate shots by measuring distance.

Tectectec ProWild Hunting Rangefinder

This product provides fast measurement with +/- 1-yard accuracy. Through the lens display with premium, ultra-clear, multilayered optics with an easy read.

They have a maximum range of 540yards. This is much less than that of The Truth, But it’s still more than that of Bowhunters. It has a 24mm objective lens with 6X magnification power to provide a clearer view of your target.

The Truth has an LCD screen without backlighting, which makes reading difficult. There’s a continuous scan mode, but there’s no built-in speedometer.

TecTecTEC ProWild rangefinder is a small, compact, and light device that has an angled screen and a lens that won’t fog up when exposed to water.

are useful tools for hunting. They are used by archers to measure distances. A rangefinder works well for long shots, but it doesn’t work well for short ones. Bowhunters need something that works better for close-range shots.

It also has a built-in speedometer. This rangefinder is not sensitive to light. It is made of high-quality materials. It is durable and reliable. However, there are some problems with this rangefinder. There are many defective models on the market. Also, the price of this rangefinder is expensive.

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Nikon Arrow ID Bowhunting Laser Rangefinder

This product is made by Nikon. It displays in 1-yard increments with a 6-500 yard range. The eye relief is incredibly long, making it easier to view and shoot targets.

Nikon Arrow ID promises accurate readings but doesn’t provide them. It also comes with continuous scanning. The rangefinder takes eight seconds to measure distances.

Bushnell the Truth Arc Rangefinder - How to Change Modes?

Bushnell the Truth Arc Rangefinder – How to Change Modes?

WoSports Hunting Rangefinder

Esports Hunting Range Finder is an accurate laser rangefinder for archery and golf. It measures distances up to 650 yards and 150 yards to a flag pole. It also works as a distance measuring device for golf.

WoSports rangefinder is small enough to fit into a pocket. It measures distances accurately up to 6 yards away. But it won’t work when you shoot uphill or downhill or from any kind of tree stand. You need to adjust the angle of the camera yourself to get accurate shots.

The camera’s lens gets cloudy when it rains or if it’s wet. It doesn’t work well in low light conditions. It has a loud opening sound when you open the case. You should get a different case.

The Bottom Line on the Bushnell The Truth

This Bushnell rangefinder is a great tool for hunters. It provides accurate distances between you and your prey. It’s compact, light weight, and easy to operate.

Moreover, they are decent rangefinders that you can use for hunting. You might want to get a better model if you’re going to be out in the woods a lot.

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