What Batteries Do Bushnell Rangefinders Use? – Complete Guide with Pro Tips, FAQs, & More

What are Bushnell Rangefinders?

What batteries do they use?

Let’s find out!

What battery does my rangefinder take?

Why is it important to choose good batteries for rangefinders

Your rangefinder device needs a good battery. Replacing batteries too often wastes money. Use a battery with good performance instead of changing batteries often. Don’t forget to charge your batteries before using them. Your rangefinder device might die if there isn’t enough power left in the battery.

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What Batteries Do Bushnell Rangefinders Use?

What Batteries Do Bushnell Rangefinders Use?

Types of batteries used in golf rangefinders

Most rangefinders require batteries. Choose your battery carefully. Rechargeable batteries are more convenient than non-rechargeable ones.

Lithium batteries

Most golf rangefinders use lithium batteries. There are two different kinds of lithium batteries that are used in golf rangefinders.

CR Volt

A CR2 battery is a type of rechargeable battery. It is used in rangefinder cameras. There are many different types of CR2 batteries available, but the two most popular ones are Panasonic and Duracell.

View On Amazon 1. GP Lithium: A lithium-ion battery with 10 years shelf life. It has an 800 mAh power capacity. View On Amazons 2. Energizer: A long-lasting battery with 10 years shelf. View On Amazon 3.


A CR123A battery is a lightweight battery with up to nine years of shelf life and 6 months to 1 year of useful life.

Duracell batteries last longer than Energizer batteries.

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Rechargeable batteries

Batteries are very important for any kind of electronic device. Golf rangefinders need them to work properly. Some batteries can be recharged, but others can’t. And some batteries can last longer than others.

Laser rangefinder batteries

Laser rangefinders need batteries. Rechargeable batteries last longer than non-rechargeable ones. This product delivers 98% battery life. It can be used for 5 years.

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GPS rangefinder batteries

GPS rangefinders are also rechargeable batteries. Their batteries are like ordinary batteries, but they have a charging connection. They can last up to five years.

GPS watch batteries

A GPS watch needs charging every day. You need to recharge your watch before it runs out of power. This watch uses a lithium-ion battery. Lithium-ion batteries are very powerful. They store energy well. They are also lightweight. They are great for use in portable devices.

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Replacement batteries

Golf rangefinders need to use replacement batteries. Choose them wisely.


Choose your batteries wisely!

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