Dying Light Where to Find Binoculars? – Here’s What You Can Do to Fix It!

In this article, we will guide you where you can find binoculars in Dying Light!

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Dying Light Requisition Packs

Black-clothed bandits are common in the Old Town. Killing them will give you requisition packs. Yellow-clothed bandits aren’t as common. Green-clad bandits aren’t common either.

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What are Dying Light Requisition Packs?

Dying Light Requisition Packs are crafted items in the game. They are commonly used for weapon upgrades, but also for other things such as crafting materials. You can find them in the game world or buy them from vendors.

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dying light where to find binoculars

Dying Light Where to Find Binoculars?

Dying Light Night Hunter

A night hunter is an infected predator that controls the survivors. It is only available in Be the zombie game mode. It has skills and abilities and can be upgraded by the players. It can swim, but it doesn’t move fast.

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Dying Light Crossbow

You can’t directly get the Crossbow in the normal Dying Light. But, you can get it by following the steps below.

  • Go to the Abandoned House (the place where you start the game).
  • You can get the crossbow in Dying light without the DLC. But if you have the DLC, then you can transfer the crossbow into the main game. All you need to do is load save when you start the game. Then, you will be asked whether you want to spawn into Harran or the countryside, and you will be able to switch between the two worlds.

Dying Light Binoculars

Dying light binoculars can be obtained in many places in Harran. You can get them from the top of a tall building or some other buildings such as a radio tower. You can also get them from the radio tower by The tower and the eastern bridge.

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Dying Light Excalibur

Dying Light Excalibur is a legendary and unique weapon in the game. Dying light Excalibur sword location can be found in the southeast part of the slums, in a bay-like area near the ‘Fishers village’. You need to hold the action button for several minutes to obtain the Excalibur sword. The Excalibur sword cannot be repaired but has a huge amount of damage.


We hope that now you know where to get those binoculars!

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